Play Google Chrome Racer on multiple screens

Did you see the preview of Racer  multi-device play during the company’s recent conference? If you fail to see it, we’ll have to say that during this event, Google launched Chrome on a few devices and was able to portray a game on the screen of all devices on the table.

By drawing a racing track that runs through the screen of all your devices, you can provide backgrounds for the race to compete with colored cars along the route; the screen to the screen and the device to the device.

Fortunately, Google did not keep the game known as Racer just in its monopoly. You can now play Racer with friends and family using Chrome on your Android device or app right now.

You should be sure to install Chrome on your Android device and apps before you start playing. Then other people wanting to play with them should visit or

Chrome Racer Setup 270x445

At this point, one of the users must start a race to join the rest of the people. The person who creates the contest will have a short code that other people have to enter that code to participate in that match.

The best part of the story is when you know that you do not need a wireless network for group play. Racer will operate under different independent networks with different devices.

Chrome Racer Line Up 270x445

After connecting each player and choosing a color for himself, the contest creator can determine the difficulty level of the game.

Then he must draw the race path along the screen of all devices. The job is over and you can start the race. Touch the screen to move; you can also move slowly or stop.

Google in Google I / O this year tried to encourage software developers

to develop games and apps under the Chrome browser.

Since the browser is available on a variety of platforms, including iOS, Android,

Windows, and so on, it’s just a plan or game designed as an extension or a Chrome-compatible website.

Then the user will be able to run through the Chrome browser under any platform.

Thankfully, Google isn’t keeping the game, called Racer, to itself. You can use Chrome on your Android or iOS device to play the game with friends and family members right now.

Before you begin playing the game, make sure everyone who’s going to be playing has Chrome installed on his iOS or Android devices. Then everyone will need to visit or

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Once there, you’ll need one user to start a race and the other users to join a race. The user who started the race will have a short code for everyone else to enter and connect to the same race.

The best part is,

you don’t even have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network or a Wi-Fi network at all; Racer works across multiple devices over a cellular connection.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Once everyone is connected and has picked a color, the race creator can select a difficulty level, and then you’ll need to line up the devices using the onscreen instructions. After that, the race is on. Touch the screen to go, release to slow down or stop.

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