Java, PHP, or .NET: Which Programming Language Has More Revenue?

In the last three years, Java developers have experienced the highest wage increases. This is while AIT specialists’ wages have fallen by the same period.

Payments for programming skills such as Java (Java) and PHP (PHP) are on the rise. The salary announced in the field of technology for the third consecutive year in 2018 has increased to 7.1%.

Also, with the continued increase in demand for Java developers, PHP and NET (.NET.), Payments to technology experts have been increasing significantly.

During this three-year period, Java developers’ wages have experienced the greatest jump, up 41 percent, and their wages have risen by 6 percent since the start of the year.

The average Java developer has a budget of 63, 700 pounds, which can be increased to 70, 700 pounds depending on the employment data published in Reed.

The second-highest-paid, full-stack developer business (this title is in the field of software development and development, refers to a programmer who has full knowledge of a particular field and tools).

The average payment for this job is 53, 500, 60, 300 pounds. The wage growth of these programmers in the past year and 2016 was 6.6% and 18.8%, respectively.

PHP developers experienced the most wage increase last year. The average wage increase for the last three years was about 20.6%.

The developers also experienced widespread wage increases over the course of the course. The wages of these programmers reached £ 39,900 in 2016, up 18.8% to £ 47,400 this year.

In most directories, JavaScript, Java, and Python programming languages ​​are considered to be the most popular programming languages, respectively.

Data scientists, data analysts, industrial architects (digital technical architects) and network engineers and DBAs have also experienced a two-digit increase in their wages over the last three years.

Payments for business-related jobs, such as business analysis and project management, have also increased, but this increase has been lower than that of developers.

In fact, according to data released by Reed, IT specialist, is one of the few jobs that have been falling in wages over the past three years.

On average, AIT specialists’ wages fell from 89, 200 to 83, 600 pounds.

These data, derived from jobs and wages advertised between 2015 and 2017, are redeemed at Reed.

According to Reed’s website, these salary increases are associated with an increase in demand for employees dominant in these skills.

While demand for technology-related jobs in general in the year 2018 has increased by 10%, demand for statistical scientist, 20%, developer of 13%, and developer of Business (Business Intelligence) has increased by 13%, much higher than This is the average amount of this field.

 The demand for full-stack developer has also increased by 41% since the beginning of 2018, given the many skills that these developers should have.

“There are plenty of jobs for experienced mobile applications and front-end developers,” says Andrew Gardner, Reed Technology manager. In addition, companies have experienced cloud computing and storage related skills. have.

As a result of legislation such as the GDPR (European Union Privacy Policy), many requests are created; for example, data-driven jobs are growing; however, companies are sure that they have the right skills, systems and processes. ”


Do the reviews of the most popular programming languages provide the right results

آیا شاخص‌های بررسی محبوب‌ترین زبان‌های برنامه نویسی، نتایج درستی ارائه می‌دهند

Are the most popular programming languages ​​selected based on indicators and components? Are the most trusted programming languages ​​the most popular?

Usually, software professionals go to valid TIOBE charts to learn about the most popular programming languages.

Through these charts, they can find out which of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world are.

The valid TIOBE charts and the information provided on the popularity of programming languages ​​in these charts show that Java programming languages ​​and programming languages ​​C, programming languages ​​have become the most popular languages ​​over time, and from time to time.

But wait a moment and do not conclude too fast. The graphs and indicators provided by PYPL, as a competitor to TIOBE charts, show other results.

Based on PYPL charts, Python and Java programming languages ​​are among the most popular programming languages ​​and are essentially the kings of programming languages.

Based on the PYPL charts, the C language, which is incredibly developed with the C ++ programming language, is less popular, and is located in the lower sections of the ranking list of popularity of programming languages.

The question may well be for you: which are the correct results and which charts give you the right information?

بهترین زبان برنامه نویسی 2018

One of the important things to keep in mind is that each of the graphs takes different indexes and components to select the most popular programming languages.

Of course, one common point in the methodology of both graphs is that the performance of both is controversial in measuring the plurality of programming languages.

TIOBE considers search engine quantification as a measure of measurement.

While PYPL is important, the importance of the frequency of searches, and how often they are searched, and takes it into consideration.

We must say that both measurement indicators do not consider good components for measurement. Of course, given the availability of online resources, the amount of searches in search engines can not be considered as one of the important indicators and is considered an old way.

Many millions of web pages may still provide information about a popular but old, perhaps dead, site, as there are many zombie sites (sites that fail to update their content for some reason) or blog posts that have not been read for many years. .

The extent to which content search is considered to be an important indicator of the popularity of a programming language is not a valid criterion.

Programming languages ​​are taught to students in educational environments, and therefore the frequency of searches for educational files is not a valid indicator for evaluation, and can provide very contradictory information.

This measure of scale, in principle, is not a significant indicator of what really can be, the degree of popularity of programming languages ​​out there.

Ultimately, it can not be determined with this information which programming languages ​​are really used by learners of programming languages ​​in practice.

When you pay more attention to numbers, you will also encounter more strange issues. According to the TIOBE charts, the programming language C, in its 5 minutes, has been ranked the “Programming Language Of The Year.”

It seems that the C language has reappeared in latency systems. However, the reason for such results in measurements can be related to incomplete and artificial methods of measurement.

جاوا اسکریپت

The most controversial statistics are related to the Objective-C and Swift programming languages ​​used to write local applications on iOS.

Overall, the recent popularity of programming languages ​​for cross-platform platforms, such as Xamarin and React Native, seems to have declined.

Apple has been leaning towards the use of Swift programming language for about four years, and it seems to be a great programming language.

However, the Objective-C language is still much more popular and used extensively.

When looking at people who deal with iOS / tvOS / watchOS apps or talking to many iOS developers,

we find it unlikely that programming has changed the Objective-C language Swift language.

But all these stories and stories can not be replaced by statistics and data. If we see that popularity indexes have different outcomes with the personal experiences of programmers,

we can conclude that individual biases and individual bias can lead to incorrect results.

Of course, there is another measure of measurement to measure the popularity of programming languages. If you notice the GitHub’s annual report on the 15 popular programming languages ​​on the platform,

you’ll find that the results of this report are very close to the results presented

by the individual experience of market developers,

and it differs from the results from the TIOBE and PYPL charts.

According to GitHub, in 2016 and 2017,

the most popular programming language in the world, with a significant gap from the rest of the languages,

has been Javascript.

Python ranked second,

Java ranked third and Ruby ranked fourth. These results show a dramatic difference compared to the TIOBE chart.

On the TIOBE chart, Java and C are the most popular languages ​​first,

and then with a large gap between Python and C ++, javascript stands at eighth place.

Also, according to the PYPL charts,

the popularity of programming languages ​​has been reported as follows: Python,

java at the beginning of the chart, with a lot of distances, javascript and PHP.

زبان برنامه نویسی

Obviously, the Gitache figures do not represent the whole of this area; the sample size is very large and only applies to open source projects.

But GitHub seems to be the only system that makes Swift more popular than Objective-C.

This makes the results look convincing, but again because of its openness,

the results presented through this system can not be considered definitive.

The statistics provided are very important. Beyond curiosity and entertaining, they provide important information.

While the theme of the popularity of programming languages ​​is not,

in general, a very important topic, but it is not trivial. The study of the popularity of programming languages ​​determines which languages ​​are more relevant.

This is important for those who are willing to follow the programming language,

and as a result, people entering the field of programming language learning can teach a language

that is more popular and can provide a job opportunity for them.

 So when the three different methods offer different results,
the conditions are not very interesting and it looks a bit uncomfortable.

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