How to save iPhone and iPad internet usage?

The high consumption of mobile Internet and the early termination of Internet packages have always been a concern for iPhone users. 

Here’s how to save money on the Internet with your iPhone and iPad.

Although many ISPs have added unlimited packages to their products, they are not really unlimited. When you exceed the specified volume for each package, either your internet speed is severely restricted or you have to buy a new one. This tutorial is for you if you want to manage your Internet usage on your iPhone and not exceed a certain level.

There are ways to control mobile Internet usage in iOS operating systems.

How To Monitor iPhone Internet Usage?

First of all, you should be able to see your internet usage at any time. Although Internet providers offer specific tools to monitor their Internet usage for users, it is easier to check this information directly on the iPhone.

To do this, open Settings and find the Cellular menu. Here you can see the most-used apps, and even disable Internet access for the apps you want. For example, if you find that an application you rarely use uses the Internet, you can block access to the Internet in general and prevent your packet volume from being lost.

Saving iPhone Internet Usage

Turn off Wi-Fi Assist

IOS OS Wi-Fi Assist functionality is in many ways like double-edged sword. According to Apple , the Wi-Fi Assist feature is designed to automatically access the Internet when the WiFi connection is weak, but many times when you think you are using your WiFi Internet, Wi-Fi Assist is activated and the volume of the packet is high. It kills you along.

Saving iPhone Internet Usage

To turn off Wi-Fi Assist on your iPhone , go to the Settings app and swipe down after selecting Cellular . Here you can see an option called Wi-Fi Assist that can be easily disabled.

You can also see the amount of volume consumed through the Wi-Fi Assist feature. For example, the amount of internet we used at the time of writing was about 2 MB, which can be very large depending on the total volume of your Internet pack.

Block access to specific features on the mobile Internet

Another easy way to save on mobile internet is to prevent the implementation of features that have a high internet usage. To do so, you must disable or limit some features.

Saving iPhone Internet Usage

Disable iCloud Drive

  1. Open Settings or Settings .
  2. Select the Cellular section.
  3. Swipe down to find iCloud Drive .
  4. Disable Document and Data Transfer when using mobile Internet.

Turn off appstore downloads

  1. Open Settings or Settings .
  2. Swipe down and select iTunes and App Store .
  3. Find the Cellular Data header .
  4. Disable Automatic Downloads .
  5. Select the App Downloads option.
  6. Select Always Ask .

Turn off Apple Music Stream

  1. Open Settings or Settings .
  2. Navigate to the Music section.
  3. Find and select the Cellular Data menu.
  4. Turn off cellular data usage or disable it for download or streaming.

Disable mobile Internet usage for images

  1. Open Settings or Settings .
  2. Navigate to the Photos section.
  3. Find the Cellular Data option.
  4. By completely disabling cellular data usage or cellular data , updates are limited to Wi-Fi, including in shared albums and cloud images.
  5. Disable Unlimited Updates .

Disable background app refresh

  1. Open Settings or Settings .
  2. Go to the General section.
  3. Find the Background App Refresh menu.
  4. In this section, you can disable background apps refreshing individually for one app, stop refreshing for all apps under any circumstances, or restrict refresh time to Wi-Fi internet usage.

Turn off the iPhone’s mobile internet completely

If you have fully consumed the remainder of your monthly internet package and want to make sure that you do not incur the extra cost of using the free internet, the best way to completely shut down the Internet is to go.

To do this, after going to Settings , touch Cellular . Then just touch the button next to Cellular Data . Doing so will stop the Internet completely and no longer have to worry about Internet usage.


Other ways to save money on iOS are to download Wi-Fi tracks and enjoy them offline, use Safari’s Reading List feature to save web pages for future study, and refrain from consuming things like streaming. The video pointed to WiFi when not connected.

What solution do you have for better control of mobile Internet usage on iPhone?

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