The indescribable scenery and nature of Georgia

Georgia is one of the best foreign destinations for hiking and a great experience for maximum excitement. The memories of nature travel in Georgia will never be forgotten.

The nature of Georgia is very beautiful and has many opportunities for hiking.

If you are a nature lover, be sure to take the time to hike in Georgia. With the help of Kajaru you can search and buy the best Georgia tour.

It doesn’t matter if you are hiking or hiking professionally or just starting out. There are many opportunities for hiking in nature in Georgia.

Most of these beautiful and scenic areas are located in remote areas of the city where to enjoy the night in nature.

But if you do not like nightlife in nature, there are other ways you can easily finish them in one day and do not need nightlife.

Abudelauri’s colorful lakes

دریاچه Abudelauri

Abudelauri lakes are located in a region called Khevsureti. The area is renowned for its three lakes, each of different color and close together.

The lakes are green, blue and white, and many tourists visit them at different times of the year.

The trail starts from a village called Roshka and continues to White Lake. You have to go about 2 km to get back.

You can stay in village guesthouses and return to Tbilisi the next day.

Gergeti Trinity Church and Gergeti Glacier

یخچال طبیعی Gergeti

Stepantsminda Village is a popular tourist destination for many tourists traveling to Tbilisi.

The breathtaking views of Mount Kazbegi and the Gergeti Trinity Church attract many nature lovers and athletes.

The road to the church is about six kilometers from the village, but if you think it’s not enough for you, you can continue on your way to the fridge.

The entire route is 2 km from the village to the fridge, and it takes about 2 to 4 hours to complete the round trip.

Borjom-Kharagauli National Park

The Borjom-Kharagauli National Park has many hiking trails that pass through beautiful scenery and scenery.

One of the park’s most important routes is the popular Footprint Trail. This route is 2 km long.

Along the way, you will see old trees of 6 to 1,000 years old and beautiful flowers and plants that are specific to the area.

The route also has a spiral section that crosses the slope of the mountain and has beautiful scenery.

After you reach the end of the route, you are another kilometer to the nearest village. You can stay overnight in the village and return to your destination tomorrow.

Ispani route in Kobuleti Protected Area

مسیر Ispani گرجستان

If you like staying on the Black Sea coast, Kobuleti Protected Area is the best destination for a day trip.

In the protected area you can take the Ispani route, which crosses the sea. This route is very convenient and short but worth a try.

This route takes you from the entrance of the area to a tower. If this is not enough for you, you can continue along the White Moss route, where you can enjoy the vegetation and wildlife of the area.

Artsivi Valley in Vashlovani

دره Artsivi گرجستان

This hike starts from the top of the Artsivi Valley. You will pass by the limestone cliffs along this path and you will see a variety of endangered species of plants that grow on the rocks without any soil there.

This route takes you to the point where you can see beautiful scenery and view Griffin vultures in flight.

You can also visit the remains of a medieval castle. A narrow forest path leads to the castle and in summer looks like a natural tunnel. At the end of the path lies a fifth-century castle.

This area is accessible by car but you have to get near the castle and continue on the path.

From there, beautiful views of the mountains and surrounding valleys can be seen.

Truso Valley

دره Truso گرجستان

Truso Valley is located in the Kazbegi area and is another great destination for day hikes in nature. This valley is located in an almost deserted area and is of a unique nature.

Spas, ancient towers and abandoned settlements are among the sights of the area.

Remember, however, that you can’t go all the way and when you reach the Georgian border you have to go back.

Ninoskhevi Falls in Lagodekhi Protected Area

آبشار Ninoskhevi گرجستان

The Lagodekhi Protected Area has several hiking routes, the most popular of which is Black Rock Lake; however, it takes several days.

But the Ninoskhevi Falls route is only eight and a half kilometers and takes about six hours.

This route passes by the same name and is a narrow path. The sound of the river, the large rocks, the small waterfalls and the cool breeze of the valley make the journey along this route enjoyable.

Ninoskhevi Waterfall is 2 meters long and is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Georgia.

Khada Gorge

تنگه Khada گرجستان

The Khada Strait is a small valley in the Gudauri mountainous region. Due to its small size and concealment, there are few tourists and you can enjoy the stunning scenery in complete peace.

The area already had guard towers, of which there are still several towers. There is a beautiful waterfall and several springs in the area.

The hike starts from the village of Bedoni and is only eight kilometers away. Along the way you can experience a picnic in the heart of nature and get away from the bustling cities.

Lake Tbikeli

Lake Tbikeli is another hidden jewel of Kintrishi Park, which takes several days to walk. But you can drive to the village of Khino by car and stay the night.

You can easily reach the lake and return to your destination in a day. The route starts from the village and is 2 km away, passing through lush and beautiful natural landscapes.

Lake Oreti

Lake Oreti is located in an area called Tusheti and is the best opportunity for a day’s hiking.

The 4-kilometer route starts from the village of Kumelaurta and continues to the lake.

The best time to hike this early summer is when the water level rises and the surrounding nature is at its most beautiful.


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