How To No-Follow Output WordPress Links

One of the factors affecting the SEO of the site is WordPress Output links, preventing the site from losing credibility and increasing the authoritative domain.

Output WordPress Links

Bypassing means linking to a site with the rel = nofollow property,

in this way Google’s robots do not go to the target site by linking to in-text and do not reduce the value of your site.

Nafaloo links to the website are essential, one of the common mistakes of webmasters is getting too many phallus links and not linking to other sites,

Google with its sophisticated algorithms will surely detect this type of fraud and penalize your site.

So in addition to linking to important sites with high reputation for your site, give your site content nofollow valuable links to make everything look natural.

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How to Open WordPress Output Links

There are two ways to nofollow links within a WordPress site, the first being to use the following html code where you can check the follow-up and nofollow links.

  <a href="" rel="nofollow"> SEO Training </a>

The second way is to use WordPress plugins, when there are a lot of outbound links on the site or you want to create a lot of links, it would not be wise to use a manual method, definitely a faster and easier logical option.

To do this, just look for the Title and Nofollow For Links plugin in the Add -ons section and add and install it.

With the plugin activated, an option called Add rel = “nofollow” to the link will be added to the Add Link section of the WordPress editor, which you can tick off if you want to link to another site.

nofollow - Open WordPress output links

You can simply nofollow outbound links and avoid diminishing your site’s credibility. If you’ve already created links to your site and want to bulk in to outbound WordPress outbound links,

you should try another method We will deal with it in the next tutorial.

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