Top 16 Best Computer Games of 2019 (Selected by Global Users)

What are the best computer games of 2019? 2019 is the year of change and uncertainty. This means it’s a good time to go back to the world of video games and we’re waiting for the real world to be able to match itself with these events.

We are constantly hearing a total of 239001 computer games published each day. Here are the best 2019 gaming gadgets.

۱-Resident Evil 7

At the first hour of the game, Resinaissance, you call some demons and attack a screwdriver or a chainsaw and suddenly you’ll be surprised.

With the change of perspective to the first person, the discovery of fear becomes closer. Enables developers to make their lives a series of patients while allowing space to survive the roots of survival horror through its surface and mechanics design.

The ruined house you find during Resident Evil 7 is not beautiful. In this game you will experience real fears.

۲-  For Honor

best games 2017 For Honor

The essence of the game is the fight, distillation and absolutely unexpected genre. One of the most modern and interesting games you’ve ever seen! The game has the ability to multiline and also perform online.

۳- Torment: Tides of Numenera

best games 2017 Torment Tides of Numenera

Kill the curiosity of the cat. That’s what proverbs tell us. But when death becomes a simple hit on the road, does it prevent you from accepting the curiosity and the odd and dangerous things that the ninth virtual world offers?

The Numenera Tide takes its immortal path from its counterpart, but in its center of the world, Numenera considers itself to be much more advanced than civilization.

You are using tools to get you out of a state of inactivity. You blow up chemicals like a nightmare.

Just like Torment’s story about the legacy of eight good and bad worlds, this game is driven by a mysterious and unreal transformation of God.

Many games hope for a person; but Torment is really one of the best games of the year 2018.

۴- Sniper Elite 4

best games 2017 Sniper Elite 4

Never be surprised if there is an Oscar for video games. Probably, many social realistic games come about everyday in the history of injustice and historical catastrophe every February.

For example, Sniper Elite 4 will never be limited to one goal, and in various ways the shooter will display its greatest power. Rebels trying to improve the world.

۵- Night in the Woods

best games 2017 Night in the Woods

Actors to eliminate animals with a joyful cartoon style turn you into an unpleasant nightfall in the jungle as an amazing piece of story and character study.

Of course, if you experience your surf with monsters, life becomes strange. In fact, you are faced with a realistic game in the world of video games.

However, a game in which cats, birds and bear cartoons with the least self-esteem, mental health issues, alienation, and management of difficult relationships are at least a new experience in traditional forms like the Ken Loach script. Give

This is an amazing adventure as well. At first, it is recommended to play this game to find out its validity.

6- Nier: Automat

The partnership with Taro Yoko and Platinum Games in the global gaming world has been successful. Nier automatically follows the rules of the genre and follows the story of death and friendship through two Siburge ninjas.

This is very similar to the Ubisoft world, which is not much expandable. Nier: Automata has inspired more than Zelda.

Are we still referring to it? , Not? Oh, well, yeah, you can imagine this unpredictable thing, and well, you know the value of three games at least to enjoy the right game with the 26th overall end.

۷-The Surge

best games 2017 the surge

Dark Souls III may break Harvard’s RPG record in 2016. But time will tell this.

Beyond this, The Surge is designed by the same team that has been featured on Soul clone Lords of the Fallen.

Surge puts on the brutal and challenging ghosts of the ghost and depicts the apocalypse with worn zombies and fake moto robots.

Here are some of the important technical features and features of NowSoftware: the primary struggle that can destroy you with a blow, fight the ruthless boss, environmental stories, and lose all your money.

But Surge has put forward many layers of ideas. One of the most important is the incomplete and compelling system you use to build your enemies and new gears to separate your enemies.

This is also an appropriate story beyond the clues that surround its environments (it lowers its gates for the fans of the souls of the soul).

The kinematic aspect of this game is that Surge is not a complete story.

8- Prey

Arkane has recently proven itself as a leader in the Dishonored series, with developers showing no signs of hunting down.

The game with a scary, smart and lovely, like System Shock 2 and Deus Ex, wants you to check out the dark secrets of the Talos 1 Space Station.

Determines the history of your station with the maze of laboratories, units of life, reactors and even gardens, and how they are interlinked is one of Arkane’s greatest strengths, which is determined by the direction of the airplane and many corridors.

You want to check every inch, because not only the new items of each room, the audio logos and the details of the life of the pilot are dead, but you can change the enemies.

You see, Talos 1 is infected with Typhon and there are shades of aliens everywhere. Oftentimes, you do not even know they exist.

Imitation of the typhoon can be about any object in the game, such as coffee cups, chairs and even health packages. This makes you exercise in controlling paranoia and this is what really comes from the Prey game.

۹- What Remains of Edith Finch

best games 2017 pc what remains of edith finch

We have reached a point where we feel confident and walk, and that’s what makes Edith Finch such a victory: this proves that we can not be the factor of failure.

In the game Edith, you are literally looking at the house for the sad history of your family. But instead of checking out the cabinet and reading the diary, you are turning to pure creativity.

