Power outages affect various businesses across the country, and businesses need UPSs to reduce its harmful effects.

 In the following series of UPS articles, we introduce a variety of UPS / UPS , followed by businesses that require UPS and should pay particular attention to purchasing UPS.

Types of businesses that need a UPS

1- Datacenters and server room

Datacenters receive, maintain, and support the core equipment of any organization, and all the services provided must be accurate, schedule-based, and without interruption in order to efficiently exchange, manage, and use data. On the other hand, due to the sensitivity of the computer servers, server rooms and datacenters, with the failure of them, there is a possibility that the entire data set may be lost, no way such as using a UPS device or an uninterruptible power supply can be from the server. And network equipment to protect against potential problems.

Implementing UPSs suitable for datacenters and server rooms that hold the critical and critical information of many businesses, and the need to secure them, provide the necessary security equipment that will provide these systems with critical conditions in the event of power outages to minimize damage. And can continue to operate normally.

2. Medical equipment

Due to the importance of medical devices to the health of society, the power outage on these devices can have devastating and irreversible effects. That’s why using UPS in medical centers is so important.

3. Telecommunication systems

Telecommunications networks are a set of transmitter, receiver, and transistor signals. Given the wide range of users of telecommunications systems and technical equipment, and the breadth and conditions of use of each, UPS use is essential to help prevent potential damage and disrupt user activity.

استفاده کسب‌و‌کار‌ها از UPS

4- Industrial systems

UPSs are widely use in industries such as telecommunications and ISPs, post offices, factories and companies’ command rooms, factories and offices, factories, hospitals and medical equipment, and so on.

استفاده کسب‌و‌کار‌ها از UPS

5. Banking systems

Banks use a variety of electronic equipment to communicate with different banking branches. UPS is an equipment that is essential and should be used during power outages and power outages to prevent interference, service, and banking communication during power outages and fluctuations.

6- Security systems

Given the importance of permanently connecting security systems and CCTVs, the use of UPS is particularly important. The criminals always try to disable the security system by cutting off the power and the UPS is prevented from doing so.

استفاده کسب‌و‌کار‌ها از UPS

Different businesses are turning to the UPS system to continue their normal activity during power fluctuations.

7- Household consumption

At home, small UPSs can be used to provide lighting and power to electronic equipment, television, computers and packages, and so on. As mentioned earlier, a sudden power outage causes damage to electronic equipment. If UPS is used, in addition to the perpetual availability of electricity, the likelihood of damage to home appliances will be minimized.

استفاده کسب‌و‌کار‌ها از UPS

Solar packages

The need for solar power is increasingly feel as society needs to save and save electricity. The solar systems themselves include a variety of equipment, including the solar panel and UPS or inverter. Using UPS in these systems, in addition to making sure the power is plugged in, can also save money and cost.

استفاده کسب‌و‌کار‌ها از UPS

9- Offices

UPS use is quite natural today, given the basic need for offices, computers,

printers, faxes and other electronic devices, as well as the importance of information and equipment.

استفاده کسب‌و‌کار‌ها از UPS

Since UPSs are important in protecting and maintaining the performance of many business systems, choosing the right business UPS is essential.

What Kind of UPS System Does Your Small Business Need?

Types of UPS System

You may think that as a small business, you have limited options for high-quality, cost-effective uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. . However, good UPS system doesn’t have to be expensive in order to be effective.

Depending on what your business is,

you may want something that gives you enough power to save computer backups or shut down equipment safely. Or, you may want a source of power to keep things running until a repair can be completed. Whatever your backup power need, Odyssey Power has a high-value solution.

Types of UPS Systems

There are two basic types of uninterruptible power supply systems: stand-by and on-line.

A stand-by system only kicks in when the power supply is interrupting,

while an on-line system is power on all the time.

Stand-by systems are generally the least expensive,

but they are also mostly design to work with a single device. When the power cuts out, the battery kicks in (much like when you unplug your computer from an outlet, your laptop switches over to battery power).

On-line systems generally have a faster switching time and can support higher voltage equipment.

The best backup power supply system for your business will depend which of these types best supports your operation.

Do you need something that provides a little bit of power for a short time,

or do you have more complex equipment that needs to continue operating?

Uninterruptible Power Supply Cost

The cost of your UPS system also depends on how much equipment you have tied

into your emergency power supply and what you need that UPS system to do.

A simple battery backup is less expensive and fairly simple to maintain.

A more complex system can provide uninterrupted power to equipment that needs to continue operating;

these systems will be more expensive to purchase, monitor, and maintain.

However, given the potential loss to your business with operational downtime,

the cost of a UPS system and UPS monitoring are often worth the investment.

We Can Help You Decide What Kind of UPS System You Need

We’re here to help you figure out exactly what kind of backup power supply

for small business is best for you.

We can also work with you to set up remote monitoring of your UPS system

so that you can focus on what’s important instead of worrying about what happens if the power goes out.

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