A Comprehensive Guide to Various Domain Extensions 2019

Each web site requires an accessible address, this is the domain name that is registered for the site, and in addition to being unique, there should be an extension that is appropriate to the activity of the site.

 In addition, domain registration with an extension associated with the business area of ​​the site’s activity in SEO will also be effective.


Because search engines like Google, search engine robots show websites in their initial results that their domain extensions are commensurate with the geolocation of the searcher.

All domains are register under the supervision of ICANN (the only major domain registration for the world) and through registries approv by the organization.

All registrars have valid and active representatives who communicate to register domain, renew, change DNS, change whois domain users with them.

 These representatives, called the registry, are often domains and hosting service providers that offer different tariffs and domain services.

ICANN has introduced new extensions as a domain registration authority by expanding the scope of online business activities and the need to register different domains.

Due to the possibility of registering online at the moment of domains, a large number of domains are register daily with different extensions.

Domain extensions have different categorization, the main ones are as follows:

gTLDs mean Generic Top Level Domains
Like Com, Net, Org …

ccTLDs means Country code Top Level Domains
Like Ae, Ir, Fr and …

CentralNic TLDs mean Central Nic Top Level Domains
Such as Co.Com, Ae.Org, Uk.Com and …

Latest TLDs mean the Latest Top Level Domains
Like Radio.Am, Radio.FM, My and …

NewTLDs mean New Top Level Domains
Like Gallery, App, Club …

Each of these categories consists of different extensions that have registration conditions, including the number of letters, life spans, or the same registration period, cost, and so on, which will be discussed in detail below.

ثبت دامنه

gTLDs as Top Level Domains:


This extension is abbreviated to Aeronautics, which is exclusively recorded by airline and airline companies. Providing the required documents and certificates at the time of domain registration is required.


The domain that is registered under this extension is a regional domain for companies, organizations and individuals located in Asia, Australia and the Pacific.

The policies required for its requirements allow those who seek a relationship or presence in Asia to register this extension.

As a result, when searching for users in the Asia-Pacific region, websites with this extension will search in the initial results of pages that will have a positive impact on SEO.


It is derived from the word “business” and is often appropriate for the domain of websites that are active in the field of business and online businesses.


This suffix is ​​for the organization and people who work in Catalonia. This extension is related to Catalan’s language and culture, and is welcomed by those who live in the area.


The first four letters of the word Information form this extension, which means information and can be registered by any organ, company, organization, personal, and … domain under this extension.


And promotion of job opportunities for organizations and collections. This extension is applicable to any person or legal entity without any particular qualifications and limitations.

پسوند دامنه


MOBI is the first high-end suffix dedicated to registering the domain of mobile service providers, and due to the lack of view of these extensions, there are many free names that can be registered to businesses and websites created to work with mobile phones.

The only important point in this extension is that designing sites for DOT MOBI domains should be able to view them on the mobile because of the type of users of these domains.


The meaning of this extension is its application. Domain Registration Under DOT NAME is a pleasure for users who want to register their domain name and profile with a personal activity.


Domain registration for professionals, this extension can be registered by any person or entity active in the fields of law, medicine, accounting, engineering, sports, art and more.


A popular extension for publishing online contact information by individuals who start their digital business with the DOT TEL domain registration.


The tourist industry is welcomed by tour guides, airline agencies, airline service companies and more to introduce their online activities to the world.

پسوند دامین

Registration and activation conditions for high-level domains:

The number of authorized characters for domains with gTLD extensions is minus 3 and has a maximum of 63 characters. In the PRO suffix, this minimum character is in the 4-letter domain name, and in Asia it is defined as a letter.

Possibility of using the number, English letters and dash (-) in the domain name is allowed.

These domains may be registered for at least one to ten years.

Often, these domains will expire after 30 to 36 days, which can be re-enabled if the domain owner has renewed the payment during this period.

If the extension does not extend beyond the expiration date, the expired domain will enter another stage called redemption. The period of redemption or fines is thirty days. In order to activate the domain, in addition to the expense, the amount of the fine should be paid.

By not paying the fine and renewal, the domain will be removed from the course and the domain WHOIS will be removed over time and will be released after 5 to 7 days.