These stories are different in terms of the concept, tune, and outcome of a strange and completely different picture.

You will be living in a tattered bathroom of a toddler, a carnivorous sea monster living under the bed, or living across the land as a mistress king, and much more. Several generations of Finch families are being screened for two consecutive hours.

Though you may feel tired, but feel that you’re seeing real progress in video narratives, and this is one of the best computer games of 2019.

۱۰- Life is Strange: Before the Storm

best games of 2017 life is strange before the storm

Before the storm, it’s not just one of the best games of 2018. This is a prerequisite for Dontnod in 2015. But many users do not feel like a simple story.

This work examines the rogue Chloe’s relationship and his strange goal, Rachel Amber. They move through thoughts, feelings and themes, and they are confident in their work.

Aside from the incredible new story of Easter eggs and valuable services for characters, you’ll want to spend more time with them. The story of the game fills all the existing gaps and explores its space.

In some cases, a strange journey begins before the storm of life. But many people believe that the game is a happy adventure in its turn.


best games 2017 pc ode

Ubisoft Reflections’ Ode is a game with music but in a world away from plastic guitars and rubber toy drafts.

Each level is basically a silent song. Ode is one of the main characters in the game, which you brushed by brushing them with thin inhabitants, brightly colored mushrooms, and long flowers filled with bells that look like jellyfish.

These plants are musical instruments: drums, gauges, bass, guitars, and about an explosive point that goes back to you, with a “just one kiss”.

Ode, like the logical evolution of the platform, is the growth of the home and the growth of a touch universe that puts you inside a sight. You do not really have to stay in the Ode house; fix it in your heart.

۱۲- Divinity: Original Sin 2

best games 2017 pc divinity original sin 2

It’s perfectly safe to say that, despite the small Kickstarter shortage, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is not just one of the best 2019 gaming games, but it’s the most ambitious RPG of this decade.

The strange world of Rivellon acts as a place for a collection of stories, and it is a vast arena with paths and possibilities.

You can participate in battles where all areas of the earth’s map are cursed by fire and graffiti buildings with human-spinned spider networks.

You may even force a spiral skeleton to put a bucket on your head so that the frightened citizens are not attacked.

It is even possible to defeat the first great boss and to target him repeatedly with his portrait.

It’s just in the story’s struggles. Beyond the widespread epic story of Guilty 2, the XCOM PvP style movement is just as deep and the incredible battle system will allow the Dungeons and Dragon to complete the release with the added bonus of graphics and fancy sound.

It’s an amazing package and will remain in mind and on the hard drive in the coming years.

۱۳-Opus Magnum

best games 2017 pc opus magnum

Each puzzle of the Opus Magnum leads to the construction of a machine of connected parts. For most games, you and your opponent are in a bad situation, and this is your sin.

The guns that collect the reactors are pulled out of sync, overlap, and car bombs.

Both sides regularly transmit an element and try to get the same as they are and in a moment they will kill it in different directions. The leg gear operator removes the elements faster so that they can be turned off.

Break the game’s end. But after a moment, the machine can not be broken. Where, for a second, the clock moves slowly at the slide location.

The tiny settings allow the device to progress slightly to its ultimate goal, to work for a longer time before the next break, and even when you hit the moment of Eureka, you will continue; it’s a game that you Encourages you to stay up with a puzzle, even after having a solution, tempts you to correct it.

Opus Magnum is a game that helps you to write your own.

۱۴- Call of Duty: WWII

best games of 2017 cod ww2

For those who remember the first days of the series, this game does not look like a big surprise. Call of Duty can return to the period it has set up.

The World War II campaign is considered to be the biggest tricks for the advancement of the Berlin allies: the Normandy is flooded by storms, it frees up Paris, its ass is raining, and passes through the Rhine.

Previously, famous figures are trying to care for their campaign. Instead, it pushes the dial out of the 11th and gives the player a limited view of the war between a five-defensive team.

۱۵-PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

best games of 2017 pubg

The details of the game may be accurate, but the real beauty of PlayUnknown’s Battleground is its simplicity.

Do you know the concept of starvation? Japanese cinema noughties, or hide a humble game and search on the school playground. Everyone knows what to do.

As soon as it leaves the plane: the last player stands. This is a simple assumption, despite the fact that it is a marvelously militarily deep game, some of its players are usually overlook.

Whatever strategy you adopt, a standard game requires you dozens of risk / reward options, all of existential significance, 30 minutes of stress and paranoid stress.

PUBG is one of the best games of the year 2018 because it allows you to play as a multiplayer shooter, however, you want to be alone or with a team and all the weapons that are bursting or falling in each warehouse. There is a warehouse and there are clear and definite consequences for this game.

16-Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

It can be admitted that the best computer game of 2018 was about a man who draws a treasurer to the face of Nazi soldiers.

A man running around on a skate holds a hat, armor, medical package and ammunition like a meat dyson.

Fella, which can fill the entire U boat with enemies rotated around in a wheelchair and rolled through a pipe. Yes, we talk about Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and characters in the story and characters.

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