Nominees of the World’s Best News Photo of the Year

Sometimes a picture is more than a thousand words long,

and sometimes a news photo keeps an event in mind forever.
 Selected works from the World Press Photo Contest of the Year 6 are also photos.

World Press Photo is a non-profit organization founded in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The institute, which is currently hosting the world’s most prestigious annual photo competition, awards prizes in a variety of fields.

The competition featured eight categories of public news, special reporting, environment, nature, contemporary affairs, portraits, sports and long-term projects.

Frogs with separated legs

مسابقه عکس خبری جهان

Frogs whose legs are cut off and dipped in jelly wrap around their eggs struggle to get to the surface.

A small population of the inhabitants of the Carpathian Mountains in Romania’s Koasna district earn their living only by selling frog pies.

The legs are usually separated in spring, when it is time for the frogs to hatch, and sometimes this is done while the animal is alive.

The annual revenue from the sale of this product is about $ 5 million.

Boxing In Katanga

مسابقه عکس خبری جهان

Morin Ajambo, a 7-year-old mother of seven, is training at the Rhino Boxing Club in Katanga, a slum area of Kampala, Uganda’s capital.

Katanga has a population of about 5,000 people, most of whom live in absolute poverty. Ajambo is a member of the Uganda Women’s National Boxing Team.

Climbing the border fence

مسابقه عکس خبری جهان

Central American immigrants climb the fence on the Elchaparal border between Mexico and the United States. A convoy of asylum-seekers who had moved from Honduras in October reached the border in mid-November.

The 6,000-strong crowd at the border raises tensions, and people who have not been waiting for months in the asylum seekers leave the convoy and climb the fences to cross the border.


مسابقه عکس خبری جهان

Petronella Chigumbura, a member of the Akashinga group, in the local language, meaning Delaware, attends camouflage training exercises at Pondondo Zimbabwe Wildlife Park.

The group, which is made up of musketeers, was initially set up to prevent unnecessary hunting of African elephants;
But today there are other goals, such as protecting the region’s natural resources and wildlife,

It also pursues the empowerment and employment of disadvantaged African women and helping orphans and children.

Crying girl at the border

مسابقه عکس خبری جهان

John Moore, Getty Images photographer,

won the Photo Contest of the Year at the Photo Contest for Crying Girl at the Border

The photo, which was selected from around 2,000 works,

won first prize in addition to receiving the “Best News Photo of the Year” award in the “Single Photo” section.

June 8: US Border Guards in McAllen, Texas arrest Janella Sanchez,

a two-year-old girl from Honduras, with her mother, Sandra Sanchez.

Here’s the description for this photo:

Immigrant families crossed the Rio Negro River

(which forms part of the border between the United States and Mexico) by boat, detained by US border guards.

Sandra Sanchez said she and her daughter had come to the United States to seek asylum after a month’s journey across Central America and Mexico.

Trump at the Borders had announced a policy of “zero tolerance” and as a result, immigrants who crossed the border illegally could be prosecuted.

Enforcing this policy would have separated mothers

and fathers from their children and even transferred them to separate detention centers.

Following the worldwide release of the photo,

the US Customs and Border Protection Bureau announced that Yanla was not among the thousands of children that US troops have separated from their parents.

However, public protests over the controversial performance of the US Border Guards prompted Trump to suspend implementation of parts of the “zero tolerance” policy on June 20,

including the separation of parents from their children.

Less than a week after the photo was taken, John Moore criticized US government immigration policies in an interview:

We all have heard of children being separated from their parents, but many of us have little idea of ​​what we have heard.

It was very difficult for me to take this photo because I knew what was going to happen afterwards. As a father who also has a young child,

Seeing what was going on in front of my camera lens and thinking about how my kids would be separated from me one day was so annoying.

After it became clear that the mother and the baby were not separated,

many photographers criticized Moore’s (in her opinion) unprofessional performance.

In a survey of the Patapixel website about Moore’s photo,

half of the participants described Moore’s performance as professional and the other half believed that he had gone too far and was unprofessional as a news photographer.

مسابقه عکس خبری جهان

Later, in an interview with CBS, Moore reacted to the criticism raised:

Often, we look at immigration solely from the statistics and figures, and only when we portray the suffering of the immigrant human being and the subject of the human aspect itself do people realize.

When they understand it, they feel compassion and sympathy, and that I have been able to visualize a bit of this suffering.

Moore’s historical photo later became even part of the cover design of Time magazine. Protesting Trump’s anti-immigration policies, the magazine dedicated a cover image to his welcome to Janella Sanchez.

مسابقه عکس خبری جهان


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