The Most Frightening Tourist Destinations Around the World! (Part II)

In the previous article, we have presented a list of the most frightening tourist routes,

and in this section we will present the second part of it and will publish a more complete list of the most horrific tourist routes.

We hope that this matter will be taken into consideration by your loved ones.

Huayna Picchu Trail in Peru

ترسناک‌ترین مسیرهای توریستی

This place is one of the most famous and most frightening tourist destinations and a very unique, beautiful route. This route is in fact a pathway on the rocks and is very slender and slippery.

In fact, from one side you will see the door open at any moment. In cold and wet days, crossing this route is not possible and will be slippery, which is why some seasons of the year are closed.

Dachstein Skywalk in Austria

مسیرهای توریستی

This route, known as the heavenly route, is actually the best route for strolling in the sky and Alpine tourists will definitely visit this area.

The route is well-known and is the most beautiful spot for marching in the Alps. This route is made to the mountain and you will see the entire landscape.

The Ferrata route in Italy and Australia

ترسناک‌ترین مسیرهای توریستی

Ferrata in Italian means a ferrous route and this route belongs to the 15th century. There are strange beliefs along this path and there are so many stories.

But in general, this path is located at the highest point of the rocky mountains and the walking in this direction is very challenging.

Duck Knox Terror in Africa

مسیرهای توریستی در سراسر جهان

The crossing is known as one of the most dangerous and scariest tourist destinations in the world,

and its main reason is the lack of protection for climbers.

This route is very rugged and at the same time built without any protection in the form of a ladder.

As a result, it’s very slippery and dangerous,

especially in the cold seasons, and is known as one of the most frightening tourist destinations.

Sidewalk Titlis Cliff in Switzerland

The bridge has been inaugurated since 2013 and is one

of the scary sites for visitors and tourists around the world.

People who are afraid of heights should never visit this route,

but they must know that they will miss a spectacular view of the Alps.

Puente de Ojuela in Mexico

مسیرهای توریستی

If you are interested in abandoned places, this bridge will be the best route for you to walk and adventure in Mexico.

The bridge is, in fact, the last bridge left over from the Mexican mine town, dating back to the 20th century when it was discovered recently by the mine, which is now completely abandoned but still a good and exciting area for walking.

Mist Trail in the USA

ترسناک‌ترین مسیرهای توریستی در سراسر جهان

The Yosemite National Park in the United States has a hiking path that is always wet and damp, and is therefore extremely slippery and dangerous.

But it should be noted that this walking path is very beautiful and you should note that in the dry season, go to this area.

Pinatubo Mountain Path in the Philippines

مسیرهای توریستی

It’s safe to say that this route is one of the world’s deadliest and most frightening tourist destinations, and it has all the factors of slippery, steep slopes, valleys and altitudes, so it’s never been advisable for anyone to walk in this rainy day.

Aonach Eagach Ridge track in Scotland

مسیرهای توریستی در سراسر جهان

Even if you are a very brave person,

seeing this path and this mountain will end the belly because it is a rocky path and a very narrow path.

The Kalalau route in the USA

ترسناک‌ترین مسیرهای توریستی

This route, which is located in Hawaii on the wall of rocky mountains, has a spectacular view.

This route is a unique hiking trail that will starve your eyes,

but note that this pathway is a hardwood pavement with a lot of dangers.

Tower Bridge in the UK

ترسناک‌ترین مسیرهای توریستی

The Tower Bridge is located in London, England, and is a glass bridge at high altitudes that are locally safe

and, at the same time, very scary.

When you look down you will definitely be confused,

but this route is one of the most frightening and attractive routes for tourists.

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