What are The Most Important User Roles in WordPress

Most websites have several default user interfaces, and some have only one Administrator Roles , in WordPress you can define a different role for each user depending on the site’s needs and management policies.

User roles in WordPress are more flexible than other content management systems available.

Occasionally we need to grant a specific user only access to article submissions or apply to a person with limited general manager access, or by subscribing to a shared access site to all regular users, all of which can be assigned roles Users are applicable in WordPress.

By default WordPress has 2 roles for users that are grouped as follows:

  the manager
 the writer

From the counter and then the Users section you can view or edit the user role of each user on the website. Just click Add to create a user with the role you want.

You can then view user roles in WordPress by entering user information in the “Role” section, then assign a specific role to the user in question, and then click Add New User.

Detailed description of user roles in WordPress

Subscriber: This user cannot do anything in practice and only has access to a simple ID and counter.

Contributors: This role, in addition to having shared role features, is able to view comments in the WordPress counter and also draft content for site management review.

Author: Author is able to create or manage content but cannot edit other users’ content.

Editor: This role has all the features of a role except it can edit other users’ posts.

DG: It has full authority and can access any department and do anything.

You can use the Capability Manager Enhanced plugin if you want to change the user role access in WordPress. After installing the plugin from the users section, you can customize the user roles by selecting features and limiting or enhancing access.

There is nothing to do in WordPress provided you know how to do it. For example, you can disable WordPress comments by blocking access to subscribed users or doing anything you can think of.

In editing the information of each user, the only thing that cannot be changed is the username

that you need to use phpmyadmin to edit.

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