How to Privatize posts in WordPress

There are various ways to customize posts in WordPress, including using your own WordPress plugins such as Private Only, which allows you to customize posts for admin, but in this tutorial we are going to implement it without using a plugin.

Privatize posts in WordPress

There is another type of member privatization that can be implemented with user plugins like userpro.

If your goal is to study this tutorial to find a way to customize posts for user roles in WordPress , you can use this extension.

Steps to Privatize Posts in WordPress

To do this, just add a post, then after typing your post from the left click on the “Apply: General Edit” option on the edit link to publish the post in different WordPress modes.


As you can see in the image below, there are three modes for publishing content in WordPress, each of which we will explain below.


Public: If you wait for your post to be in the public mode,

which is also the default state, all members and visitors will be able to see your post, these are public posts.

Encrypted: By publishing site content in encrypted mode, only those who are able to view the content will have the password defined when posting, otherwise a message of inaccessibility will appear.

Private: This is the option we are looking for that allows you to privatize posts in WordPress,

only private posts will be accessible to you, and users will no longer be able to view them.

Well, you can also make your content private, if you want to change the publishing status of an article in the future, you can change it to public.

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