Huawei’s AppSearch software lets you download popular apps

Huawei has designed software called AppSearch to help users install apps like Facebook without having to go to the Google Play Store.

Huawei is still producing upscale and flagship smartphones like the Mate 30, but it’s hard to convince people to buy one of these Huawei phones without access to the Google Play Store.
However, according to a report from the XDA Developers website, the Chinese company is looking for a way to gain access to Google apps in its products without having to store software or install Android files in APK format.
Huawei has designed software called AppSearch ,
which is currently being tested in Germany and will help users install applications such as Facebook and WhatsApp .

Based on the description embedded within the AppSearch software,

the software will be used on Series 5 and Mate 2 and Mate X smartphones.

Given the planned timing for the early release of the Series 40 P,

the new Huawei software may be officially unveiled along with the company’s flagship launch.

 The Huawei Mate Series is experiencing overseas sales outside of China , so Huawei will undoubtedly be working hard to increase sales of the P40 Series.

An XDA agent in Germany has installed AppSearch on the Mits 30 Pro to show users how it works. Based on Huawei’s description, users can download AppSearch from the AppGallery software store.

The app displays popular software such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Twitter and lets users search for the software they want. However, AppSearch does not provide users with direct downloads and redirects them to links that they can find their favorite software.

Huawei has just announced that it will help users find popular apps by integrating various download sources. Also, all content available on AppSearch will be provided by third parties. According to XDA, the third parties will actually be Amazon , APKPure, APKMirror and Huawei’s own software stores.

Previously, owners of the Mitt 30 series smartphones and other Huawei devices

were using an unreliable app called LZ Play as a replacement for the Google Play Store. After users pointed to the obscure source of the app, the software was removed from Google Play and Huawei denied any connection to it.

Perhaps this is why Huawei refuses to accept any legal liability for AppSearch by ignoring the easy solution that puts apps directly in AppSearch to install Google software before users.

According to a report from Forbes website, Google is reviewing the new Huawei app

to make sure the software does not violate US laws. AppSearch is available on the German Huawei website, but apparently since the release of the XDA website report, the video on how to use it on the Huawei website has been returned to the public and not publicly available.

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