The Most Attractive Turkish Festivals that worth a Tour and trip to this country / 10 Tips to Plan the Best Personal Car Trip

Turkey, like other countries in the world, hosts several festivals, some of which are very attractive and worth the trip.

Several festivals are held in various cities of Turkey, including the Festival of Victory Day,

the Celebration of Ramadan or Eid al-Fitr, the Day of Sports and Youth, and …. We will continue to introduce some of them.

When traveling to Turkey with a tour of Turkey,

it is best to know about its cultural and historical festivals so that you can duplicate your travel pleasure

and become more familiar with the culture of the local people and their customs.

Opera Festival and Aspendos Ballet

جشنواره های ترکیه

One of the most amazing annual festivals in Turkey is Antalya’s 2000-year-old Rome Aspendos Theater.

The Aspendos Theater is one of the world’s oldest spectacles, and the holding of such a festival is a blow to the events of the past and present.

The festival includes some of the most famous operas and finals from several prominent countries that will be held in June and will continue until July.

Cappadocia Festival

جشنواره های ترکیه

Another fantastic festival in Turkey with a very unique position is the Cappadox Festival, which runs from 2015 onwards every year in the Cappadocia region from June 14 to 19.

The festival includes music, contemporary art, cooking and outdoor events, and presents the works of well-known local and international artists.

Molavi festival

جشنواره های ترکیه

The celebration of Rumi Celebration will be held from December 19 to December 27 in Konya, Turkey. This spiritual and spiritual festival is one of the world’s religious and cultural festivals.

In this ceremony, the dervishes (dance dancers) move ahead of their circular aspirations before their dance begins, and their black abandoned.

The festival can understand why Sufi Muslims believe “our only goal in life is love.”

The dervishes of Sama’i have been celebrating the death of Rumi (December 17, 1273) as the wedding night (the night of joining God) for about 750 years.

All people with any religion can attend the ceremony, women must also go to the scarves when they enter, and sit apart from men.

Ramadan Celebration

جشنواره های ترکیه

The celebration of Ramadan (celebration of sugar), or Eid al-Fitr, is one of the official Turkish holidays that takes 3 days. In fact, after a month of fasting, these three days are celebrated, which is one of the most important customs of Islam.

During these days, people go to the tribes and pay tribute to the elders. Spreading sweets, coffee and desserts during the celebration is a celebration of the festival, and children can watch shadow shows for free.

The most important feature of the event is the visibility and visit of neighbors, families and friends of each other. The younger people go to their parents’ handshakes, and it’s customary for children who kiss their hands with a little gift or money.

Istanbul Shopping Festival

جشنواره های ترکیه

The Istanbul Shopping Festival will be held from June 18 to July 3 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The ceremony is considered one of the most important festivals in Turkey, and it turns the traditional city into a paradise for shopping.

Visitors can also enjoy cultural activities, shows, concerts, parades, and more.

Extreme discounts and low prices give you enough reason to buy whatever they like.

The shops are open to the night or even 24 hours a day, and it seems that during the festival, the city of Istanbul does not even smoke for a moment.

10 Tips to Plan the Best Personal Car Trip

بهترین نقاط ایران برای کوله‌گردی کدامند؟

Iran is full of beautiful nature, diverse cultures and rich history, and trips with backpacks or knuckles can be one of the best ways to visit places of interest and acquaintance with our dear people.

Iran has many places of interest, and because of it, it can become one of the most enjoyable experiences.

In fact, a backpacker or a backpacker refers to people who have put all their travel gear in a simple backpack, put it on the shoulder and travel.

In this article, we are going to introduce points in Iran that not only canlands can meet each other, but also fully understand the cultural and geographical diversity of Iran and its people.

Qeshm and the island of Hormuz

کوله گردی در ایران

A very small island of Hormoz with spectacular scenery and red, yellow and orange colors and a beautiful landscape that has created the clear waters of the Persian Gulf.

Given that deer and other wild animals live on this island, this geographical area is not only a good place for lovers of nature, but also canvasses can take advantage of the beautiful and pristine nature of the island of Hormuz and its rocky forms.

Then you can ride a small wooden boat and go to Qeshm’s Dolphin Island, which is called the Seven Wonderland.

You can also find the best Qeshm tour offers in Kajaro. The variety of vendors and tour packages offered will ensure that you can plan your trips cheaper.


