The Most Frightening Tourist Destinations Around the World (Part I)

Travel has many aspects and for some tourists and travelers,

the excitement and fear part is one of the best parts. Many countries have been designing scary and fascinating routes to attract tourists to provide a different experience for travelers.


In this article, we plan to introduce the most dangerous and scariest tourist destinations around the world.

Hangzhou Corridor in China

 ترسناک‌ترین مسیرهای توریستی

In the south of Anhui Province in China, in a mountain range, a route has been made that is not good for people who are afraid of altitude or heart disease.

This path is located on the highest wall of the mountains, and if you look from top to bottom you will see the valleys.

Paul Trift in Switzerland

 ترسناک‌ترین مسیرهای توریستی

This suspension is actually the longest suspension bridge in the Alps, with a length of 550 feet. Passing through this bridge will be a very exciting adventure, but at the same time passing through it is very scary.

Paul Aiguille Du Midi in France

 ترسناک‌ترین مسیرهای توریستی

Paul Aiguille Du Midi is also in the Alps and proves that it is not important to transfer the fear of the length of the bridge, to the height of the structure and height, which is important.

The bridge, although of a very small length, is built at a height of 9200 ft., And a splendid view of the bridge can be seen.

El Caminito Del Ray route in Spain

 ترسناک‌ترین مسیرهای توریستی

This route was originally built for about a hundred years by the builders of a hydroelectric power plant and then was repaired.

Now this route is the destination of visitors and the tourists, and the Brave Maple is visiting this path.

The length of the route is two miles and is one of the most frightening tourist destinations in the world.

Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, Canada

 ترسناک‌ترین مسیرهای توریستی

The suspended bridge, located in Vancouver, is one of the most attractive and beautiful, yet most frightening tourist destinations.

The bridge is curved and when you walk on it, you can see everything around you and enjoy the beautiful nature of the surrounding area.

Tianmen Airway in China

 ترسناک‌ترین مسیرهای توریستی

This route has attracted many tourists so far, and those who walk on this path feel more than a mile from the Earth’s surface and are in the sky.

The path is a completely glassy walk, and if you lower your head, you will feel the fear in your own.

This pathway is completely safe, but you may feel nauseous by looking down, which is definitely normal.

Angel’s landing in the USA

 ترسناک‌ترین مسیرهای توریستی

The Angel’s landing or descent angles are in fact a route for a short climb and is considered a popular destination for tourists. This route has a very steep slope and is a very hard and scary route.

Although this route is very short, you will definitely feel that it is the longest course of your life. This route is also one of the most frightening tourist destinations around the world.

Hussaini Suspension Bridge in Pakistan

The Hussaini Bridge, built in northern Pakistan on Burat Lake,

is one of the most dangerous and frightening tourist routes and bridges in the world.

This route may be attractive for tourists, but do not dare to cross the bridge.

The bridge is completely shaky and its structure is made up of simple boards of boards

that will completely transmit fear.

Saddle Waterfall Route in New Zealand

 ترسناک‌ترین مسیرهای توریستی

Although this path and the pristine nature of the surrounding area are very beautiful, this route,

despite the slippery rocks, is one of the most frightening tourist routes. As you go along this path,

you need to be honest and take care of your steps.


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