Why are PC users interested in Linux these days?

Figures released on the status of various platforms tell us that PC users are slowly and gradually leaning towards the Linux operating system.

 If the figures are accurate, that means that Microsoft should be more expansive in its strategies.

Undoubtedly, Windows 10 was designed as far as possible to suit users’ tastes and needs, compared to previous Microsoft operating systems. Operating system that in some areas, such as security and user interface better than its predecessor, but the release of Windows 10 had a number of negative consequences that we will continue to address.

The Windows operating system is still the most popular platform for PCs.

 Released statistics show that the platform accounts for over 90% of the desktop operating system market.

Next up are Mac and Linux operating systems. But statistics show that in the past few years, Linux has been able to attract a large number of users. So many users have been slowly moving to Linux and distributions like Ubuntu, Linux Mint and other options.

؛ Released statistics show that the platform accounts for over 90% of the desktop operating system market;

When Windows 10 was officially release by Microsoft and the company was expecting experts to define and embellish Microsoft’s different approach to its release and capabilities, the story took a different turn.

 The biggest criticism, or indeed the complaint, of users was why Windows 10 was automatically installed without any questions.

Why install-relate files should be install on their system if they have no decision to upgrade their operating system.

 As a result, a number of these users decided to completely abandon Microsoft products and move to Linux. A number of experts have suggested that Microsoft spy on its users through Windows 10, though they did not provide strong reasons. This led to many other Windows users leaving for Linux.

What is your choice?

The answer to that question will undoubtedly depend on the country in which you live. In Iran, almost all software is free compared to external software. (A few thousand against a few million!) And of course there is this. You need to pay for Linux and software based on this platform!

But in the past decade or so, international security experts have called Linux the most prominent feature. At that time, hackers were using the least possible bugs in products like Internet Explorer, Office or even Windows itself to infiltrate personal and corporate computers.

The high penetration rate of Windows made the hackers particularly interested in the platform. But the high penetration rate was not commensurate with the defense mechanisms. That’s why with the release of Windows Vista, Microsoft decided to pay more attention to Windows security.

مط International security experts say Linux is the most prominent feature;

The security gap between Windows and Linux has largely been fill in recent years. As a result, users who announce they are trying to change their platform do so for another reason. Sites have published various reasons in this regard. Several sites, such as single radar or lifewire, have investigated this issue from different angles.

The lifewire site, for example, believes that Windows 10’s overkill when upgrading, making Linux Mint more popular, offering free software, security,

performance, privacy, stability, updating, and limiting users’ choice of operating systems with different interfaces These are some of the reasons that make Linux better than Windows.

Whatever the reasons, today’s users’ approaches are quite different from those of the past decade. Users are now looking for options that fit their needs, so they can easily drop out of a software product.

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