HowTo: Pronounce Mac OS X


am a new Apple Mac book pro user. Is Mac OS X pronounced as “Mac OS E-X” or “Mac OS Ten”? How do you pronounce the Apple Mac os X? How do I find out OS X version using command line tool?


Short answer – The Apple Mac OS X is pronounced as “Mac OS Ten”.

How do I find out the current OS X version?

Visit Apple menu > select “About This Mac” to see the current version:

Fig.01 OS X version

From the Fig.01 the current version of Mac OS is “Mac OS Ten” dot eight. Where,

Mac OS name – Mac OS Ten

Major version – 10.8

Update to major version – .4

Pronounced as –  Mac OS Ten dot eight dot four  or  Mac OS Ten point eight point four

Here is output from macOS Sierra:

Fig.02: macOS Sierra

Finding Mac OS X version from command line

To display Mac OS X operating system version information use sw_vars command. Open the Terminal and type the following command:

$ sw_vers


Sample outputs:

Fig.03: Finding Mac OS X version using sw_vers command line tool


Here is the output from the lastest version of macOS Sierra:

$ sw_vers

ProductName: Mac OS X

ProductVersion: 10.12

BuildVersion: 16A323

Say hello to ‘say’ command line tool

say is command line tool. It uses the Speech Synthesis manager to convert input text to audible speech and either play it through the sound output device chosen in System Preferences or save it to an AIFF file. Open the Terminal and type the following command:

say  Mac OS X

say  Mac OS X .8.4

The following command uses sw_vers as bash command line substitute to find out the current version and pronounce it using the say command:

say $(sw_vers -productName && sw_vers -productVersion | sed  s/10// )



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