How to Turn an Android Device into a WiFi Booster as Tethering

It’s frustrating to have a Wi-Fi signal around you, but you can’t connect to it. The router you use may not be able to cover all the space in your home.

 You might like to walk in the yard and use the Internet. However, under all circumstances, if your WiFi is not able to cover distant points, you can use your Android device as a “WiFi Ripper”.

Sometimes referred to as “Ripper WiFi”; “Extender WiFi”. In such a situation, the Android device receives the WiFi signal and repeats it, expanding its coverage area. To use this signal on another device such as PC, simply tap the repeated signal ؛.

To use this trick, the device you are using must be rooted. But even if your smartphone or tablet is not rooted – there are options to go online when there is no reliable Wi-Fi signal. One way is to use the Android device as a portable hotspot.

This is called the Tethering process.

This feature allows the user to share their Android device’s wireless data connection with other devices. Another way is to use a USB cable for this sharing.

Of course, the operator is likely to charge the consumer more for using Hotspot.

The following steps show you how to use your Android device as “Wi-Fi Extender”.

Download Fqrouter 2

If you are planning to convert your Android phone to WiFi extender, one way is to download the fqrouter 2 app. Download this app from Google PlayStore and run it on your phone. If fqrouter2 prompts you for an update to a newer version, follow the instructions to always install the most appropriate version on your phone.

By default, Android has Hotspot 3G capability that can share the technology, but not Wi-Fi sharing. If you’re at home, you probably aren’t interested in web browsing via 3G, but you still want to share Wi-Fi with other devices via censored internet.

So you need to use Ripper WiFi. But there are only a few Android phone models on the market that support Ripper WiFi. If your cellphone is not listed, activating Wi-Fi Ripper can reset your device. But for your convenience, no harm to the hardware of the device.

On some devices you will need to disable “P2P WiFi” via the button on the settings for Wi-Fi Ripper feature.

Enable Ripper WiFi

First, make sure the device’s WiFi is turned on and connected to the Internet. Then download 2 fqrouter2 apps. Then, scroll down to the WiFi Ripper section by swiping down. Tap the slider Off and wait a few seconds for the slider to turn green and display the On label. Now the device repeats the WiFi signal.

Change the signal settings

You can adjust the repeated signal by tapping the Config button. Then, select a new name for the signal and change the password you use to access it. When you are satisfied with your work, press the Save button. You are now ready to use this repeating signal.

Test your signal

Test with Extender WiFi using another device to search for nearby WiFi. At this point, you should hit a signal that is being repeated by your Android smartphone or tablet. Connect to this recurring signal; now you see that the Internet is also available on your second device.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Even if your device is not rooted, you can still turn it into a portable Hotspot and share it with other devices. Make sure your device is connected to WiFi, then open Settings; tap More and then Tethering & portable hotsopt. Finally, select ؛ Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

Customize portable hotspot as desired

After you make your Hotspot, swipe down and select Set up Wi-Fi hotspot. Here you can rename the signal and set a password.

USB Tethering

You can control your device via USB. There is a free app called ClockworkMod Tether that you can download from polystore and do not need to be rooted.

Download the app; and after installing 2 Tethering software with it on your computer, unzip it using the links in the list of poly apps.

Connect the device to the computer for Tethering

Connect your Android device to the computer via USB cable. Make sure that either the device is connected to WiFi or that the mobile internet is turned on. Then install the Tether software on your computer and give it any permission it needs to run.

Start Ththering

When the Tether application is loaded, click Start. After the Tether has connected پیام message appears, the Internet is available on your computer, which is made possible by the signal of your Android device.

 You can run Tether for 3 days without limit; after that you will only be allowed to use 20MB daily.

If you are using Windows, you need to have your smartphone drivers fully installed before the computer can detect it. So be sure to go to .

But in this case only the Android device should be connected to your computer’s USB ports.

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