Prestashop installation tutorial in the admin directory

This article will teach you how to install Prestashop in the admin directory . Prestashop is an extremely powerful storefront with great features that is completely free. 

Many shopping sites, especially Iranian sites, use this system extensively.

The steps for installing Prestashop in cpanel are similar to the admin directory, and mastering one is enough to install in another panel.

Steps to install Prestashop in the admin directory

Step one: Download the latest version of Prestashop from the prestashop official site and upload it to your root host.

Step Two: Then compress Prostashop with Extract button.

extract - Install Prestashop in the admin directory

Step Three: If you want to have your store installed on your root and your site is open after the user has typed in your domain’s primary address, you must move the Prostash files from the folder to the root host and if you want to take action on the directory Admin Install Prestashop in a directory You can move files to the directory you want or rename the current directory with the Rename button.

Step 4: Now you need to create a new database and user interface to connect to the site with mysql database and enter database information after installing Prestashop and if you are not familiar with how to build it you can use mysql database training .

database - Install Prestashop in the admin directory

Step 5:

 Now start the basic step of installing Prestashop in the admin directory, now enter the site address in your browser. You should treat the Prestashop installation page like the one below, otherwise the problem is in the path to calling your store address.

install page- Install Prestashop in the admin directory

Step 6 Now you have to choose your shop language which we choose Persian.


Step Seven: Click on the Next button after accepting the terms of the agreement.


Step eight: 

At this point, you need to enter additional information about your store, including country, name, field of activity.


Step 9: This is the main step of installing Prestashop in the admin directory,

you need to enter the information you saved in the database build step into this section Information including database name,

username, password and prefix, of course you can change the prefix It can be effective for security.


After about 5 minutes of installing Prestashop in the admin directory, you will be finished and you will be presented with an installation screen. You will be prompted to clear the install folder from your host before you can log in to your site’s admin. Sign in This will show you security because of login.


You can now log into the store counter by tapping the login button on the store management panel.

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