Rules for Infecting People with SubSeven

I am assuming that by this time you know how to configure the SubSeven Server properly and use the Subseven Client. If  you still have any doubts please visit this page first . So now we proceed to hack our first victim . *wink*

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Rule 1. Always hide your real identity and if possible, use a different ICQ UIN to attack your victim. Create a new ICQ UIN and open as many copies of ICQ as you want using MICQ. If your victim is a Boy , then create a UIN of a kewl sexy girl to draw more attention 😉 or if your victim is a girl , pose as a macho super kewl whiz kid , which I know you will all love to do 😉

Rule 2 If you add your victim to your contact list without his/her authorisation using the ICQ Auto-Authorisation/IP Unhider Patches, please be prepared to face the default question from your victim “How did you add me without my permission ?”, “Are you a Hacker ?” etc.

Now what you can say is that – Your brother is doing Computer Science graduation and it’s his tricks not yours 🙂 or some friend of yours gave a small program for adding peeple to contact list. or give any other excuse you can cook up :)) But avoid the word “Hacking”, “Cracking” ,”trojans” etc. Pose as a perfect dumb head. *LOL

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Rule 3 Avoid sending the “server” on your first meeting with a potential victim . It certainly rings the alarm bells in your victim’s mind. So avoid doing this in first meeting, you can send it later on some other day. Another thing i would like to mention is that try sending some “clean” files initially to him, so that he can trust you a little bit, and later on send the real “Server”.

Rule 4 If your victim refuses to accept any file from you, don’t pressurize him or pester him . He’ll get pissed off if you keep on bugging him to accept the file and he may even get suspicious. Instead get his email address and some days later, send him an E-Mail with the server attached to it . Try to send the mail from a different Email account, not your real one. Create a free POP3 account at Softhome, HotPoP,Flashmail etc.

Rule 5 If you think your “Future(-would be-)Victim” is quite reluctant or suspicious to accept big files from you , you can take help of the “The ThiNG“. Since it’s server size is really small (just 40Kb) your victim won’t be that suspicious to accept he file from you. You will find “The ThiNG” to be quite handy in such situations.

Rule 6 If you are using ICQ for sending the “Server” file you can use a kewl trick : If you want that the victim to think that you are sending a jpeg file just rename the exe file like this “Picture. jpg .exe” so ICQ will only show Picture. jpg

Rule 7 Another kewl trick i will like to mention is that , if you have ever used WinZip Self Extractor then you may have seen a option “Run command after unzipping” in it while making a SFX archive. You can place your “Server” inside a Winzip SFX Archive and configure the self extrsctor to run the “server file.exe” after the SFX unzips itself automatically.

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Rule 8 If you want to bind your server with another program, but can’t think of anything to attach with. I would like to recommend a site called “Message-Mates“. This site is full of multimedia greeting cards which are small in size about 200kb approx in size and really kewl to watch.

Another site i would like to mention in this context is RocketTalk. This is a very kewl software which allows you to send voice mails to your friends in form of small EXE files. Now what you can do is that tell your victim about this site and send him a sample voice mail.

But an importnat thing i would like to mention here is that Rocket Talk sends the voice mail to the email you have specified directly i.e it doens’t save the exe file on your hard disk. So what you do is that you create a small voice mail and address it to yourself. So when you receive the Voice mail, you attach the “server” to it and then again send it to your friend.

Don’t forget to copy the message body from the original Rocket Talk mail . *LOL It will make it look more authentic.

Rule 9 As soon as you get control of your victim’s computer; avoid playing the fun stuff straight away. I know your hands must be itching to use the Fun stuffs provided in SubSeven Client, but please try to refrain yourself from doing it for the moment otherwise the victim will suspicious about you instantly. Go on browsing through his computer for a couple of days, grab all his secrets, then start the fun ;-)) He will think you are God.

Rule 10 Please DO NOT damage the victim’s data unnecessarily, unless he’s doing something seriously wrong like storing pornographic pictures or movies on his computer. I personally HATE porn stuffs. No offence meant to all those who may like such things.

Rule 11 Once you have control over his computer, remove c:\windows\netstat.exe. I am personally against deleting data, But this is important because using Netstat he can easily see the ports and connections open in his computer , and can thus trace your ip address. So why take any risk, when you can avoid detection by deleting it.

Rule 12 Use your common sense while attacking. Be calm and don’t get nervous. Don’t get into a fight and don’t start abusing your victim if he detects you. Be polite and make him your friend. Peace & Love is all that finally matters 😉

Rule 13 All queries regarding “SubSeven/FTP Server/The Thing” Removal will not be entertained. If you think you got infected by SubSeven by accident , connect to your own machine using the Subseven Client and remove the server using it. Same concept applies to “The Thing ” also. For FTP Server removal, do not approach me , I won’t entertain any queries regarding it’s removal.

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Download Sub7 from here:

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