Top 11 Less known features in iOS 13

The release of iOS 13 has been one of the most exciting updates to the iPhone operating system in recent years, not only due to the proprietary Dark Mode but also improved privacy features,

the new look of the Apple Maps app, and the use of gestures on the default keyboard. iOS, everyone was involved in creating excitement among users.

Apple spoke at the developer conferencing on some of the great features of iOS,

but more excitement is when it comes to iOS 13.

In the past days,

after the release of the public beta release of iOS 13,

many users have found the new and functional features that Apple has not talked about after downloading and working with this trial version.

With 11 features that have not been mentioned so far,

we’ll get better battery life and dual-SIM support in iMessage to use the mouse on the iPhone.

Optimize battery charge

بهینه شدن باتری آیفون

The charge of the iPhone’s battery is a long process that can damage the device itself.

A new feature added to iOS by learning how to charge a user’s phone will prolong the life of the iPhone.

If you’re one of those people who connect your iPhone to the power socket from the night of the morning, this feature will hold your phone at 80% over most hours of the night, and recharges the remaining 20% before the morning alarms.

To enable the feature, go to Settings> Battery> Battery Health.

Searching for iMessage is now easier

Searching for past messages in iMessage has always been difficult and difficult, but with the changes that Apple has given in this section, it’s now very easy to search for phrases and the results will immediately be displayed to you.

To use the feature, go to the iMessage application and type the phrase in the search box.

Search on iphone with voice command

جستجو با صدا

In Apple’s default apps, wherever you see a search bar, you’ll see the microphone icon on the right.

Tap on it and use your voice to search instead of typing.

Apps like Settings, Mail, Messages, and Today View are just a few of the apps that use this feature.

Share photos with or without location information

اشتراک بدون موقعیت مکانی

You can now turn off location information for photos when you share them directly from the gallery app.

Location information shows where the photo was taken. By adding a new option, the time to share photos on social media, email, or message, you can erase this information and keep the location of the photos private.

In the Photos app, select the photo you want to share, then tap Options in the top right of the screen and place the location in the Include section in Disable.

New sound volume change indicator

تغییر صدای ios 13

Another feature that users have long been asking Apple to change is a change in volume.

Until then, when the user was watching a video and altering the sound, the marker was annoying on the screen.

On iOS 13, the volume indicator shrinks and changes the sound volume as a small line near the screen, and does not disturb the user.

iMessage and Face Time now support two SIM cards

Two-SIM support for iMessage and Face Time for business users and those who are on the go are very useful.

Apple has added support for dual SIMs by introducing XS, XS Max and XR iPhones. This feature is cheaper than roaming charges for people who do not want to have two phones or are constantly on the go.

Clear apps from the update page

پاک کردن تصویراز صفحه آپدیت

Managing the old iPhone and iPad apps from the update page is not a priority for many users.

Those who find it difficult to find an app on their home page can erase the app by logging in to the App Store update section.

After installing iOS 13, you can uninstall the app by uninstalling it if you do not need it by swiping it to the left, then selecting the Delete option.

Siri conjoint with messages and audiences

سیری خواندن پیام‌ها

If you use AirPad or Power Beats Pro, Siri can now read the messages you receive, and when you’re done, you can easily respond to the message.

The first time you pair bubbles with iOS 13, you are asked if you want to enable this feature.

To manually order the feature, go to Settings, then go to Notifications and enable the Announce Messages with Siri option.

You can get notifications from all audiences or just your favorite audience.

Use the mouse to control the iPhone or iPad

Now you can use the mouse to control your iPhone or iPad. It takes a bit of time to get used to this feature on the iPad,

since the mouse pointer with what’s used in handheld operating systems is completely different and more like a finger.

You can define certain shortcuts to go to the main page or settings page. To connect the mouse to the iPhone or iPad, go to Settings> Accessibility> Touch> Assisttive Touch (turn this on)> Pointing Devices.

Removing Download Volume Limit from App Store when using Internet Data

محدودیت دانلود از اپ استور

Apple eventually removed download restrictions from the App Store. If you want to download games or programs with a volume of more than 1 GB using your data network, then you can do so with one option.

To use this feature, go to Settings> iTunes & App Store> App Downloads and enable downloading of programs over 200 MB in size.

Download Manager in Safari

دانلود منیجر در سافاری

You can now download files using Safari’s Download Manager when downloading Safari.

As long as you do not download the file, the download management icon is not visible; but as soon as the download starts, its icon appears above the Safari browser.

Once downloaded, the file is stored in the Downloads folder on the iCloud Drive, which is available through the Files program.

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