What is Google Trends? How to find the keyword success process

If you are familiar with digital marketing methods, be sure to mention the interesting and useful service of Google Trends .

In the 3rd year Google introduced a lot of help to SEO and online businesses by introducing Google Trends .

Trends in general means the process and here we mean the process of keyword search changes. A word may be heavily searched by Internet users at a certain point and may disappear after some time.

A clear example of this is the presidential election that has been widely drive by users in its time and will be out of trend as soon as the election is over and the president’s name is announces.

There are, of course, many more stable words, as Internet users are at all times of the year and constantly searching for words that deal with people’s needs. From education to the necessities of everyday life

How to use Google Trends?

Google Trends is very easy to learn, just type https://trends.google.com/trends into your browser to open Google Trends for you. Before reading further, I need to mention one very important point. If a word on Google Trends had no change charts at all, that doesn’t mean it won’t be searched by users. Their searches just might not be as high as they appear on the chart of change.

Enter your keyword into the box first and see the word changes. To get more detailed information you need to find Iran location from countries section.

Check for changes to Google Trends

This tool is very flexible and allows you to search by date range,

day, month, year and even recent 5 years.

 Well you might be asked now does this chart really hurt ?!

This chart shows how many users have received the word at different times. Make no mistake, the number of searches in this tool is not shown only in terms of numerical variations from 1 to 2 , which is closer to 2 per month, meaning users are more likely to search for it and may even earn good money. Be it.

It  is often use to investigate a keyword in monetization . If the word shows a growing chart in the past few years, that means a good market can be imagined, and if the trend of change is declining or too low, it is better to avoid getting into it.

Google Trends information is very useful for marketers. For example, for seasonal jobs (such as selling horticultural and home-grown products) when the words for your job are on trend, you also want to improve your business. When the search is high, your clicks on the ads will increase, so be careful when your product is in trend, you should also spend more on advertising costs.

You can even test multiple words at once for your child and find out which word

and business are more likely to succeed than another and even choose which season based on people’s need for SEO or that word.

And next chapter on another word.

Compare words on Google Trends

It  also shows you how similar vocabulary reviews are and how they differ across geographies.

Google Trends Applications

You can use information from Google Trends in a variety of ways:
• In paid surveys , Google Trends can be used to inform seasonal campaigns, budget planning and listings of existing goods. In addition, you can use Google Trends to find irrelevant words in order to use them as opposed to your main keywords and not to raise your costs for trending a word.
• For SEO and content marketing , use Google Trends to understand what people are looking for in your business. Writing about trending topics will increase your site traffic.
• To get more creative in advertising , check out Google Trends to find out what words have recently caught people’s attention. Referring to a trending word (such as a specific music) in your marketing campaign, whether it’s an email, a Facebook ad, or a short radio program, will help make your ad more effective.

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