Eventually, after the domain is released, it is possible to register it by the owner and anyone else.

تاثیر دامنه روی سئو

ccTLDs as country extensions:


An island called Ascension Island in the South Atlantic, which is derived from the first two letters of the island name and used by companies operating in this geographical area.
It also focuses on active Web sites for academies and educational institutions.


The United Arab Emirates has an exclusive AE name that employs businessmen and businesses operating in the UAE, and second-class AE.ORG extensions belong to this country.


The official extension of Afghanistan that covers the domain of this geographic region, and second-level extensions such as COM.AF,

NET.AF and

ORG.AF are also recorded under this heading.


The extensions of Antigua and Barbuda, which are highly regarded by PLC companies in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Second-class extensions CO.AG,



NOM.AG also fall into this category.


This extension is for the country of Armenia, but AM domains are also recorded by individuals and companies associated with the AM radio station industry.


Dominions in Argentina can be registered with DOT AR or COM.AR second-level extensions.


The names of the Samuel U.S. Web sites are defined by this suffix.


The Austrian-Hungarian extension is followed by two extensions of OR.AT

and CO.AT for the websites active in the country as well as Swiss-related entities.


Australia’s top-level code that uses domains with this suffix is ​​typically used by companies that are in the region or in business.

The four COM.AU,


ORG.AU and

ID.AU extensions are also used for this geographic area.


Domain with this extension is registered by companies or private entities in the country of Belgium or in a business relationship with it.


The domain name extension is in Brazil,

and COM.BR is also used in this area.


The Belize country extensions, which are often used by individuals and companies who have been unable to customize their domain name with a BIZ extension after an ideal opportunity to start their business and can use this extension with meaning close to Business.


The popular domain name extension for Canadian companies. It is also the name of the state of California, and is also use to register the domain of the websites of this geographic area.


Cocos Island Code, which can be use as a good replacement for COM extensions.


Swiss domains or companies with a business relationship with it are register under this high-level extension.


It is only possible to register the domain with these extensions for individuals and companies resident in China, which is require to provide the necessary documentation to prove it to the registrar.
The third COM.CN,

NET.CN and

ORG.CN second extensions are also in this category.


Coming from the name of the Cameron country in West Africa, which, along with the extensions CO.CM,

COM.CM and

NET.CM, are used by websites active in this geographic area. Residence in the Cameroon area for the owner is subject to the registration requirements of this extension.


Extensions related to the Chilean and Easter Islands that fall into the top-level domain.


The first two letters of Colombia are for the Dominican Republic of Colombia, but are most welcomed by the corporate website and global investments, meaning Company and Cooperation.

In cases where a domain with a COM suffix is ​​register, this suffix will be replace with the second-order extensions of COM.CO,

NET.CO, and



Christmas Island extensions that can be record without any limitations by all individuals and organs.


The top-level domain code of the Czech Republic is introduced with the CZ extension, which has no restrictions.


An extension derive from the word Deutschland, which is commonly used for genuine and legal personalities in Germany.


Online businesses in Denmark use domains with this extension to start their own business.


All individuals and organizations resident or in commerce with Ecuador register domains with this extension.




PRO.EC and

MED.EC can also be found in the second-level extensions of the country.


Real-world websites and legal collections in Spain, or in business relationships with it, register domains with this extension or COM.ES,

NOM.ES, and



Companies or EU members can register domains with this extension. The requirement to provide residence documents in one of these countries is subject to registration.


It is very popular in Finland and it uses the extension of FI for individuals and business collections related to this country.


The Federated States of Micronesia in the western Pacific, the most sought after sites linked to the FM radio industry.

Domain Registration


This extension is available for registration in the countries of France and all persons residing in different regions of the European Union.


An English-only extension that is rarely used, often seen with second-level extensions of GB.COM and GB.NET on the Internet.


Granada, the DOT GD, introduces its domain to the digital world.


The extension is Guernsey.


Individuals and companies that are resident or in connection with Greenland (Autonomous Region of Denmark) with this extension, CO.GL,


ORG.GL expand their business activities on the Internet.


In Greece, people can register their domains with this extension or COM.GR.



