Interesting Tricks for Windows 10, Top 19 Windows 10 Tricks

It’s only a year and a half from the official Windows 10 release of Microsoft Corporation – and if you look at the technical evaluation, Windows has changed dramatically and has become much more beautiful.

Now we have a completely different level of features that are not only superb but also flexible (of course, from the perspective of older Windows users).

Knowing all the tricks and tools in Windows is not necessary. The only thing we need to know for Windows is to know a few of the most important tricks.

Features – small or large – play an important role in increasing productivity. Although it was difficult to select a few specific features of Windows, we did choose some features.

It’s possible that you already know some of the features, but try your luck and read the entire article, maybe you’ll know the cool features you have never known before.

1. Black color theme

Windows Darkroom Theme is one of Windows 10’s latest features. This feature was added when most users were tired of the previous appearance of Windows.

Initially, we could only activate the Black Windows theme through the registry, but with just a few clicks it could be used.

Go to Settings-> Personalization-> colours to activate the Windows BlackBerry theme and select Dark for app mode.

However, dark mode is often seen in the settings window. But check out the features of this mode, you might end up with a very different desktop.

2. Resize and remove tiles from the Start menu

Windows 10 Start Menu tiles are very useful because they provide easy access to weather conditions, emails, news feeds, and more.

For better and more useful use of this menu, these tiles can be customized according to the user’s request.

For example, if you want to have a larger tile, right-click on it and select the resize option.

Similarly, to remove a tile from the Start menu, click on that tile and select Unpin from Start.

In addition, with a little bit of changes in the settings section, you can have a nearly clear Start menu on Windows 10.

Do you know when you press the comb + win + s buttons to see the weather and news?

3. Customize the Start menu

One of the best advantages of customization is that it allows you to create a unique look for your Windows computer.

The Start menu can be customized in a variety of ways. You can view and display the most recently used applications to enable or disable requests that are most often used.

You can also use the Start full screen option to have the entire screen appear on the screen. In addition, by deleting all tiles and resizing the Start menu, you can have a simple menu.

Did you know that Windows 10 has a part called Action Center that keeps track of all your Windows notifications?

4. Replace the Start menu

Surely, you need to right-click on the power menu to access the power user menu, but what can I do to get quick access to this menu?

Just hit Win + x Combination Buttons, it will appear. The menu includes many applications, including Command Pormpt, Control Panel, Mobility Center, and so on.

With the up and down buttons of the keyboard you can navigate between different options.

A very simple trick is to squeeze the letters below. For example, pressing P All P will open the Control Panel screen.

5. Moving between windows

One of the great features of Windows 10 is the multitasking feature. This feature allows you to rotate the current window to one side and open the second window on the other side.

Just press the win and right / left keys simultaneously. You can navigate between windows without clicking.

To quickly open selected apps, follow these steps:

• Win + 1 – First app
• Win + 2 – Second program and so on

This feature is superbly useful when running a multi-screen system.

6. Search for Cortana

The personal assistant of Windows Cortana is a powerful Windows division that compares with Apple’s Siri search partner, Samsung Bixby and Google’s popular assistant.

CNET commented on this incredible assistant: “Microsoft’s active voice assistant is more than just a direct link to the Bing search engine (or any search engine you use).”

You can select reminders from tracks, and you can order Cortana functionality.

All required information from the cards to the available Cortana data is available under the bulletin icon.

In addition, Cortana manages most natural language commands. It’s just enough to tell Coranta what to look for, it will do it.

While the Siri search tool is somewhat confronted with the difficulty of understanding dialects, Cortana readily understands dialects.

Tip: Cortana has a built-in dictionary. So, if you want to check the skills of this tool, write the word after the word “definition”, the word meaning immediately appears.

7. Quick access to folders and files

One of the most useful features of Windows 10 is the ability to quickly access the latest folders you use.

For those who do not like. There is a page of the latest files and folders to use, there are easy tricks to hide them.

Go to the Folder options section and disable the privacy options.

