Introducing Top Linux distribution And Operating Systems With User Types Applicability

There are a lot of Linux operating systems (Linux Distribution), each of which offers users various benefits. But given that there are plenty of Linux options available to us, choosing the right distribution may be a bit harder.

You may be looking for a lightweight Linux operating system or use another Linux user for play only. Also, some users may be looking for specific MDDs.

The good news is that there are a significant number of dedicated Linux operating systems to meet all these needs, so you can pick one up to fit your needs.

In this article, we have prepared an up-to-date list of the best Linux distributions for you. In this list you can choose from one of several different options based on your basic needs.

Linux for new Entrants




Ubuntu is one of the Debian-based Linux distributions, and runs from 17.10 onwards with GNOME’s default desktop environment. It is one of the most popular Linux operating systems in the world, which is significantly improving in each version.

The latest version of the operating system is available for desktops, laptops, and hybrid computers. In short, if you migrate from Windows or Mac OS to Ubuntu, Ubuntu distribution is probably the first option to test.

Interestingly, even a special version of Ubuntu has been developing to run on a rescue booth.

Canonical, which develops Ubuntu, has improved its handwriting environment, Unity in early 2017.

Although it’s now stopped working on Unity, this desktop environment is still alive among users, thanks to projects such as Unity and, of course, alternative desktops such as Mate.

In addition, the Ubuntu Touch platform continues to operate on

If you’re not familiar with Ubuntu, you should note that this PetLorm is actually an optimized version of the operating system discussed for smartphones.

The platform includes software that enables you to turn your smartphone into a pixel using an HTC Wi-Fi dongle.



Ubuntu has many derivatives. One of the most popular Ubuntu-based options is Kubuntu, which uses the KDE desktop environment.

Other than that, Kubuntu is similar to Ubuntu in terms of scheduling the release of new releases and other features.


لینوکس مینت 18

Mint is one of the most upgraded Linux distributions, which is easy to use and very enjoyable.

This project is also based on Ubuntu. Mint has a very high stability and provides one of the best software tools for its users.

Linux Distribution Mint has been the only DistroWatch operating system since 2011.

Many Windows and Mac OS users choose to migrate to Linux to migrate to Mint.

Mint provides various desktop options. You can use the default Cinnamon desktop environment, or if you want to choose one of the MIT, KDE, or Xfce environments.

Linux-based Mint-based Debian-based development is now available to more experienced users.



Deepen is also based on Ubuntu. The operating system is equipping with a beautiful modern desktop environment call DDE, which can capture the attention of newcomers to Linux.

The interface is simple and intuitive and offers one of the best configuration panels in all of the Linux distributions.

DePen is definitely inspiring by the design of Mac OS X’s desktop design in its desktop design.

In addition to the above, the Deepen operating system is considering to be a software center that is easy to use.


پی سی لینوکس او اس

PcSync Linux is designed to fit regular PC users, and by default provides the KDE desktop environment.

Installing drivers, getting Office software, editing images, online activities, and starting with the content of the multimedia in this Linux distribution is easy.

As you can guess from the name of the operating system, its purpose is to bridge the gap between Windows and Linux operating systems.

Pussy Linux Oasis also provides users with a Windows start menu.

Linux lite

Image result for Linux lite

This operating system has been developed on the basis of Ubuntu Altias. Linux Light is a minimal distribution and uses the simple Xfce user interface.

The operating system also has a menu similar to the Windows Start menu, which will allow Windows users to communicate with it earlier.

Linux Light uses very little hardware resources, and you can install it on a PC with 700 MHz processor and only 512 MB of RAM. That’s why they chose Lightning for this Linux distribution.

(Zorin OS)

زورین او اس

Zorin Ous is another Linux distribution that has been developing to attract newcomers to Linux.

It has simplified the transition from Windows to Linux for users. It’s worth mentioning that Zorin Oasis is based on Ubuntu, with several default apps that will be familiar to Windows OS users.

In addition, there is the possibility of executing Windows applications that are requiring by users in Zurin-Ous.

The Zorin Oasis 9 has a great deal of similar design to Microsoft’s Windows 7 design.

Elementary OS

Image result for Linux Elementary OS

Another Linux distribution that is based on Ubuntu’s operating system. This Al Mannette Oasis distinguished himself by releasing the Elementary OS Luna.

Al-Mannteri Oasis offers beautiful and simple default apps that are aesthetically similar to the design of the operating system.

One of the applications for this Linux distribution is Geary Mail Management, Midwire Browser, Maya Calendar, Totem Video Player, and Noise Maker.

Do you feel that you need to pay for open source software? If the answer to this question is positive, then under the circumstances, the developers of Al Mannitrias will be happy with donations, and in fact, these donations can lead to long-term operational activities discussed.

General Linux operating systems


open suse

OpenSUSE Distribution is one of the major Linux distributions built on the OpenSus project.

