Rainy days in Istanbul – the best time to travel!

Imagine a rainy day in Istanbul, from the beautiful cafes in Istanbul’s neighborhoods to the buildings where you can sit under a rainy view.

Istanbul is not as crowded as London or Berlin, but when it rains there is plenty of shelter – from museums to cozy cafes, from art galleries to bookstores. In this article we want to present you the best places to spend a rainy days in Istanbul.

Live at the Juma Coffee Cafe

Juma Istanbul Cafe

One of Istanbul’s most cozy cafés is in Çukurcuma neighborhood, known for its shops for antiques and the Museum of Innocence. The Cafe Cuma is on the second floor; climb the stairs and sit on the bench by the window and enjoy the taste of fresh cake, tart, cookies and a cup of hot coffee or tea.

Visit the art exhibitions of Misir Apartments

Situated right on the busy street of Independence, Masir Apartments is a great example of European architecture that once encompassed the whole of Istanbul. Built in the new art style, this apartment was built in Year 4 and today hosts art galleries of all classes; you can walk for hours and enjoy contemporary art.

Take refuge in the Church of Chora

Chora Church

If you are interested in history, the rain that hit it you can go to Chora Church and take refuge under its historical structure. The church was built in the early fourteenth century and its interior is one of the most beautifully preserved historic ornaments.

Chora Church is one of the main sights of the city you should see on the Istanbul Tour . The mosaics used in the interior design of this Byzantine church depict scenes of the life of Christ.

Tired of traveling in the Kilic Ali Pasha Bathroom

Ali Pasha Kilic Bath

There is rarely anyone who likes to get wet in the rain, but soaking in the steam of a hot bath is not something anyone will easily miss. The Kilic Ali Pasha Bath is the most luxurious and prominent in the city and here you can also get massage services after bathing.

Immerse yourself in the world of Pandora or Homer books

Readers love the rainy weather because it gives them a good excuse to spend time in bookstores. If you’re interested in history and politics, spend a few hours in the Homer Library ; you’ll find an incredible collection of English and other languages ​​here. If you are also a fan of fiction, Pandora is the best place for you to find and buy the best English fiction books from various authors.

Do your daily routine at Salt Galata

Salt Galata Istanbul

If you are a freelancer and would like to do some of your work in the rain, there is no better place than Salt Galata in the former Ottoman Bank building. The Salt Galata Research Library combines historic marble décor and modern interior design. Here is one of the best places to work in the city. There is also a bookstore, café, restaurant and art gallery in the building and it is definitely worth a visit.

Eat lunch at the Honkar Restaurant

Nothing is better than eating hot and tasty homemade food on a cold rainy day. Hünkar is one of the oldest and best market restaurants in Istanbul that cooks classic Turkish dishes according to the original Raspberry and the best ingredients. Order food at this restaurant, which has a café-like atmosphere and enjoy its pure taste.

Take a tour of the Istanbul Archaeological Museum

Istanbul Museum of Archeology

The Archeological Complex, the Ancient East and the Museum of Islamic Art form the Archaeological Museum of Istanbul. In this series you will definitely have a few hours of fun. Just remember that the museum closes at 7pm.

Rest in the cafeteria

Another cozy cafe in Istanbul is the Maverick Cafe, which has become a symbol of the Galata neighborhood. You will feel at home in the Mavra café like the locals and you will definitely enjoy its delicious food and its fresh chocolate cakes.

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