What happens to Instagram after repeatedly uploading an image?

All social networks use different ways to optimize information and reduce information volume , but how far does this optimization go on Instagram ?

one of   Photographers by the name of Janice Entromont   Captured a self-portrait image and then uploaded it to Instagram. After that, download the photo and try again   Network   Social sharing. He did this three times over and over   Algorithms   Optimization used in Instagram. Janice about it   Writes :

Defocusing images and eliminating them is a consequence of using compression algorithms repeatedly, but what is left of your information? Instead of recording faces and images that already exist, there are faces that never existed. Our information is changed to such an extent that it no longer resembles its original state.

The following is the original image that Entomont first uploaded to Instagram:

Instagram optimization

This image was reproduce as follows:

Instagram optimization

The following image was upload 3 times:

Instagram optimization

In an interview with Patapiskel, he said:

This project is relevant to me in many ways: the processing of our information, whether online or offline, and the sheer volume of images and how misuse of the media has affected our appearance.

Another artist named Pete Ashton did a similar experiment this year   ۲۰۱۵   For one   pictures   He did it on Instagram. He repeated this experiment two times and witnessed it   The result   It was different from the result of Janice Enteromont’s experiment. Perhaps this is due to changes in the   Algorithms   The optimization used in Instagram is to create images with different patterns.

Instagram optimization

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