The easiest way to convert an Excel file to Word (video tutorial)

In some cases, you may want to convert an Excel file to a Word document, but there is no converter that can help you solve this directly. 

Here are some handy tricks to convert an Excel worksheet to a Word document.

Convert Excel to Word by copying and pasting

The most direct and easiest way is to copy the contents of the worksheet in Excel and then paste them into the Word document.

1. Open your Excel worksheet and select the range of contents needed to convert to a Word document. If you need the entire worksheet, press Ctrl + A to quickly select them, then press Ctrl + C to copy them.

2. Open a blank Word document and place the cursor in the document and right-click to open the table of contents, then select the type of paste you need in the Paste Options section.

C: \ Users \ Mr \ Desktop \ doc-excel-to-word-1.png


Convert Excel to Word by joining as an object

If you want to quickly convert a complete Excel worksheet to a Word document without opening Excel, you can append the Excel worksheet as an object in Word.

  • By joining as an object, you can join one Excel worksheet completely at a time.
  • Attaches the last active worksheet when the Excel workbook is closed as an object.

1. Open the Word document and click Insert> Object .

C: \ Users \ Mr \ Desktop \ doc-excel-to-word-2.png

2. Then in the Object dialog box , under the Create from File option , click Browse to select the workbook needed to join the worksheet from the Browse dialog box .

C: \ Users \ Mr \ Desktop \ doc-excel-to-word-3.png

Note: Please close the workbook before attaching it as an object in Microsoft Word.

3. Click Insert> OK to end the operation . The last active worksheet selected in the workbook is now appended as an object in the Word document.

Tip: You can right-click on the object, edit and format it, and select the option you need from the table of contents.

C: \ Users \ Mr \ Desktop \ doc-excel-to-word-4.png

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