What is a precise definition of marketing? (Marketing definition)

The Dot Com Dictionary website defines the word marketing as “things like market research or advertising to improve a product or service or sell it” Marketing definition

but that definition is not very accurate and practical.

If you, like us, are in the field of marketing, you may not have an easy definition of marketing, although you deal with it every day, but it is very difficult to provide a simple definition of the word.

When it comes to defining the word sales, the meaning of the word is “What is a sale?” The word ad also has many definitions.

Learn how to have an effective and measurable marketing campaign.

Through a lot of research we have found that the word marketing has a lot in common with the words sales and advertising. Marketing has a significant presence in all stages of online and offline trading, from beginning to end.

The first question is why marketing is important in the process of product improvement, persuading the customer to buy and retail.

When you look at this question you will find the answer. Marketers focus on the things you are passionate about. They are reviewing and analyzing customers at all times, then forming thought rooms, submitting questionnaires, reviewing online purchases and asking the question: “When, where and how does the customer want to contact us? ”

What is a precise definition of Marketing definition?

Marketing is the process of getting the customer’s opinion of the product or service offered by your company. This process is done through market research, reviews and acquaintance with customer interests.

Marketing depends on all the factors of product improvement, product distribution, sales and advertising.

Modern marketing began in the 1980s when people used non-paper advertising methods to sell their products. With the rise of television and internet use, retailers have adopted different ways of selling their goods. Over the past 5 years, marketers have played an important role in convincing buyers and selling products.

Many places can be used as a marketing campaign today, but what are these features?

What are the types of modern Marketing definition?

Where your marketing campaign is is directly related to where your buyers spend their free time. You need to research what kind or type of marketing is best for your brand.

A number of types of marketing are discuss below:

Internet Marketing: This type of marketing is inspires by the online campaign of Extrin, which gives the idea of ​​doing business online.

Search Engine Optimization: The abbreviated word “ SEO ” means site optimization for search engines so that it appears in search engine searches. Marketers focus on the keywords searched by users.

Blog Marketing: Blogs today are not just for authors. Brands now design blogs to write about their product and attract customers who go up and down the internet to get information.

Virtual Marketing: Vendors use virtual networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other sites to promote their product and impress customers.

Paper Marketing: Because newspapers and magazines still know their affiliates the best they can, businesses are sponsoring publications to print a photo or article about their product.

Search Engine Marketing: This type of marketing is slightly different from the SEO describes earlier. Businesses can pay for search engines to include links from their site pages to the main pages of search engines that have a lot of viewers.

Video Marketing : In the not-so-distant past, television ads only featured images of products, but nowadays marketers spend money to build any video content that attracts customers.

How are marketing and advertising different?

If marketing is a wheel, advertising is definitely one of its blades.

Marketing includes product improvement, market research, product distribution, sales strategy, social communication and customer support. Marketing is essential at every stage of a product’s sales process and can use a variety of platforms, social networks and teams to identify and connect with customers and gain trust.

On the other hand, advertising is only part of marketing. It can be called a strategic effort that, at a cost, raises people’s awareness of a product or service. Simply put, it’s just one of the ways marketers use it.

I’ll give you an example:

Let’s imagine that a brand is launching a new product and trying to introduce it through its campaigns. The company uses Facebook, Instagram, Google and the brand’s personal website. These networks are used to support product promotion campaigns.

The company uploaded a downloadable file on its site that introduced product information, uploaded a video to its Instagram page, and paid Google to boost the site’s new product page traffic.

In your opinion, which of the following is a top marketing campaign and which one is advertising?

Ads run through Instagram and Google. Instagram is not the basis for advertising, but you can use it to collect flyers for product introduction pages. Google in this example was used for advertising. The company paid Google to send traffic to the new product page.

Where was the marketing example? It is a little difficult to answer this question because marketing is ubiquitous. Using Google, Instagram and the site, the company has used three campaigns to identify the viewer, get the message across and increase the impact on him.

Four Key Words in Marketing definition

In the 1980s, Jerome McCarthy introduced four important words in marketing: product, price, location, and development. These four words describe the relationship between marketing and other business steps.


The product

Imagine that you are thinking of producing a new product. What is the next step? If you start selling without planning, you probably won’t succeed.

Your marketing team should do market research and answer these questions: Who is your customer? Is the market right for this product? What messages on what platforms drive product sales?

How can your product go for better sales success? How is the product judged and what questions are asked?

Marketers use answers to these questions to help businesses find more demand and raise product quality.

Your marketing team reviews the price of competitors’ product and the price the customer is willing to pay for your product. If the price is too expensive you will definitely lose your customers; and if the price is too cheap, your income will be lower than your costs. Fortunately, marketers can use industry reviews and customer analytics to offer a good price.

It is imperative that the marketing team assess the customer needs and determine what product, when and where to sell. They may conclude that online selling is a better product than selling on the physical market, or vice versa, or suggest better locations, both inside and outside the country, for sale.


Developing any type of online or paper advertising, event, or discount that your marketing team uses to get customer feedback and try to sell more. At this point you are using social media, campaigns and social media to develop your product.

We hope that our definitions have introduced you to the concept of marketing and its goals. Marketing is linked to all other aspects of business, and having information about this word leads us to progress in business.

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