This extension was create in the name of the Georgian Southern Islands. These extensions are use by companies or private entities that are locate in these islands or have maintain their business relationships with them.


High-level domains of Guyana are record with this suffix. Among its second-level domains, COM.GY,

NET.GY and

CO.GY are also mention.


Includes COM.HK extension for individuals and organizations associated with Hong Kong.


Honduran redevelopment. Secondary Domains COM.HN,

NET.HN and

ORG.HN are also registered in this domain.


The Haitian web site’s domain names are registered with HT,




Hungarian nationals and companies can have HU extensions.


Functional extension specifically identifying individuals or institutions active on the Internet from Indonesia.


Only for brands and companies registered on the island of Ireland, and with significant links to the country, can be registered.


The domain with this suffix is ​​register by any person or company and is more applicable to the websites of the island “I”. The second level extensions include COM.IM,




An extension is of interest to the people of India and those who trade with the country. This suffix may also be associate with CO.IN,





The official extension of the Indian Ocean Territory, which can be registered for companies located in the area and is in business with the region.


For collections and individuals resident in Iceland or in connection with this country.

دامنه .IT


It is adapt from the name of the country of Italy and also for individuals active in the field of IT. The only condition for registering this extension is membership in the European Union.


Jersey’s top-level domains are record with this suffix or


or ORG.JE.


JP domains are typically record by companies, organizations and private entities that are locate in Japan or have business relations with the country.


Kiribati’s personal and commercial websites will use this extension to register their domains. Its second-level domains are BIZ.KI,


ORG.KI and

INFO.KI respectively.


The extension of the Democratic Republic of The Hague is more effective than the Los Angeles and Louisiana websites.


The Liechtenstein country located in Central Europe uses this extension to register its domains.


Lithuania’s high level extension is.


A backdrop for the people of Luxembourg and the individuals, collections and companies that are associated with it.



NET.LV and

ORG.LV are used for the country of Latvia.


MD with suffix MM for Moldovan companies and collections that are active in this area. This suffix is ​​also used by medical industry companies.


Montenegro’s high-level extensions that can be recorded by anyone around the world.


DOT MG and other extensions such as COM.MG,


ORG.MG and

CO.MG are available for residents of the island of Madagascar and those associated with this geographic area.


Can be registered for Mongolian country domains and all people interested in this extension.


Typically, at the time of domain registration, these extensions are used by individuals and companies or in a business relationship with Montreux. Other extensions of this commercial area include COM.MS,

CO.MS and



The top level extension of Mauritius Island, COM.MU,


ORG.MU is placed in its categories.


The .MX and COM.MX domains are often used by companies with a business relationship with Mexico….

دامنه .MY


Malaysia’s top-level domain, which can only be registered to Malaysian citizens by providing the required documents. COM.MY,

NET.MY and

ORG.MY extensions also have this.


Individuals and companies based in Norfolk Island, or in business communication with it, use this extension to register their domains.


In the Netherlands, all individuals and companies can work with this extension.


Only a Norwegian citizen with a person’s ID or a credible registered organization in this country can file a domain with this suffix.


An inexpensive resort called the Newway Island in the Pacific, registered by everyone, and is therefore well received by the public.


Anyone living in New Zealand or in connection with this country can use the NZ extension to register their domain.


Domain names in Peru are recorded with this suffix.


To start an online activity in the Philippines, domain registration with this extension is suggested. Second-order extensions are COM.PH,

NET.PH, and

ORG.PH respectively.


Polish country extension, which can be registered by all individuals and companies around the world.


The extension is used by St. Pierre Michelon of Italy.


Real and legal personalities in Puerto Rico and public relations companies from these extensions and their second-level domains BIZ.PR, COM.PR,



ORG.PR to register The names of their websites are used.


Retrieved from the beginning of the name of Portugal, which is authorized for residents of this region and the public, and has the second extension of the term COM.PT.


This extension was granted to the Pacific Island of Palau in 1997.


Taken from the name of the island of Reunion and will be applicable for domain registration of Reunion’s French websites.


COM.RO, NOM.RO and the other three extensions are used to register domain names in Romania.

دامنه .RU


Domain registration of Russia with these extensions and other examples such as COM.RU,


and PP.RU.


