iOS 13 is Coming With Dark Theme

iOS 13 Features

During its WWDC 2019 keynote, Apple officially unveiled iOS 13 for iPhone. While we had a good idea of what to expect, Apple still offered some surprises. There’s a new swipe-style keyboard called QuickPath, the Photos app has received notable new features and changes with smart clutter reduction software, a new editing experience, and a new “Photos” tab, while Siri Shortcuts has become more capable with new multi-step and suggested automations. The update also brings a new Siri feature that allows users to instantly reply to messages.

As for one of the most anticipated features, the system-wide Dark Mode has officially arrived on iOS. Apple showed off the new dark theme with the tagline “iOS now lives in the dark.”

Apple has just unveiled the iOS 13 preview with the expected Dark mode and performance enhancements.

As expected, Apple introduced the new version of the popular iOS operating system during the WWDC 2019 event.

One of the most important features of the iOS 13 include features such as improved performance, the expected performance of the dark theme and new keyboard.

Improved performance

Apple has been focusing more on performance improvements since last year, with iOS 12, especially on older devices.

The Co-Port Holdings seems to stick to this strategy, as Apple’s iOS software vice president, Craig Federerie, says iOS 13 now has a faster 30% performance and apps running twice as fast as they used to be.

Dark theme

ios 13

Undoubtedly, the most significant and most expected visual change in iOS since the release of the seventh edition and the current design of the operating system is the addition of the dark theme at the system level to the 13th version of Apple’s popular operating system.

All of Apple’s main apps support the dark theme, even the iOS 13 notifications and dock are also compatible with the dark theme.

New keyboard

Although Apple has been supporting iOS with its other keyboards for many years, the Thirteenth Edition of the OS delivers its own dedicated keyboard with a new feature.

The default iOS keyboard now offers a swipe-out feature for typing, after years of solid-state, swipe, and gigabyte, which Apple calls the Quick Path.

ios 13


Eventually, after years of waiting, the Coupon players have completely redesigned their Reminders app and added the Today, Scheduled, Flagged, and All options to organize your affairs into the app.

Reminders app is now integrated with artificial intelligence, so when typing the user, the app automatically offers the reminder time to the user and allows the user to attach the audience.

The remnant paper texture of iOS has also been eliminated from the design of the new version.

iOS 13 Dark Mode

Update Apple Mill, HP and Safari

Apple has made some changes to the new iOS app as well. Apple Mail now has a similar desktop layout.

Safari provides independent settings for each website, and the HP app provides the user with a gallery view to display all the notes in one place.

Apple mp

ios 13

Apple’s iOS 13 is completely redesigned. Apple claims that the new iPad version will provide more comprehensive data from the map.

Apple’s new map will also feature Google Street View.


As in the past, Apple has a special focus on security issues. Now, the user can only give one access permission to one app for their location and prevent continuous access to spatial information.

Apple also introduced the new Sign in with Apple feature, which will soon be available to developers to log into their apps and services.

Users can create a new account for a service by logging in to Facebook without providing any personal information.

ios 13

Apple Accounts can also automatically create private email addresses for each application, these addresses will be forwarded to your primary email, preventing your email access or sending spam.

iOS 13 Messages

Profile pictures of AimSiege

iOS now offers both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger,

profile images and the ability to display names,

so that someone can share their images and their name with other Messages users.

On iOS 13, users will be able to use their MIME files as profile images.

In the new iOS version, the user can customize with many more options,

as well as the possibility of using Mimouei as a sticker in the AIMSJE.

The set of these stickers can be used as custom amulets in apps such as Mill and Whitch.

New photo and video editing tools

Apple has created a new interface for editing photos in iOS 13,

while now it’s possible to edit videos for the first time.

This way, you can change things like highlights, shadows, contrast, white balance, and noise levels in user content. You can now rotate videos directly.

ios 13

The new Photo Studio application now uses its machine learning to remove duplicate photos and other things like repeating screenshots.

External Memory

IOS will now be able to retrieve user data from memory cards

and flash drives to transfer them to the Files app.

iOS 13 will be available for all iPhone phones from the iPhone 6S.

In addition,

the preview version of the operating system will be released today for developers

and the public beta version will be available to users from the end of this month.

iOS 13 Release Date

The newest version of iOS is expected to be released in the fall of 2019 for iPhone. A developer beta is was released at WWDC 2019. A public beta is set to arrive in July.

iOS 13 Device Support

These are the devices that will be supported:


Dark Mode has a dedicated toggle in Control Center — simply pull down from the upper-right corner of the display, then tap and hold the Brightness slider to reveal hidden options. Now you can tap Appearance to cycle between Light and Dark theme on the fly.

Light and Dark appearance settings in Control Center on iOS 13

A new Appearance toggle in iOS 13’s Settings, revealed by tapping and holding the Brightness slider.

It can also be controlled from Settings → Display & Brightness → Appearance.

iOS 13 Settings app showing Dark and Light appearance options within a Display & Brightness sub-section

Managing Dark and Light appearance in Settings.

Similar to Do Not Disturb / Night Shift scheduling, new options in Settings allow you to schedule Dark Mode so that it turns on automatically at sunset or at a certain time.

A dramatic new look

Dark Mode is available on iPad, too.

Apple’s pitch:

Dark Mode is thoughtfully designed to make every element on the screen easier on your eyes and is seamlessly integrated throughout the system. And it’s simple to turn on from Control Center or set to automatically turn on at night.

In demonstrating Dark Mode during the WWDC 2019 keynote, software engineering head Craig Federighi brought up slides showing off iOS 13’s new darker wallpaper along with dark styles in stock apps and core system features such as notifications, AirPlay menus and a new QuickPath keyboard which helps you write faster by swiping from one letter to the next.

Dark Mode screenshots of Apple's stock apps

Left to right: Dark Mode in Health, Notes, App Store, TV and Reminders.

Why Dark Mode matters

Dark Mode saves your eyesight by reducing glare from predominantly white interfaces. It also serves other practical purposes, especially on OLED devices like iPhone X and iPhone XS that can illuminate individual pixels without using any backlight at all.

A QuickPAth keyboard in iOS 13 with swipe typing and Dark Mode support

The new swipe-typing keyboard with Dark Mode support.

Since each pixel of an OLED screen can be controlled individually while emitting its own light, Dark Mode is an important software feature of mobile devices due to its battery-saving effects.

The new wallpaper in iOS 13 created specifically for Dark Mode

iOS 13 has a dedicated wallpaper for Dark Mode.

If you need a research to convince you that darker pixels actually save battery power, Google has one. Last November, the search giant has determined that enabling the built-in dark interface in the YouTube app for iOS and Android can save up to 60 percent battery life on smartphones with OLED screens.

Dark Mode vs. Smart Invert

Just don’t confuse iOS 13’s new Dark Mode with the Smart Invert feature brought out in iOS 11. Whereas Smart Invert is an accessibility feature that simply reverses the colors of the display—except for images, media and some apps that use dark color styles—the new Dark Mode is more subtle than just reversing to white text on black backgrounds.

Smart Invert in iOS 11

The Smart Invert feature that debuted in iOS 11 used to be a poor man’s Dark Mode.

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