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There are fabulous restaurants around the world. But some of them are pretty beautiful and have a genuine architecture that can not be ignored. Here are some of the top ten most beautiful restaurants in the world.

10. Mugaritz, Renteria, Spain

From the outside, Muggitz may seem to be a deceptively simple one; this restaurant is located in a green village under the umbrella. But do not consider it simple for a low grade.

The interior is design very cleverly, which gives you a modern, cozy sense of village. The restaurant also has stunning views of the city.

Andoni chef Andis Luis Aduriz offers you the best of “best food to the table”.

This engaging experience brings to the guests something like a high-class holiday in the city.


9. Hakkasan, Beverly Hills, USA

Craftsmen can be one of the most appealing restaurants you’ve ever seen. Its interior design is more like a nightclub.

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan, Princess of Abu Dhabi, is the owner of this restaurant.

This royally royal place is designed. From neon tapes to the dining space that is decorated very modern.

It’s made up of more classic cuisine. The restaurant’s room looks a bit dark, but you’re fine, maybe one of the Kardashians or even Gordon Ramsey, who is one of the regular customers of this restaurant.


8. Miss Tower, Istanbul, Turkey

The main maid tower was actually built in 1110. Based on the legends of the tower, the tower was built by a king to protect his lovely girl. Because, according to the prediction, his daughter died at the birth of his 18th birthday by snake snake.

On his birthday, he made a good prediction of water. The poor girl was said to have died in the bosom of her father at the highest point of the tower.

Today the tower is controlled by pest and is used as a unique restaurant. This restaurant provides you with an amazing view of the city and the Byzantine period….

برج دوشیزه

7. L’Opera, Paris, France

Like the best French cuisine, L’Opera’s architecture by Odile Decq can be described as beautiful but tempting.

From velvet red carpets and accessories to stylish ceilings. This magnificent, stylish and modern restaurant, and all the other traits that comes to you when you are in Paris.

The menu is French and of course your dinner will give you the feeling that you will see a scene from a movie in which two beautiful strangers fall in love after the celebration.


6. The Crown Lighthouse, Eidipur, India

Guests at this glamorous hotel are invited to come out of the traditional restaurant and dine at the Mewar Terrace.

This space has a view of the Monsoon palaces and the city as well as the Pichoola lake.

As guests can collaborate with their Manish chefs to make their meals, the menu is varied.


5. Grid Lace, Plano, Mexico

The mesh lace designed by architect Michel Rojkind is stunning visually both inside and outside.

The restaurant is made up of a very modern texture. Rukhkind was designe to show the ivy surrounding the wall.
Each room also consists of a ground element, including wood and grass.

Its menu includes sushi with a little change. As standard sushi is present alongside an attractive and new sample in classical form.


4. La Maison 1888, Da Nang, Vietnam

Chef Michael Rox opened his first restaurant in Asia and in a French mansion. La Maison is located next to a pond that offers guests fantastic views of the water.

Various dining rooms are decorate with appliances from all over the world. For this reason, you may forget to look outside the restaurant.

It’s the world of me and a combination of classic French cuisine with modern Asian cuisine. It will definitely give you a fantastic new experience in the field of food.


3. Le Louis XV, Monte Carlo, Monaco

Chef Alain Ducasse, in a bet with Princess Ranier III (Ranier III), set up the restaurant. As the prince believe it was not possible to get Michelin’s three-star four-year-old.
But the prince was mistakenly and was burn one of the world’s largest restaurants.

The food is French and classic. Its interior, with the crystals on the ceiling, is nothing less than awesome. This restaurant can definitely be a kings experience for you.


2. Fourth, New York, USA

This modern place is really like a museum and restaurant. This restaurant was open in 1959.

The facade of the building is designe by one of the architectural supermarkets of Miles van der Rohe and its interior by Phillip Johnson.

Their goal was to create a space with a combination of art, architecture and food to give a memorable experience to everyone.

The restaurant was recognized as the New York-based brand name in 1989, and even glassware and chairs are located in museum exhibitions.

Guests from the four-seater will be accommodate in front of the Picasso curtain that connects the two dining halls. However, this curtain is in jeopardy.

This restaurant is definitely one of the symbols of American architecture and should be consider by people who care about new art and food.


1. Ithaa submarine restaurant, Maldives, Konagh Rangali Island, Maldives

To get to this restaurant you have to go through an abnormal route. You must first enter the jet and go down the stairs to reach the submarine restaurants. The view of this restaurant is construct  of the ocean’s crystal clear blue.

If you want to feel a peridary, go to this restaurant. The menu of this restaurant is also construct  of modern European cuisine.


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