Only three extensions of the COM.SB,

NET.SB, and

ORG.SB order are specific to the Solomon Islands.


Use Seychelles to activate the country. It is required to submit a document certifying that you are resident or related to it.


Only the possibility to register for individuals and collections that are resident in Sweden or in business relations with the country. The opportunity to provide evidence to prove this is necessary.


Singaporean companies or people with a business related to this country use this suffix.


The extension of St. Helena is applicable to people who live or trade in this geographic area.


Somalia’s top-level domain code is used by its residents or people in its business relationship.


Independent islands in the Netherlands, St. Martin, where SX is the extension of its high-level slopes.


From the beginning of Qatar, the name of the Qatari country has been taken and its domains are registered with this suffix.


The highlands of Turks and Caicos are dominate by private companies and private entities locate in this geographic region.


Antarctica France uses this extension to register its domains and must be the owner of that EU member state.

Typically, it is use by the legal and legal entities of Tokelo for domain registration. In Germany, it is also use to register the domain of telecommunication relate websites.


The DOT TL domain is commonly use by companies or private entities locate in Timor, or in commercial relations with the country.


Turkmenistan and the active trading companies with it, welcome the TM extension to register their domains.


Top-level domains of Tonga’s monarchy can be registered with this extension and under the supervision of its network information center.

دامنه .TV


This extension is from the name of the small island of Tuvalu, but its use is abundant in the television industry and related affairs.


Audiences of this extension are Taiwanese residents or collections and individuals associated with it, with examples of COM.TW,



IDV.TW being included in this category.


Domains owned by the country and the American people and organizations, companies and … in this country use this suffix.


The UK top-level extension that can be registered to individuals and organizations in or in the United Kingdom.

Owning a domain with ORG.UK extensions for organizations or affiliates in the UK and ME.UK for public and private websites that are linked to this geographic region.


Named Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and anyone and anyone can register domain with this suffix.





WEB.VE and INFO.VE extensions are effective for Venezuela’s true personalities and institutions.

An extension that is typically register by companies and individuals resident in or with the British Virgin Islands in commercial development.


WF domains are use for businesses in the Wallis and Futuna areas of the French colonies and in the Oceania region.


The official code for the Western Samoa region, which is know as the “Web site” extension, can be a good alternative to COM, NET, and ORG extensions.


For the Internet activities of inhabitants of the Mayotte region, it is use by French colonies.


As the extensions of the second level, South Africa is called.

Registration and activation conditions for country domains:

The number of authorized characters for most domains with a length of ccTLDs is 32 and a maximum of 63 characters.

Having a nationality in some countries has a precondition for possessing those suffixes. Only if the require identity documents are require to the registrar (including an identification card or so-call residence card), you can register it.

Possibility of using the number, English letters and dash (-) in the domain name is allow.

These domains may be registered for at least one to ten years. Some extensions such as AR, AT, BE, CH, DE, JP, IT, LI, NL, NO, NU, and NZ are only possible for a one-year registration, and their extensions will ultimately be possible.

Often, these domains will expire after 30 to 36 days, which can be re-enabled if the domain owner has renewed the payment during this period.

If the extension does not extend beyond the expiration date, the expired domain will enter another stage called redemption.

The period of redemption or fines is thirty days. In order to activate the domain, in addition to the expense, the amount of the fine should be paid.

By not paying the fine and renewal, the domain will be remove from the course and the domain WHOIS will be remove over time and will be release after 5 to 7 days.

Eventually, after the domain is release, it is possible to register it by the owner and anyone else.

ثبت دامنه


New extensions NEWTLDs


Educational institutions, universities, and private schools that are active in the field of education use this extension for the name of a persistent web site.

A new extension that will also have a positive impact in terms of improving the SEO of sites with related content.

The same goes for the growth and development of online training activities on each of these sites. There are no restrictions for domain registration with this extension.


This extension is mean to be the appropriate accounting for websites that are active in the field of finance and taxation.


It is suggest that actors, theater and theater education academies, as well as individuals and institutions with online activities in the field of cinematography, will have their own domains with this extension.

