The difference between the modem, the router, the access point and the switch in plain language

What is a modem, router, ext2 and switch? What are they using? What’s the difference? In the following article, we will explain this in plain language.

Connecting to the infinite world of the Internet seems very simple. In a few seconds Wi-Fi will turn on the device and connect it to the modem, and zoom in on Google and all. You are currently connected to the Internet.

In this case, when there is a problem with your equipment or if you feel the time has come to improve your Internet equipment, you will find some terms that may sound at first glance, but they are different.

The most important terms in these terms are modems, routers, accessoires and switches, with the differences between them confusing a large number of users.

The modem connects you to the internet

Modem is, in fact, your gateway to the Internet. A special cable or optical fiber (or optical fiber) or a telephone line from the side of the telecom company enters your area and reaches the house and connects to the modem.

Modem Zeros and Digital Digest interprets your computer to analog data and delivers it to a cable or telephone. This is called modulation.

Modem is the gateway to the Internet

On the contrary, this happens; the modem interprets the received analog signals into zero and one and sends it to the computer.

This is called demodulation. It’s interesting to know that the modem name also comes from the combination of these two terms: Modulation + Demodulation = Mo-Dem.

Usually, depending on where you live, some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer modems at a lower cost than at other common prices.

The proper modem can have an impact on the quality of the Internet; therefore, you must always choose the right options.

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The router connects your devices to one another and the modem

If you have only one computer at home, you can simply connect it directly to the modem via an Ethernet cable and use the Internet.

This is while most Internet users use more than one home computer.

Many people, along with the computer, have other devices like smartphones, tablets and e-readers, and they also connect to the Internet.

Wired modems can not send Internet data simultaneously to multiple devices, since these modems usually have only one Ethernet port; therefore, they can only create an IP address.

The IP address specifies your location for the Internet. Simply put, the IP address addresses the street address of your living location in the real world.

If the IP address of the modem is the address of the street address of the place, the IP addresses of the router will appear as the plaque of each apartment.

The router connects all your home devices via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and then connects them to the modem.

This will allow each device to have its own unique IP address. The router through the same IP addresses can rotate traffic between devices. This is called rooting.

If the IP address of the modem address is the street address of the building, the IP address of the router will be the license number of each of the apartments in that building.

Here, the modem receives the Internet information and sends it to the router, and eventually the router sends this information to the destination device.

That’s precisely why, if you connect to the Internet simultaneously with a phone and a laptop and want to watch a video of the Galaxy S Plus 10, the video will be played on the laptop, not the phone.

The network that the router creates is known as the local area network (LAN).

The same local network connects you to a broader network called Wide Area Network (WAN). In many homes, WAN is equivalent to the same Internet.

Of course, not all routers are equipped with Wi-Fi, and some simply connect the computers through Ethernet cables. Exactly where Access Point enters the game.

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ExxonNet enables wireless connectivity

Years ago, all computers were connected to the Internet through an incompatible set of wires.

Today, with the advancement of technology, it is possible to connect all these devices via Wi-Fi to the home network, and hence the Internet.

To do this, we need a special device to broadcast the wireless signal in the environment.

A wireless access point or wireless access point is usually connected to the router through an Ethernet port and communicates with other routers using other wireless devices without an Ethernet connection.

Routers used by most home users are provided with an external accessory, which means you do not need to install it separately.

Access Point is also sold independently

Do not forget that Access Point is sold independently. These types of expoints apply to corporate environments, because you can use multiple access points to stream your network to a wider environment so that people in the company can easily connect to the Internet wherever they are.

Of course, a long time ago, people living in large homes have been turning into Mesh Network kits. Wireless mesh technology offers better performance in terms of equipment such as extranets.

سوییچ / سوئیچ / Switch

The switch connects more computers to the router

All routers have an Ethernet port, but depending on the size and type of router you buy from the market,

these ports may not be so much and you can not connect all your computers.

This issue can be troublesome especially in the current age,

as we live in smart homes, and these homes usually require ports such as Ethernet.

If all of the Ethernet ports on your router are used by different devices and there is no longer a gateway,

switch switches on and can add more Ethernet ports to the router to allow more devices to connect to it.

To do this, just switch your extra devices and then connect the switch to the router. So the devices listed will appear on your network.

Do not make a mistake with the hub

Remember to use the switch to the router. Unlike a router, the switch can not independently assign an IP address to specific devices.

It does not even have the ability to create a network. In fact, the police router has traffic control for incoming signals.

Do not make a mistake with the hub. The two are very similar to each other, and many people do not recognize them.

Despite the similarity between the switch and the hub, these two devices have a different performance. Hub is a device that connects several computers in a local network.

Each of the information being redirected to the network is sent to all hub ports, on the other hand it is another device.

In fact, instead of traversing traffic between multiple devices, the hub automatically captures the input signal and copies it to all network devices.

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The equipment can  integrate into one device

There are few people in their homes, modems, routers and separate access points. Today, all this equipment can be find inside a special device.

For example, as we said, many people use wireless routers, and the routers have an internal exterior, so there’s no need for an independent exterior.

Others are also using certain devices that combine modems, routers, and wireless accessions.

The provision of such devices will take up less space and minimize wired connections.


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