Top 10 Websites to Learn Online and Interactive Scripting and Programming languages

The days passed were only those individuals who, like Bill Gates, were fluent in programming languages, who later shook the world with their abilities.

At the moment,

everybody has the potential and opportunity to develop programming languages ​​and even become an expert expert in this field. Today we want to introduce 10 interactive websites to help you learn.

Forget about the complicated installation steps with the black-and-white Command Prompt page that often call you to quit before you start,

now top 10 web sites that are fully interactive programming languages ​​like HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby And even iOS will teach you.

These websites provide you with tips and exercises designed by the most professional programmers.

Start your new way to learn programming today.

1- Codecademy


Codecademy is definitely the most famous interactive programming learning website thanks to its useful user interface and structured lessons. Once you see your home page, you can experience the taste of programming. Choose from the cues that the Codecademy offers, such as Web Principles, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Ruby and APIs. Within each lesson, there is a panel and jet that describes the essential structures and codes. In the other panel you can go to the code and check if you entered the correct code. Do not worry about the mistakes, because both panels remind you of errors and tips, and it’s like having a full-time teacher next to you.

2- Code Avengers


Code Avengers is designed to make you love programming. Although it currently only provides HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript lessons, each one is carefully designed to entertain you so you can overcome the fatigue of your content. At the end of each lesson, there is a simple game to help you reduce your stress by learning more.

Code Avengers has chosen a gradual approach to learning. In this approach, much explanation that is not presented to unnecessary beginners is just a bit of code and an entertaining structure that makes the comprehension of the content very easy. You also see the effect of code changes immediately on coding.

3- Code School


After completing the Codecademy or Code Avengers lessons, and preparing to develop your abilities, Code School is the next website for your learning. Unlike many interactive tutorial websites, Code School offers you deep learning lessons to make you professional with the best exercises.

In general, lessons are divided into seven general handouts:


4- Treehouse


The lessons presented at Treehouse are more project-centric than language-centric, so this website is suitable for novice programmers whose goal is to design a project, such as building a site or an app. For example, website design courses focus on issues such as how to design a responsive website, an interactive website, or even design a template for WordPress. They provide a series of basic courses with a video view approach and then perform the contest.

At Treehouse, each lesson is divided into several stages, after the first step, the learner will be required to pay a monthly amount to complete all courses and videos.

5- LearnStreet


If you’re one of those people who do not communicate much with fancy design and fun to learn programming, and prefer to cope with cool and hardcodes, we’ll offer you LearnStreet. This site now offers JavaScript, Python and Ruby in the first stage. By clicking on ‘Start Course’, the session begins with a workout.

LearnStreet uses the Command Prompt style with a colloquial language to describe functions.



Udacity uses video presentations and improved tests to gain an interactive feeling for its students, so this website is suitable for those who are interested in reading and prefer to have a story by A professional person, like a Google employee for them.

7- CodeHS


So far, all the websites you studied specifically focused on web development and computer science, but CodeHS simply and entertaining courses on game programming, including problem solving, JavaScript, animation, Data Structres, design Play and Puzzel Challenges.

Using CodeHS firstly teaches you how to think like a programmer and solve problems. Of course, it should be noted that you must first subscribe to the site and pay a monthly fee to use the capabilities of this website.

8- Khan Academy


Although Khan Academy lessons are not as structured as CodeHS lessons, they provide a ground floor for beginners and amateurs to learn drawing, animation, and user interface through code-writing. This website does not use any specific programming language, but it uses a script that can be used everywhere.

You can use the Programming Basics lesson to view and learn basic concepts, then look up the answers to your questions by viewing the codes you give and educational videos.

9- Scratch 2.0


Do you think the training offered by CodeHS and the Khan Academy for the under-aged people remains difficult and difficult? No worries, there’s something that is much simpler designed for new generation programming enthusiasts and Scratch names. Scratch allowed kids to create, upload, and share their software offline,

but Scratch 2.0 is now fully online with the same success as before.

This site does not address exactly programming,

but it teaches your children how the combination of visual blocks of commands tells objects what to do,

such as how to tell a cat to go 10 steps,

or when the foot Touch the cat to shake ourselves.



Structured Query Language (SQL) is just a language designed to store and retrieve information from a database. Simply imagine how much programming experience for a database can be tedious. However, SQLZOO will ask you to happily learn SQL using the interactive interface and emoticons that it offers.

Given that there is really nothing to explain the depth in plain SQL language,

this site only requires you to include variables such as city names and population numbers in the correct location….

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