Instagram Applies The New Rules for Diet Posts

Campaigners have had a positive reaction to people’s looks, new Instagram rules about diet regimens and cosmetic surgeries.

Instagram has announced new rules that make certain posts related to diets and cosmetic surgeries hidden from anyone under the age of 9. Under the new rules, posts that claim to be “miracle” weight loss products are deleted. The rules apply after concerns have been raised about the impact of widespread slimming propaganda on younger people.

PHOTO: Facebook Inc.s Instagram application is displayed in the App Store on an iPhone in in Arlington, Va., April 29, 2019.

Jamila Jamil , an English TV presenter and actress, has called the new rules a “huge victory” in the fight against the weight-loss diet industry.


The actor, whose best-known film is “Good Place,” has brought many celebrities with anti-toxic teas, candies and dietary supplements. In most cases, these products have a constipation. Gmail has publicly criticized popular Instagram activists, especially Kardashian and CardiBay, a popular singer for promoting such products.

Many followers of Jamila Jamil on Instagram have welcomed the news of the new Instagram decision.

How will new changes to Instagram rules work?

Under the new Instagram decision, posts that make unrealistic claims about fast weight loss will be deleted, and younger people will no longer be able to see posts that encourage them to lose weight or undergo surgery if they are dissatisfied.

Users will be able to report posts that violate new laws, and Instagram will decide whether to delete the report or remove it from anyone under the age of 5.

The new Instagram policy will also apply to Facebook. Of course, Instagram only claims users to determine their age and does not check the exact date of birth when registering. If a user signs up on Instagram with the help of their account on Facebook, this social network will use the birthday that the user has entered on Facebook, but this date is not usually confirmed either.

Why does Instagram make such changes?

The decision to make such a change came amid growing concerns about the impact of the diet

and surgery industry and the promotion of inaccessible targets.

Stephen Pavis, chief executive of the National Center for Health in England,

demanded in February that bans

on diet-related products by Instagram celebrities be banned.

He said the reason for his request was the negative impact of these products on the body and soul of minors.

BBC research shows that many children on Instagram are exchanging graphic and textual content about how to aggravate their illness.

Jamila Jamil, who runs a campaign against the promotion of weight loss products and a healthier lifestyle, welcomed the changes.

He said:

Facebook and Instagram have made significant strides in protecting the health of their bodies and souls, delivering a very important message to the world. I am very happy to be able to work with them in this way. Hosted by experts from these companies who decided to let everyone know about the dangers of these products, it was part of this collaboration.

Emma Collins, director of public policy at Instagram, said:

Our goal is for Instagram to be a positive environment for everyone who uses it. New changes to our policies will be a step forward in reducing the pressures that in some cases people feel on their own after being on social media.

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