How to restrict automatic location tracking on your smartphone?

Along with its various advantages, locating a smartphone has other features that may not suit some users. In this article, we review how to disable location on smartphones.

Tracking different information on smartphones is one of the issues that, despite its advantages, also has many problems. Positioning is very useful in finding leads, while at the same time making your information available to those who use it to send ads or other unknown targets. However, there are ways to prevent misuse of this information.

Your smartphone knows where you are currently sitting or standing. Many people know this, but is there a better way to use GPS? The positioning feature on smartphones is very useful for finding leads, but it does allow some big tech companies to sell you products using this information.

Targeted ads are the kinds of ads that fill your phone’s screen with ads every day. These ads will vary from day to day and from place to place. Facebook , Apple , Microsoft , Amazon , Google , and many other companies make money from these ads, and smartphone users’ location information greatly impacts their earnings.

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