Guiding users who are looking for websites that are likely to be more likely to be search by search engines. This does not affect the site’s SEO improvement.


For contacts for websites that are only suitable for adults and specific age groups, the domain is register with this extension.


If you are thinking of starting an online business or setting up a personal website in Africa, think about domain registration with the AFRICA extension. A new surplus to show commitment, trade and action in relation to Africa.


Service and active agencies under the name of airline, tourism and travel, advertising, real estate … use these extensions to view the vast Internet world.


This extension is only valid for Internet activities of people, organs and nonprofit institutions that are present in Amsterdam.


A new general extension for information, rentals, sales, and apartments related businesses around the world.
APARTMENTS extensions are suitable for any person or business related to the wide range of apartments.


Web sites that specialize in applications such as mobile phones use these extensions for their online business. The requirement to register a domain with an APP extension having an SSL certificate.

The site will not be see until it is install on the certificate domain. This will establish a site’s security for users.

It is also easy to access for users who are looking for a particular application.


For the creative community and artists it will be very practical. Museums, filmmakers, writers and art lovers can register their preferred domains with meaningful and meaningful extensions.

This extension will also work for decorative arts, literature, film, music and cooking, which will be the root of art and creativity.


It means the participation of businesses and online business activities that are carry out in a group.

Domain registration under this heading can differentiate the categorization of website activities. Users looking for this business and doing business on the Internet will be able to respond more quickly.


A popular extension for judicial organs and advocates who have gone a long way to the Internet. These web sites are also offer by search engines to users interest in the field.


Auctions and auctioned sites use these extensions to better capture their online business and eager visitors to this type of service are well on their way.


People, music institutions and art collections can register their favorite titles with this new extension.


A unique and lasting name for any website that is relevant to babies. Whether you are a parent, company, business, organization, etc., it does not matter, and you can now register a domain with the new BABY extension.

It is suggest that websites that have different activities in the infantry sector should introduce their own introduction to these extensions in the digital world.


Groups of music and community of artists It is better to choose a domain with this suffix to promote their activities in the global Internet world and globalization.



Web sites that deal with buying, selling, selling auctions and large online stores can use these extensions to deliver their services to potential users in the world of digital commerce. This will have a positive impact on converting users and visitors to customers.


Berliners in Germany can set up a local and native business with this extension to become more localized. Google search engines also target users and seekers of these categories of websites more quickly.


Think about this extension if you want to showcase the world’s prominence. The introduction of the best in the word will also have a good effect on the memory of the audience. With this feature you will be well verse in the minds of visitors.


Businesses and online businesses that are eager to grow on the Internet will remind DOT BUSINESS.

One of the most practical new extensions that has been highly welcome by digital business owners.

This extension, as a good alternative to BIZ, allows many arbitrary domains to be register.


Photographers use this name to register their own web sites in this field and to better be see by users who search for them in search engines.

Registration and activation conditions for country domains:
The number of authorized characters for most domains with a length of ccTLDs is 32 and a maximum of 63 characters.

Possibility of using the number, English letters and dash (-) in the domain name is allow.

These domains may be register for at least one to ten years.

The registration of these extensions is open to the public and there is no limit to the submission of the records to Registerar.

Often, these domains will expire after 30 to 36 days, which can be re-enabled if the domain owner has renewed the payment during this period.

If the extension does not extend beyond the expiration date, the expired domain will enter another stage called redemption.

The period of redemption or fines is thirty days. In addition to the renewal fee, the amount of the fine must be pay in order to activate the range.

By not paying the fine and renewal, the domain will be remove from the course and the domain WHOIS will be remove over time and will be release after 5 to 7 days.

Eventually, after the domain is release, it is possible to register it by the owner and anyone else.

What is the extension for your domain?

Pay special attention to the type of extension, its use and the country or region of business activity in order to register an appropriate domain in your Internet activity.

The first step in introducing and selling brand, product, products, artwork, your biography in the digital world should be properly set.

 This makes it possible for search engines, such as Google, to find their true seekers.

New extensions are the right choice for geeks due to the proper classification of business areas and business websites.

By selecting the right extension for your website, you can direct visitors to it.

Increasing users who visit the website daily will increase your business growth.

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