The easiest way to convert pdf to powerpoint and vice versa

Many of you plan to convertPowerPoint file  to a pdf format, or sometimes you need to convert a pdf file to PowerPoint to make the necessary corrections and edits.

Accordingly, in this post, we want to introduce you to various methods of converting PowerPoint file to Pdf. Some of these methods are done using software and some without the need for software.

Convert PowerPoint file to PDF:

The first method (using PowerPoint itself):

This method, which is done without the need for any software, is the easiest way to convert a PowerPoint file to Pdf:

1. Open the PowerPoint file.
2. From the top left tabs, select File .

3. Now select the Save as option.
4- In this section, select the name of the file and the path you want to save there, then using the list at the bottom of the window, save the format to PDF and then use your PowerPoint Save option (Power Point). Convert to a PDF file.

The second method (using Google Slides):

This method is also without the use of software, but it is done online. Follow the steps as follows:
1-   Copy the address in your browser and enter it.
2. Click on the Blank option .


3- Click on the File option .
4. Then select the Open option .


5- Then go to the Upload section and use the Select a file your computer option to upload your desired PowerPoint file on the site.

6- After uploading PowerPoint completely, go to the File section and select the PDF Document option using the Download as option .


7. Now wait for the file download to finish. In the same way, your PowerPoint file will be converted to PDF.

Convert PDF to PowerPoint:

Method one: Use Wondershare software

1- Download this software. (Cracking method is completely included in the installation package itself)

2- In the 3 steps that you see in the image below, first select the PDF file you want, in step 2, specify what you want your PDF file to become? (PowerPoint, Word or web page or text) and in step 3, click the convert button just as easily!


Second method: refer to relevant sites (for example, NET FIXED site)

This method converts files from PDF to PowerPoint and vice versa online and in the shortest time without the need for software. The way it works is that first you give the file you want to change the format to the site and enter your email, and after a few seconds to a few minutes your file is converting and sent to your email. This site, like the previous method, has the ability to convert encrypted files.

1- Click to enter the site. When you enter the site, click on the Choose file option as shown below:

first stage

2. Select your PDF file and wait for the file to load. Then click on the download flash like the image below ! As easily

second stage




We hope we have taken a small step towards your success in doing this. Please let us know your work process by submitting your comments.

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