کوله گردی در ایران

Journey to Khuzestan is usually less a tourist destination, but the unique beauty of this city can be appealing to any tourist and skydiving.

It is advisable to travel to this area in winter or spring to avoid the high temperature of this area. Take trips to Ahvaz, Abadan, Khorramshahr, Shosh and Shushtar, and visit the three ancient sites that came to UNESCO.

Then you can go to more relaxed areas such as Pam’nar Village in Dezful or Shadegan Lagoon and enjoy all this geographical diversity and people in Iran.

You can see the sights of Khuzestan in Kajar and plan to travel to other parts of the province.


کوله گردی در ایران

Tehran is one of the most suitable cities for hulls, so do not punch it. Although the capital is usually drowned in smoke and traffic,

its attractions are such that it can be selected for multiple days.

Tehran is at the intersection of history and modernity

and is therefore one of the best places to understand the social structure of the Iranian people.

In addition to stylish and luxurious cafes and restaurants,

you can visit historic museums and the growing cultural scene of Iran and meet other tourists and travel enthusiasts.

You must also know that you must start your journey from this busy city to travel

to other major Iranian cities as well as to explore the natural attractions around Tehran.

For a planned trip and visit one of Tehran’s most sights,

you can browse through the list of dozens of reputable agencies, view the best tours

and compare their prices and eventually choose the cheapest Tehran tour.


کوله گردی در ایران

The city of Yazd is considered one of the most prominent cities in Iran, thanks to its positive energy, warm people, stunning attractions and delicious local cuisine.

The unique architecture of wind turbines in this city attracts the attention of every tourist, but this is not all. Since the time when the followers of the ancient Zoroastrian religion lived in this city and now a small number of them are still living in Yazd, there are many places to visit. With the religion, such as the fire temple, the tower of silence and the shrine of the Czech Republic on the outskirts of the city, it can be attractive to the knolls.

You will probably meet with other rattles in cheap resorts or when you are wandering around in the narrow streets of this old town.


کوله گردی در ایران

The Palangan vertical village is located in steep slopes in Kurdistan province,

and its houses are built on a rocky hillside,

so that the roof of a house is a walk in another house.

Considering the stunning scenery of the river and the narrow bridge of the village,

you are not only visiting a region that is less appealing to the tourists,

but completely away from the modern world. For this reason,

it can be said that the ideal local caretaker to start an adventure on a road trip around the province goes.

If you travel to Kurdistan, Kjarau also provides you with a complete list of Kurdistan sights so

that you can get information about any tourist attraction,

including address, location on the map, hours of visit and … and your trip Plan ahead better.


کوله گردی در ایران

Shiraz not only is one of the main destinations of tourism in Iran,

but also an ideal destination for the Kullaghs.

Its the heart of Iran’s literature,

is a great poetry town like Hafez and Sa’di whose tombstones are among the most famous places in Shiraz,

visiting many Iranian and foreign visitors.

But this is not all. Iranian gardens and the beautiful Nasir al-Molk mosque are part of it.

It is a rich cultural city that attracts tourists.

To see some of Iran’s ancient monuments such as Persepolis and Pasargad, you should go out of town, which is surely worth it.

If you want to travel to Shiraz, Kıjrau offers you a variety of last minute tours of It,

so you can book your favorite tour at a lower cost by comparing the price,

the facilities of the tour and the organizing agencies.

Maranjab desert

کوله گردی در ایران

Maranjab is a picture of a clay dune with sand dunes,

but it is precisely these hills that foreign and domestic tourists and skeletons are interested in.

If you are an adventurer,

you can star the sky in the desert of Maranjab from a very close sight

or choose to stay in the 17th-century Maranjab caravanserai by lighting the fire and tents.

In order to have an exciting tour to the desert of Maranjab,

visit the salt lake and the historic city of Kashan in your own program located nearby.


کوله گردی در ایران

The city of Tabriz,

located in the northwest of Iran, is a great area for knuckles, and while visiting Tabriz sights,

you can become more familiar with the culture of the region and the Azeri language.

The spectacular market of Tabriz, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List,

is by far the most beautiful Iranian market

and the Blue Mosque or the Blue Mosque as the most visited attractions in the city.

Go out to the city, where is the historic and rocky village of Kandovan,

and has been home to more than 700 years.

By driving along the colorful mountains of this area you can reach Julfa

and visit the Church of the Holy Sepia

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