The most important PowerPoint shortcut keys that you should know them

Even if you are a Microsoft PowerPoint professional, you’ll be shocked by knowing the number of shortcut keys for this tool.

Naturally, you do not need to keep them all. Everyone has his or her own needs and learns the proper keys based on that.

However, knowing these keys can increase the speed and efficiency of your work.

Although the list in this article is very long, it’s not complete at all. More has been tried to introduce more general and functional keys.

Also, these hotkeys have been around for a while in PowerPoint, so you can use them in almost every version of this software.

Also, note that the terms “presentation” and “slideshows” both refer to a PowerPoint or a “Presentation” and may be used instead.

General shortcut keys

کلیدهای میانبر کلی پاورپوینت

First, let’s take a look at the general keys that you can open your presentations, switch between presentations, and generally manage your document.







F1: Open the Help panel.
Alt + Q: Open the box «Tell me what you want to do»
F7: Spell-checking words
Alt or F10: Turn on or off key guides (to use shortcut keys)

Ctrl + F1: Show or hide tabs
Ctrl + F: Search inside your slideshow or use the Find and Replace tool.

And Ctrl + Tab: Switch between presentations

Select and move between texts, objects and slides

کلیدهای میانبر پاورپوینت

Using shortcuts, you can easily switch to your presentation. You can use these shortcuts to quickly navigate text, objects, and even presentation slides themselves.

Ctrl + A: Select all the text in a text box, all objects in a slide or select all slides of a presentation.
Tab: Select or move to the next object in the slide
Shift + Tab: Select and move to the previous object in the slide
Home: Go to the first slide, or if you are inside a text box, go to the first line
End: Go to the last slide, or if you are inside a text box, go to the end of the line
Page Down: Go to the next slide
Page Up: Go to the previous slide
Ctrl + Up or Down arrow: Slide up or down in slideshows (you must first select your slide)
Ctrl + Shift + Up or Down Arrow: Slide in to the beginning or the end of your slideshow (you must first select your slide)

Formatting and editing

قالب‌بندی پاورپوینت

Using the shortcut keys below, you can save your time while editing or formatting content.




Delete: Delete the selected text, object, or slide










Effective shortcut keys to manage your slideshows



When you are ready to start your slideshow, you can do the following with the following shortcuts.

F5: Run a slideshow from the beginning
Shift + F5: Run a slide show of the current slide
Ctrl + P: Annotate using the “Pen” tool during your slideshow
N or Page Down: Go to the next slide when displaying your slideshow
P or Page Up: Go to previous slide when displaying your slideshow
B: Turn off or turn the page when it’s slideshow
Esc: Exit your slideshow

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