How to convert Internet SIM card to WiFi?

If you compare the speed of mobile internet with fixed internet, you will find that the speed difference is very high. If you are in a region where Internet speed is almost two or three times faster than the Internet. 

High-speed Internet access significantly speeds up the process. The question most users ask is how to convert mobile Internet to WiFi so other devices can use it. In this article, we will look at different ways to convert mobile Internet to WiFi.

Most people’s SIM cards support 4G or 4.5G internet, and some operators offer speeds close to the above, though in some cases you can see 4G at the top, but when opening pages or downloading files, It is not fast and in some cases does not exceed several hundred kb. However, operators such as First Mobile and Irancell have good coverage and often provide high Internet speeds. This has led some mobile Internet users to replace the fixed Internet.

Convert SIM card internet to WiFi by making Hotspot WiFi

One of the simplest ways to transfer your phone’s Internet to other smart devices is to activate the Hotspot feature. In this way, the phone appears as a router and the Internet sends the phone to other devices covered. The above method is the simplest solution available to the user to transfer the Internet to the phone. All you have to do is turn on the Mobile Hotspot feature.

When you turn on the feature, the smartphone will provide you with a network name and password that will enter the phone’s Internet dongle or laptop settings by entering this information. The above feature has the advantage of allowing you to put the phone in the place where it receives the best signal.

The higher the phone is, the closer it gets to the windows,

it receives good communication signals from the masts and offers high speed internet.

 However, the aforementioned method has two major drawbacks: first, the phone gets too hot, which causes serious problems in the hot summer season, and secondly, the battery runs out quickly. For this reason it is best not to use the above method on your main phone and use a cheap one.

The second solution is to convert SIM card Internet to WiFi through MiFi dongles

The second method, which works better and does not cause problems for your phone, works on MiFi dongles. MiFi dongles are removable flash-like devices that allow you to plug in a SIM card and convert your SIM card to Wi-Fi internet.

These MiFi dongles are popularly known as Mobile WiFi. These dongles are divided into two main groups. The first group only supports certain SIM and Internet operators.

The second group is not limited to specific operators and can be used by different operators. When buying the above dongles you should be careful:

The first thing to note is the support capability.

 First, check if the dongle you are trying to buy is supported by different operators. If you are only limited to one particular operator.

Most MIF dongles do not need to be configured and installed on specific software. All you have to do is connect the SIM card to the dongle to turn the SIM card into a WiFi network.

When purchasing, make sure that the dongle supports 4G LTE Internet. Some MyFace dongles are limited to 3G, which bring speed limitations and are cheaper than 4G LTE.

Some of these dongles use specific mobile applications that provide user details. No doubt buying dongles that support proprietary software is better than those without proprietary software.

The third solution is to use 3G / 4G modem ports

Some of the modems on the market are equipped with USB ports capable of supporting 3G / 4G. Some of the USB dongles available on the market for the SIM card Internet are not capable of converting the Internet of Things SIM to WiFi because they only send the Internet to a device that is connected via a USB port to Troubleshooting If your router’s modem supports USB 3g / 4G connectivity,

you can simply plug the USB dongle into the modem and then convert the Internet SIM card to a WiFi network. In this case, all smart devices will be able to receive a SIM card network.

When you connect a dongle to a modem, all you have to do is go to the router settings

and the 3g / 4G Setting section and configure the parameters associated with the SIM card internet.

As you can see, there are effective ways to transfer SIM card Internet to other equipment. No doubt dongle-based solutions work better than smartphones because they receive their energy from the device they are connected to, and secondly, they do not cause premature damage to the phone and its battery.

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