The purpose of the development of this operating system is to create a large beginner distribution that can simultaneously attract the attention of professional users.

It comes with Yast. It is a management software that controls the installation and management of packages.



Fedora uses the GNOME desktop environment by default, but users of this operating system can easily use other desktop environments like KDE, Xfce, LXDE, MIT and CINAMON, and so on.

Its custom versions are know as Fedora Spinz. These custom versions have been developing for users with specific needs.



Debian is one of the oldest Linux distributions provided by default with the GNOME Desktop.

However, the operating system is also available with FreeBSD kernel. In addition, developers of this Debian are working on adding support for other kernels, including Hurd.

There are 37500 software packages in Debian by default. The operating system also has tools that can be used to easily download and install more software packages on the system.



Originally based on Gentoo Linux, Korora has evolved to make Linux easy for beginners and useful for professionals.

Users can use this Linux distribution along with the Cinemaan desktop, GNOME, KDE, MIT, and Xfce.

(Slackware Linux)

اسلک ور

Slackware is a Linux distribution that focuses on security and simplicity. The purpose of this operating system is to be the unicast Linux distribution.

Slackware is very useful for server management, since installing this operating system can be used immediately from downstream servers, email and the web.

Have you ever experienced Unix or Server Management? If your answer to this question is negative, in the first step, you should test the slack on a live disk or a virtual machine, and then install the operating system on your hard disk.



This French project began as a unprofitable community based on Mandriva Linux.

It is possible to use various options as the desktop environment of this operating system. Supported desktop environments in this Linux distribution include KDE and GNOME.

(Sparky Linux)

Sparky Linux


Linux Sparky is one of the Linux distributions that has been tested in various versions of Debian.

The original version of this Linux distribution has been released along with a custom version of the LXDE desktop environment.

Of course, another personalized desktop is also available for Linux Sparkky.

(Gentoo Linux)

Gentoo Linux

You can run gentoo Linux with almost any hardware. The versatility and good performance are two distinctive features of this Linux distribution.

Linux Gentoo also comes with Portage’s Advanced Package Management System.

However, the compatibility of this Linux distribution can be a bit of a problem for novice users.


سنت او اس

If you use your track at work, the use of tradition in the home environment seems logical, because from the perspective of a user, there is a very small difference between the two distributions.

Linux for producing multimedia content

(Fedora Design Suite)

Fedora Design Suite

By installing this spin from Fedora, you can save considerable time while installing tools and apps.

The Fedora Dizan Suite has been developed by Fedora’s team of art, and popular software such as Gimp (GIMP) is installed on it.

Creating this Linux distribution has been the main focus of the development team on the MultiMedia.

(Ubuntu Studio)

Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu Studio’s early release was released in 2007. This operating system is probably the first choice for many Linux creative users.

The low kernel latency and the Xfce desktop environment have made this Linux distribution a great choice for generating multimedia content.

If you’re worried about the recent practice of the Canonical team, it’s not bad to know that Ubuntu Studio Zesty Zapus 17.04 was released in early 2017.



All Linux distributions optimized for generating multimedia content provide users with a variety of tools, and Kick Studio is no exception.

The main focus of this operating system is the production of audio content. You can have a digital studio with functional features in the desktop environment of KDE.


iro linux


If your work is related to animation, 3D modeling, composite, digital painting, and image editing, Irvine Linux distribution is a great choice.

Unlike the Ubuntu Studio, which includes a lot of gadgets, it’s just a group of apps focuse on it. In addition, we should not forget the user interface.

Linux for Training



Edubuntu has been built thanks to the collaboration with Ubuntu. The purpose of the development of this distribution is to enable teachers to easily install it and allow children of all ages to use it easily.
It should be noted that the best educational apps are installed in Edubuntu by default.



Ober Studio is a Linux distribution specially designed for advanced students.

By default, the operating system provides users with software that makes doing assignments easy.

Linux for Raspberry Pi

Image result for kali linux for raspberry pi


(Raspbian Jessie)

رزبیان جسی

The default operating system for the popular Raspberry computer wins is Raspbian Jessie. This Linux distribution has been developed by Debian’s Raspberry builder.

The system provides users with a variety of programming tools, such as Scratch, so that people can start coding.

Raspbian Jessie will be released in October 2016 with a new desktop and pixel style.

(Kano OS)

کانو اواس

The Kano Oasis, like the Jessey Extensions, has been developing base on the Debian Linux operating system, but it’s more focusing on code-writing for children.

The Kano Oasis intuitive user interface provides all the tools needed for coding to be easily accessible to children.

Linux Lightweight/Minimal



Lubuntu is a lightweight distribution developed on the basis of Ubuntu and is a very good choice for laptops.

The operating system uses the LXDE’s minimal desktop environment, and a set of lightweight apps is installed on it. Lubuntu has a high speed and is also very efficient in energy use.

