The Windows 10 Game Bar feature now shows the frame rate of games

Microsoft has updated Windows 8 operating system Game Bar with new features; It can now show video game frame rate.

Game Bar is a special feature of Windows 7 to better play video games that give gamers special tools. While the gameplay included many features, the lack of a frame rate counter was always felt, and many users wanted to add it to the game.

Microsoft has finally listened to its users’ requests; according to the latest news, Windows 7’s gameplay capability will now be able to show at what frame rate your video game is running. In addition, GameBox also has the ability to monitor user-acquired Achievements on the Xbox Achievements in the new update.

The Red Wings are announcing a new game bar update, the October 2019 Game Bar Update. This new update has added a frame rate counter to the CPU and GPU monitoring tools that the user can hover over the corresponding window by pressing Windows and G (Win + G) keys. Bring up the page. Microsoft has said that the new game bar update will be implemented shortly; users can also download and install the subject update manually if they wish.

Game Load Windows 10 / Windows 10 Game Bar

Game Bar lets you populate several small windows on the screen while playing video games; these will appear as floating-in panels or sidebars, giving you a set of tools. One of the features offered by GameBar is the ability to monitor the performance of the device. In the meantime, there will be another new window called Achievements.

The new Achievements window largely replaces the Xbox Console Companion app,

so that all the gaming attributes on the Xbox console will now be visible in the window in question. According to an official announcement released by Microsoft on the Xbox blog, the user will also be able to track the progress of their new Achievements on the page.

Needless to say, in order to apply the aforementioned game bar update to add a frame rate counter,

you not only have to give some special access to this feature in Windows 8,

but you also have to restart your system. After restarting the computer, enter a game and press the Windows and G keys.

 By default,

the new game load capability analyzes the last 2 seconds of the game and announces the frame rate in fps. The dedicated window has a dark background frame rate which can sometimes be distracting, so Microsoft has added custom settings to the game load so that the user can determine the transparency of the window.

Gamers may have previously been able to monitor their game frame rate through specific tools such as AMD and NVIDIA- specific software;


this added feature makes the game feel more comfortable and not necessarily forced to switch to frame rate monitoring tools. Microsoft has also said it plans to add new features to the game bar in the coming months to make the video game experience on Windows more attractive.

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