In which countries are the most attractive instagram hostels?

Traveling around the world does not require you to spend a great deal of time staying and looking for a hotel. Some hostels are stylish and elegant in addition to being economical.

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to stay in a hotel so you can get great photos of it on your Instagram page. Hostelworld Platform, dedicated to hosting Hostelworld, has released its annual list of the most popular hostels around the world on Instagram. The list features numerous hostels with features such as rooftop pools, huge hammocks with mountain views and bamboo huts on the beach. Although it is not cheap to stay in some of these hostels, they are significantly affordable and will change your view of the hostel.

۱. Hostel Street 2, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Cheap Thailand tour

In the past, when the bedroom sink was made of old tires,

it was kind of a low-cost journey that travelers used to have as a fun experience, but in year 6, this cheap hostel has become the star of Instagram.

The 248 Street Hostel is just five minutes from Old Town Chiang Mai, and in addition to its sinks made of old tires, it has an old motorcycle in the lobby and the most beautiful bar in the world. The soft light of the hostel is in harmony with the city lights, and the luminous rooftop pool adjacent to the bar also complements the experience of staying at the hostel. During the day you can enjoy a delicious drink while watching the mountain scenery.

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۲. Hostel Geely Meno Eco, Indonesia


Staying at the Gili Meno Eco Hostel in Indonesia is like living on a deserted tropical island that includes bamboo beachfronts. One of the features of the hostel is Shanti’s Beach Bar, which offers a delicious fruit cocktail by the ocean and serves guests one night a week with homemade pizza cooked on the wood fire.

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۳. Hostel Calle 11, Santa Marta, Colombia

Let's go to Colombia

Hosted by Calle 11, an old villa on the historic beachfront of Santa Marta,

Colombia, the NARC TV series comes to mind, and according to legend,

the villa was also the home of a Colombian mafia,

though it is now a Mediterranean-style jewel just two minutes from the beach. It is within walking distance of attractions such as Park Tyrona, Lost City, Minka, Palomino and La Guajira . Guests at the hostel can relax by the poolside and have a drink and enjoy the hostel massage.

۴. Traverse Oasis, Queens, Australia


North Queensland is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and if you are spending your travel budget,

this is an ideal place to stay. At the Travelers Oasis in Travelers’ Australia , Queens , a relaxing poolside graffiti is provided for guests, not far from the Daintree Forest , where you can immerse yourself in the lush bushes of the South Pacific. In addition, the Traverse Oasis is close to the city promenade and travelers can enjoy a variety of nightlife options. If you want to make a barbecue similar to some locals, there is a barbecue area.

۵. Combo Venice, Venice, Italy

Tour of Italy

Combo Venezia in Venice, Italy , is a renovated 12th-century monastery that provides guests with a memorable stay. Staying in the hundreds of years of brick walls and watching the magnificent hostel courtyard through the porches or interacting with others beneath the old stone arches of the complex can be a different and exciting experience. However, its rooms are completely different in design and are decorated with bright, modern Italian décor in light wood, dark leather accents and modern accessories. There is also a café by the water, which is an ideal place to post food snacks.

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