In fact, it’s an ideal option for older computers, laptops, and mobile devices, because this Linux distribution uses a lot of RAM and hardware resources.



Zubuntu is one of the Ubuntu-based distributions that employs the Xfce desktop environment, which has made it known as a Linux operating system.

This Linux distribution is very suitable for use on laptops, laptops, and desktops, because it uses very little hardware resources. Zebuntu is also an ideal option for older computers.

(Puppy Linux)

papi linux

Linux Puppy is a super-small Linux distribution that can be completely executed on RAM.

This means the operating system is also suitable for very old computers that do not even have a driver. In addition to the above, the operating system is also used to remove malware.

 (Manjaro Linux)

Image result for manjaro linux logo


Linux Mangrove is a fast, simple, and lightweight operating system developed on the basis of Linux Arch Linux.

The purpose of this operating system is to leverage all of the benefits of Linux Arch Linux in a more user-friendly and affordable way, making it easy for beginners to use the capabilities of the operating system.

The default desktop environment is the Xfce Linux distribution, but you can also use other options.

(Arch Linux)

arch linux

Arch Linux has been developping for professional and experience users. The goal of this minimal and light distribution is to simplify various capabilities.

The operating system is equip with a custom package management package call Pacman, which makes it easy to make, edit, and share packages.

(Tiny Core)

tiny core

Taylor Blind is a very lightweight and modular Linux distribution. One of the most significant features of this operating system is its 15-megabyte volume.

This distribution is based on the Linux kernel and uses BusyBox and FLTK.


Image result for linux Bodhi

This Ubuntu-base distribution is equip with a lightweight desktop environment. Wind is a highly personalizing operating system that provides users with a variety of themes and applications.

Linux for Video Games

(Steam OS)

steam os

Gaming on Linux is getting popular. Although you can easily install the Linux download version of our digital download service on Linux, but you might prefer to install instead of this.

This Linux distribution focuses on computer games and is optimized with dedicated audio and graphics drivers for gaming.

Additionally, it is installed on the OS by default and you can use it without any hassle. Steam machines also use StyMes OS.

(Ubuntu Game Pack)

ubuntu game pack

Ubuntu Gaming lets users enjoy almost 6,000 games. Additionally, Polynelinux and Win are running this kind of Linux distribution to run Windows games by default.

This operating system is based on Ubuntu 14.04. Obviously, if you’re looking for the right game to run right after installing your operating system, Ubuntu Gaming is an excellent option.

Fedora Games Spin

Image result for linux Fedora Games Spin logo

The operating system comes preloaded with many open source Linux games.

Fedora Gears is one of the Fedora operating system spins and supports various arcade, sports, strategy, adventure, action games and more.

This Linux distribution has a size of 3.8 GB and you can run it on a hard disk or live disk.

(SparkyLinux Game Over Edition)




Various versions of the Linux Sparkky are available, but this distribution specifically focuses on gaming, and maybe the most versatile version of the Linux Sparkline.

The desktop environment is intending for this LXDE, and there are lots of games alongside, Polynelinux and Vine by default.

With the installation of this operating system, you can easily access a large number of free and paid games.

Linux for Security and Recovery

(Kali Linux)

Image result for Kali Linux

Kali Linux, formerly know as Beckreck, is a distributing penetration test that is widely use in online security communities.

This operating system is based on Debian and makes online security tests easy.

(Parted Magic)

parted magic

Parted Magic  is basically a disk management tool that can be partition and copy using this hard disk.

The operating system is also using to easily retrieve information and erase secure information.



The purpose of the development of gParad is to partition a hard disk in a simple way and using a graphical user interface.

The standard version of this tool will be adding to many Linux distributions. This version is a completely separate version, which is referring to as a dedicate operating system.

However, as with many other Linux distributions, it is possible to run giPrath on a live disk.

If you want to manage your hard drive without accessing the computer boot menu and operating system, we recommend using jpeg.



Tiels is a Linux distribution that has been developing entirely on the basis of security and privacy. Tiles is a live operating system that you can use on a DVD, USB, or ASCII card so you can use any computer with this Linux distribution without leaving any trace of your activity.

All Internet connections are routing through the Tour Network (TOR), leaving the user’s identity to remain hide.

In addition, the encryption tools available on this operating system will protect all communication methods.

Linux for business

(Red Hat Enterprise Linux)


Red Hat Enterprise Linux is one of the Fedora-based business distributions developed for business customers. The operating system is equipping with a series of extensions and certificates for executives.

(SUSE Linux Enterprise)


This operating system is for commercial use. SuSE Linux Enterprise is very suitable for using various administrative applications.

This Linux distribution has a lot of flexibility and can be install on a variety of devices.

The operating system also has a very high stability for heavy processing.

In addition to what were saying, it’s not worth mentioning. A special version of the server for this operating system has also is releasing.


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