What is Viral Marketing?

Every day we hear more or less about viral marketing or viral marketing, which is a very important part of digital marketing . Videos and content that is playing at the speed of light.

But what exactly is viral marketing? Viral marketing can be a viral product, a viral advertisement or even a viral campaign spread like a virus in the community that, based on the design of advertisers, may have this nature, or maybe even a chance to do something dramatically. Throws tongues.

A viral content usually has a strong and contextual viral strategy behind it. True, luck plays an important role, but creativity and preparation are also essential.

For this reason, in order to better understand this world, I want to get the meaning of this word for you and explain the workings of a viral campaign and introduce you to the benefits of viral marketing and show you my favorite examples.

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral Marketing aims to create the passion and drive sales of a brand or product by sending viral messages; in other words, it is transmitted quickly and in person. The main idea behind it is for users to customize the content themselves.

Because of the speed and ease of distribution, local social networks are great and powerful for such marketing. A common example of this is the creation of YouTube videos and surprises that are immediately streamed on Facebook, Twitter and other channels.

Of course, the use of viral advertising is as simple as a double-edged sword because of its simplicity in broadcasting. We should not forget that this type of campaign has much more control over users and is likely to misinterpret the message or make fun of it, but on the other hand, a successful viral campaign can also be a miracle for your brand. .

How does a viral campaign work?

Implementing a viral campaign is easy. Make a video or any other content that is a fun target, post it on the internet, and take the first steps to be seen. Then you have to wait for the users to go crazy with each other.

Sometimes, the virus automatically activates itself, shares a video with the user, and that video spreads quickly over the Internet.

We have two strategies for playing videos made by brands. Find strategy and hidden strategy. In the former the user is familiar with the video and brand content from the beginning, but in the latter the brand is hidden and the end is shown.

If you are using a covert strategy, you need to be careful that the end user does not feel deceived and deceived, and if so, a viral campaign will work against you.

It is not important what strategy to choose, but we must be careful not to become spammers or excessive content. Instead of repeating the message several times, the best strategy is to find the time and place to activate your virus.

The Benefits of Viral Marketing

Low cost. When working with a viral user campaign, the most important part of the job for us is to reduce the cost of broadcasting; buying ads and media space seems unnecessary.

Excellent access potential. A viral video on the internet has the chance to be watched worldwide without the need for financial investment and any additional effort. This way a company and even a person can make significant progress.

Viral marketing is not mandatory. In this type of marketing, the decision to engage in marketing and sharing the product with the user is not mandatory. This way, brand understanding and interaction will be better than the traditional form of advertising.

Helps build your brand. If our work on creativity is really right, we will create exceptional content that the user will willingly share and build on with the brand. When it comes to brand awareness, viral marketing is a very powerful tool.

Examples of viral marketing

Here’s an inspirational example of viral marketing to end our talk. Hope you enjoy it too.

Virus with iPhone X

Apple conducted its viral research with the iPhone X through the Salon iPhone X campaign. The secret to this example of viral marketing (which has eaten millions of visits online and offline) is very simple. A product is so great that it in itself makes the user a fan. People love themselves. If they had the chance to spread this interest through Salafi, it would be a definite victory.
The great feature of the iPhone X Salon campaign was the viral handling of various media before Apple introduced the content of its masterpiece, the iPhone X Salon Movies. “It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” says one YouTube commenter. This viral marketing allowed Apple to showcase its features, such as the effects of portrait lighting and in-depth video.

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