Top 14 Email Management Apps for Android

Email is one of the oldest forms of Internet communication and is one of the few old tools that are still very much used.

Email has grown a lot from scratch to the present, but how much email has been used and processed has changed a lot.

Here’s a look at the best email management apps for Android OS.

In today’s world, paper letters have replaced electronic mail and email, and have increased the speed of human communication and interaction.

Here’s a collection of 14 useful and useful apps for managing email on Android OS for you.

1. AOSP Email

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The first item in this list is AOSP Email. This veteran app has a classic look, and has been on Android devices since the very beginning of Android.

Of course, this app has been updated and has been designed several times. AOSP Email supports nearly the most popular e-mail contacts and is also designed to be easy to work with.

It should be kept in mind that this program supports basic email features. But if you need a program with more and more powerful features, this app will not please you.

2. Aqua Mail

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This program is an Internet client with more power and environmental features. Acua not only lets you swap IMAP accounts, but you can also integrate it with OFFICE 365.

The new version of this app has been updated with material design. This app is available in two free and paid versions.

In addition to the money you can, you can remove more than two email accounts from the outgoing emails.

3. Blue Mail

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Blue Mail is a simple but elegant email service provider that lets you synchronize many email accounts, including Yahoo, Gmail, iCloud, Office365, and more.

The environment of this program is simple and very similar to the AOSP Email interface, but with a little change in detail. In addition to the standard features that this app delivers, you can do more with it.

Including that you can set up no specific notifications at a specific time, set email to send at a specific time or date, customizable menus, and many other features.

The program even has some security features, including locking out personal emails.

4. CloudMagic

email (9)

The CloudMagic app is new to its other rivals. Some parts of this app are materialized. CloudMagic supports multiple email accounts at the same time.

The unique feature of this appealing app is that it integrates many of the various tools, including Todoist, Asana, MailChimp, Pocket, Evernote, which are really useful.

5. Email for Exchange – Mail Wise

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One of the most difficult features for most email applications is Exchange protocol support, and the purpose of this program is to help users who use services based on this feature.

Also, the message style is used to make the messages easier to read.

Although the focus of this app is on email exchanges in the Microsoft service, you can use other email accounts as well.

6.  Gmail

email (12)

Gmail is one of the most famous email management applications among smart device users. This app holds the latest Google design standards and also supports Google Now and Google Drive.

Gmail often gets a new update and adds new features to it. Including the latest upgrade to upgrade the design of the material.

From now on, in addition to your Gmail account, you can also use other services, including the Yahoo Mail and Microsoft Mail service.

7. Inbox by Gmail

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An application for managing emails in the Gmail service developed by the Gmail team. This service only offers Gmail.

Among its features, integrating with Google Now is having advanced email management tags and news feeds support.

8. k-9

email (11)

It’s one of the oldest email programs for Android. The program still uses an older user interface that is very similar to Reddit, but it’s easy to use and efficient to use.

If you are a fan of FOSS, this program is open source and you can use it. This app is special for people who do not need advanced options and powerful features.

9. Mail.Ru

email (10)


Mail Ru has been downloaded from Google Play for around ten million times, and has rated 4.5 out of 5 in the store.

Among the features of this program are the support for multiple accounts, advanced search, filtering information, anti-spam filtering.

Mail.Ru has a remarkable similarity to earlier versions of Gmail, but it has a good design and features.

10. Mailbox

email (8)

This app has been developed by Dropbox, which means you can directly access Dropbox.

Many of the attractive and unique features of this app are in association with Dropbox. So Dropbox users should definitely try this.

11. myMay

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An old email software with a list of attractive and functional features. This app also supports the most popular email services like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, and even AOL.

In addition to the services provided, myMay also supports email service.

12. Nine Exchange


The Nine-Exchange app is designed for entrepreneurs or ordinary people who want to have more effective communication with their colleagues, friends and family members at any time they want.

This app is compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server and other services such as Office 365, Hotmail, OutlooK.

Among the features of this program are the elegant interface, multiple accounts, powerful text editor, SMS synchronization and support for Android Wear.

13. WeMail 

email (13)

WeMail was released in 2014 with some interesting and unique ideas. The main feature of this app is its user interface.

Material design, sorting emails based on sender and displaying email in message format, including its features.

WeMail brings a different experience from working with email. The only major problem with this app is that it does not support many popular e-mail services.

14. yahoo mail

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Few people find that Yahoo does not know the desire. With this app, you can access your emails as easily and as quickly as possible. Another basic feature of this app is to merge the news section with email.

So you can check your emails and you can read news at the same time. It is not unclear that only Yahoo users can use this app.

Each of these apps has their own specific features that can fit in the style of each person.

Do you know any other application that makes the email experience on Android devices more enjoyable for you?

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