8. Virtual Desktop

The Task View section, often referred to as virtual desktops, was added as a major feature to Windows 10, which can increase the productivity level.

Simply put, you can have multiple desktops on your system, and you can use it with manual keyboard shortcuts.

There are many programs that can create virtual desktops (VDs), but the program provided with Windows has better accessibility and stability.

The Taskview icon is located next to the Start menu and can be accessed with the following shortcuts:

• Open Taskview – win + tab

• New desktop – win + ctrl + D

• Close the current desktop – win + ctrl + f4

• Navigate between desktops – win + ctrl + right / left

9. Command Prompt shortcuts

Working with previous versions of Command Prompt was pretty much a problem. The new version of Windows is the first version that includes keyboard shortcuts for Command Prompt.

It’s easy to use these shortcuts.

Keywords for command prompt:

• Copy, Reset, Select All – Ctrl + C / V / A

• Shift + pageup / page down

• Search text and so on – Ctrl + Right / left arrow

10. Annotate the windows edge browser and sync the calendar

We are interested in online research and searching today and are interested in online search, sometimes we are missing out on information from a marine survey and can not do this coherent work.

At this time, the window margin annotation feature can be very helpful.

This feature allows you to write a note in a specific area of the web page and save this note for later reference.

In addition, Windows 10 has not only updated the horrible calendar of previous versions of Windows, but also made it possible to synchronize the main calendar application with other calendar schedules using an easy process.

11. Select the sound source from the taskbar

The source selection process is easy in Windows 10. This can be done right from the current window. Just click on the sound icon in the taskbar and select the appropriate sound source.

12. Take a screenshot of Windows

Previously, it was not possible to take a screenshot of Windows without the use of side apps.

However, Windows 10 does not require side apps to do this. Just press the win + G button, a small Windows game bar appears, and all the options needed for the xbox app will appear.

Keyboard shortcuts:

• Take a picture – win + G + prntscr

• Record a photo – win + Alt + R

13. Use image as password and pin

We all know that ordinary passwords are vulnerable. Therefore, it seems that adding features to use images as a good password and pin code is good.

Only one photo can not be added as a password, but you can choose a circle, point or any shape in a random area of the image.

As more images are more specific, using them as a password is safer; try not to use significant areas (around the nose and eyes).

14. Blocking offers / ads

Microsoft has chosen the Start menu among all the Windows locations that could propagate their products, and if these suggestions are harassing you, there’s a simple solution to turning them off permanently.

Go to the Settings – Personalization section and turn off suggestions in the Start option.

15. Find My Device feature

Have you ever been upset by the loss of a device or phone? Windows can offer you the latest known device location so you can find the device from that location. This feature works like the Google Device Manager.

Device search is limited in comparison with the tracking of the phone. To track the device, you must log in once to your Google account, then the last known computer location will be upgradeable.

However, unlike the Google Device Manager, you can not lock your device or erase it.

16. Filter content entered in the command prompt

Now that it’s possible to copy text in Command Prompt, it’s possible that you copy a text directly from a browser.

Then those texts may contain unwanted characters. Want to manually clean these unwanted characters? No, this is an old way.

There is a feature in the Command Prompt feature that automatically removes unwanted characters (if this feature is enabled).

17. Select printers

The latest version of Windows allows the last printer to be used as the default printer. This feature can be an advantage for some users. If you do not like this feature, go to the printer settings section and disable it.

From then on, the system will no longer fit between the printers and the default printer will be the same printer you choose.

18. Select the update time

Windows 10 has an awesome feature that lets you choose the times you do not want the update to work.

This feature is provided with Active Hours and is activated with proper scheduling. With this feature you can say goodbye to unexpected updates.

To activate Active Hours, go to Settings-> Update and Security and click Active hours.

19. Blocking Windows Message Notifications

The Windows operating system almost does not stop sending information messages from the Java update to new notifications. If it also harms you, there’s a simple solution to disable it.

All you have to do is go to Settings -> System-> Notifications and Actions and disable this feature.

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