Tips for fixing common problems….-I can’t connect to DirectAdmin on port 2222

Tips for fixing common problems….-I can’t connect to DirectAdmin on port 2222 –If you are unable to access your server via, then 1 of 3 things is likely happening:

1. DirectAdmin may not be running or

2. You have a firewall blocking port 2222.

The Number 2 is easy to be check by simply running (only on redhat systems):

/sbin/service iptables stop
/sbin/chkconfig iptables off

Then try and test directadmin again.

If you did not fix it, then you must need to check your /var/log/directadmin/error.log to check for any errors as to why it is not starting:

tail /var/log/directadmin/error.log

Common problems are:
3. Incorrect ethernet_dev tune in the /usr/local/directadmin/conf/directadmin.conf file.

4. Invalid license, either due to wrong uid/lid, IP, or the date.  Try: Updating your DirectAdmin License manually

5. Your IP is blacklisted in /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/ip_blacklist.  This is controlling by the “brute force login detection” in Admin Settings.  Use a setting no lower than 10, since even loading the login page counts as 1 failing attempt.

6. The Binaries are for a different operating system.

Now You can always try running DirectAdmin by handy (if it is not already running) to see what the problem is.

cd /usr/local/directadmin
./directadmin b200

to start it in the terminal with debug level 200.  Use Ctrl-C to stop.

7. If the DirectAdmin is running, is bound to port 2222, but does not respond on “”, but does respond on “::1”, then it’s an IPv6 issue.

CentOS 7

CentOS 7 using a different method of firewall control.
To shut it off completely, type:

systemctl disable firewalld
systemctl stop firewalld

To just open port 2222, reported:

firewall-cmd –permanent –zone=public –add-port=2222/tcp

When compiling vm-pop3d: error: `UINT16_MAX’ undeclared (first use in this function)

To compile vm-pop3d:   (use –prefix=/usr on Linux)

tar xvzf da_vm-pop3d-1.1.7f.tar.gz
cd da_vm-pop3d-1.1.7f
./configure –prefix=/usr/local
make  install

If there you get it:





Then edit the config.h, and add:

#define UINT16_MAX 65535

and type make, make install again.

The task.queue is not being processed

1) check for /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue
It should be delete every minute.  If it is then exists, check it’s contents.  If there are more than just 1 or 2 lines, then the dataskq is not running.

2) check /var/log/cron (/var/log/syslog on Debian).  See if the dataskq is running every minute (logged every minute).  If even not, try running

chmod 644 /etc/cron.d/directadmin_cron
/sbin/service crond restart

3) make sure crond is running (“cron” on FreeBSD):

ps ax | grep cron

4) try restarting cron: /sbin/service crond restart.  Check /var/log/cron and /var/log/messages for possible problems with the /etc/cron.d/directadmin_cron file (/etc/crontab on FreeBSD).
If there you do not have crond (rpm based systems) then type:

yum -y install vixie-cron cronie
service crond start
chkconfig crond on

5) If there all of the above checkout but the task.queue is still not being processed, then try running it manually:

/usr/local/directadmin/dataskq d

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