Top 10 World Food Destinations 2019

In these days, food can be said to be the brand of global nations, for example, when you hear the name of pasta, the Italian state of mind or the name of the kebab that the country of Iran excelled.

Food is consider as one of the most important parts of the trip. Today, a new branch of tourism, Food Tourism, has found its supporters.

Tourists are struggling to attract tourists by offering specialty foods at special and sometimes weird restaurants.

If you are shopping for foreign tours and traveling to other countries or you are interest in the food culture of other lands in the world.

1-Sri Lanka | Sri Lanka

One of the best Asian countries to eat a variety of foods is Sri Lanka. The diversity of people’s race and culture, as well as the beauty of Sri Lanka’s beautiful country, have affected the cuisine of this land, so that you can test a meal in different cities of Sri Lanka with different greed.

In Sri Lanka, we recommend not eating fresh fish and fresh vegetables, because fresh fruits and vegetables in this country have different flavor to Iran.

The offer of the tripod to Sri Lankan travelers is the famous fish ambul thiyal, which is made up of rice, fresh vegetables, spices and spicy peppers.

غذای فیش آمبول تیال سریلانکا

2. New Zealand | New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the best destinations for Iranians. It is interesting to know that many foods found to be the main source of Iranian food are found in this land.

However, local people in New Zealand receive fresh meat and fish from their geographical location.

On a trip to New Zealand, you can try a variety of seafood. The suggestion is that with the Australian tour, lamb roast and fresh vegetables (Roast Lamb) you should try.

غذاهای معروف نیوزلندی

3. Georgia Georgia

If you have traveled to Turkey or Mediterranean countries, you know that there are many common foods between these countries, each with the same similarity of raw materials with different greed.

Georgia has the most diverse form of Asian-European cuisine, which is compatible with our taste in Iran.

For example, if you have bought a tour of Georgia and are planning to travel to this beautiful country, you can try foods such as Khinkalii, Chakhbili, Chakapoli, but the famous Georgian food that has a lot of fans is Khachapuri.

This is a pizza family that uses eggs, cheese and all kinds of scented vegetables.

Chachapuri can be used as a separate meal or along with other foods. If you are interested in knowing more about Georgian cuisine, do not miss the best Georgian cuisine….

غذاهای معروف گرجستان

4. Germany | Germany

Hungarian, high-calorie and nutritious foods. Types of bread, sausages, noodles and potatoes are the firm feet of German dishes.

In Germany, people’s eating habits are more likely to eat hot foods, especially during the cold season. A variety of German cuisine can be described as frikadellen, sauerbraten, German cake, Rouladen, and delicious fruit dessert (Rote grutze).
Do not miss delicious delicious food on your trip to Germany.

کتلت معروف آلمانی

5. Peru | Peru

Peru is one of the tourist destinations that was name “the top destination of food tourism in 2015”.

There is an interesting term among the people of Peru; they believe that all Peru people are chefs from childhood.

The ingredients of the country’s food include fish and meat, so Peruvian food has been dubbed Super Foods.

While traveling to Peru, you can feel the impact of the culture of immigrant communities like Chinese, Spaniards, Japanese in daily dishes.

Among the popular foods in Peru, tourists are consider to be the vegetable salad and the popular Kaosas (potato, vegetables, meat or fish).

بهترین غذاهای دنیا

6 Taiwan | Taiwan

One of the most interesting and attractive destinations for tourists in Asia is Taiwan, but we recommend traveling to Taiwan to look after the ingredients using in foods, as they may have using relics that are not commonly using by Iranians.

Among the delicious and well-known Taiwanese cuisines that are recommended, try Beef Noodle, which, as its name implies, is a mixture of noodle and meat, this is a great combination because it is both nutritious and rich in water.

بهترین غذاهای دنیا

7th Philippine | Philippines

The combination of a variety of fish, rice and tropical fruits is the mainstay of the Philippine dishes. Philippine dishes of vinegar, garlic and soy sauce are using extensively.

Feeding Sinigang, Bar B.Q, Pacbet, Scabecue The Fibonacci Feed offers you on a trip to the Philippines.

بهترین غذاهای دنیا

8. Thai | Thailand

If you want to experience a collection of Asian cuisine, buy Thai tour. A mix of Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, and Myanmar foods are gather in Thai food culture.

Green vegetables, chicken feeds, potatoes and exciting vegetables, papaya salads, fish and soy sauce are among the most delicious Thai cuisines.

بهترین غذاهای دنیا

 9 . Japan

If you want to try a sushi of the best quality, just go for a Japanese tour. Tourists know Japanese dishes with Sushi, Sukiyaki and Tempura.

Some of the delicious foods you should experience in Japan include Ramen Noodle Soup, Curry Rice, and Karaage.

بهترین کشورها برای غذا

10. Hong Kong | Hong Kong

Traveling to Hong Kong to the Asian Food Capital. The variety of foods in China, and the presence of hundreds of restaurants in Hong Kong, has made this city a tourist destination and attractive for the Aboriginal.

If you have interest in cooking tours, Hong Kong offers one-day classes to get acquaint with Chinese food culture.

Pineapple Bread, Chicken Milk, Rickshaw Noodles, and Wontons Soup are among Hong Kong’s most delicious local cuisine.

بهترین کشورها برای غذا

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