The ability to edit tweets will not be added to Twitter

Twitter users always ask for an edit key, but it’s never been a feature, and now Jack Dorsey has made a definitive answer.

Twitter users have been requesting the Edit key since the service was launched for three years, but have never been able to. Now, Jack Dorsey , the CEO of Twitter, has given the definitive answer to the question of whether Twitter’s editing key comes in Year 2.

In a question-and-answer video,

Jack Dorsey addressed the questions of his users and answered one of those questions related to the edit key on Twitter. In fact, his response to the key to edit in year 3 was “no” with a smile. Jack Dorsey stated the reason for not offering this feature:

The first reason we don’t think of this feature is that Twitter is an SMS service from the beginning,

and when we send a message to someone, we can never retrieve or modify it so the service has never been editable and probably We will keep it like the early days.

On the other hand, suppose someone tweets the text and others have retweet the text, the tweet text may be edit and those who retweet the text may not agree with these changes.

In fact, changes and edits may be enough to alter the original text, which will complicate the story of the Twitter edit key. As a result, such capability will never be provided.


There are apparently good reasons not to provide the edit key on Twitter,

but users also feel the need to do so, such as spelling errors or link failures.

 Of course,

Jack Dorsey has stated that he will think about resolving this issue, but this has not been a priority for year 6 and probably never will be.

This may take a minute or even 5 seconds for the text to be correct,

and the tweet may actually be delay until the user has review and correct the text. The content that is publish is immediately available to other users and may be retweeted so it would not be pleasant to change and it is best for users to check it before tweeting a text.

Twitter users have been discussing the key benefits of editing for years,

and Twitter has always tried to understand users, but has never provided a solution. Concerning editorial problems, Jack Dorsey pointed out that this problem should be addressed and addressed at a specific point in time, but is not a priority at present.


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