How to buy a permanent and powerful backlink for your website

If you are going to buy a permanent and powerful backlink for your website, we recommend reading this tutorial thoroughly to the end so that you do not penalize your site for serious mistakes while purchasing Backlink .

Buying Backlinks Can it be useful for SEO or is it a serious risk to the site? Answering this question requires detailed analysis, which we will cover in the following, so join us.

To know what a backlink is and what it is useful to do, let us illustrate it with a folk example.

Backlinks are credits for a shopkeeper who is more well-known in the market and known to customers and business as Nick is definitely more customers and more popular with others.

Without credentials on the Internet, and especially with Google, your site will certainly not improve significantly. There will not be much sales on your site, you will not be a well-known brand and very little traffic will come to your site.

So you might be asked how to increase our site credibility?

The answer is simple with backlinks, your site backlinks will gain more credibility over time, and Google will rank your site better than your competitors.

Backlinks are links that come from high quality and popular sites that have high authority themselves.

The popularity of the site is measured by the popular moz website. This number ranges from 0 to 5, from lowest to highest in popularity, respectively.

If you want to be better than your competitors in Google, you need to consistently build valuable backlinks for your site with a consistent strategy in place for at least 5 years.

Most recently, MOZ’s website was hit by a new update that introduce domain authoring, and most webmasters were hit by a severe authoritarian crash, but the maze metrics have change drastically, and websites that have creating many suspicious links to their site Purchasing a low quality backlink was also one of the factors in this site.

Of course, the drop in rank was not related to the decline in Google’s website rankings, and it was merely a criterion that MOZ provided and was designed solely to measure the quality of links.

Wouldn’t other sites themselves link to us?

From the beginning, backlinking logic was declare on the premise that if your site has valuable content that is interesting or useful to users or webmasters, they will naturally recommend your site link to others on their site, thereby Be done naturally.

In practice, however, this will never or rarely happen, and if you want to work this way on the Internet, your competitors will surely grow at an unbelievable pace and be better positioned with Google.

The natural method of backlinking knows as White Hat SEO and manual linking by yourself would be completely black and abnormal, but if you can do perfectly natural backlinking then you can take advantage of backlinks and get your site penalize. Don’t be too upset.


What do DA and PA values ​​mean for sites?

As mentioned above, MOZ sites give websites a number from 0 to 1 indicating their popularity. The number giving to DA indicates the total credibility of the site and the PA indicates the credibility of each of your site’s pages, which is measure separately.

Authoritative Domain

Basically, buying backlinks is generally not a good thing, and we do not approve of it, but in times of rapid growth it is necessary to do some risky work, one of which is quality backlinks.

Is Buy Backlink Harmful?

This is a very controversial topic. Most of the articles I read before I got this tutorial believed many webmasters thought it was not right to buy backlinks

and Google would notice this and your site might be subject to a penalty. Will take.

Have you ever asked yourself why I know why backlinks are still selling well

and many large sites still have backlinks for their website?

Unlike the English-speaking sites, Google’s algorithms are not working well or are being delay

and many sites use the same weaknesses to get Google to adapt itself. They close and leave.

Just take a look at these back-end sales sites to find out

what powerful areas of work such as site design,

sales, etc. are on these sites.

Of course, if you also want to buy backlinks for your site you must be aware of its principles,

otherwise you may or may not invalidate your site with Google.

What sites do you buy backlinks from?

We generally oppose things that do not have the logic behind them for a long time,

and that only achieving results in a short amount of time.

Buying backlinks is also one of those things that requires a short-term view,

but allow me tell you a few things that if you follow them, your risk of being penalize will be very low.

Start your site with the tool moz or chrome toolbar and carefully examine the site’s DA and Spam Score information. A site that has too high a Spam Scroe to buy backlinks can be the worst possible option.

spam score

This number indicates spamming the site and having inferior links

that will have a significant toll on you rather than making a profit.

The next thing to look at is the number of outbound links to a site

that is itself an important factor in the quality of a site. You must have encountered sites that have many links within your site and are only aiming to sell more backlinks .

These sites are also malicious sites that are prominent to Google

and Google knows precisely the purpose of these backlinks

and those who are linking to these sites are looking for black hat SEO.

It is best to get links from sites that do not have a large number of outbound links.

The third is backlink shopping from sites that backlink you to their Site Wide.

These sites also make you extremely inaccurate and harmful links. Having links in sections such as sidebar or footer that are duplicate on all internal pages of a site. It is true that your backlinks have a large number of links, but it does not affect Referring Domains and is suspicious and negative for Google.

And lastly, if you are going to buy backlinks from reputable sites that are highly reputable

and popular with Google daily, many users visit them.

Which is better to buy a permanent or temporary backlink?

Please take a moment to Google yourself. A site that buys a lot of links to your site at once and delivers links after a short time for any reason is certain that Google will notice this and will remove the site from displaying its results for that keyword.

Purchase backlinks must be renew for at least 3 years. Again, this is not a definite case, and it is all experimental and may be less time-consuming and less damaging if identified.

Buy Backlinks or Buy Backlinks?

This is very controversial, but what we do experience is that if your site is optimize for Farsi users

and your content is in Farsi, your site should have a higher percentage of backlinks than Iranian and Farsi sites.

If your site’s profile backlink has a large number of Iranian links, you can also use an external backlink. The best case is to use external links in PBNs where the linking process is very unlikely to be penalized.

And lastly, we recommend that if you are going for backlinks try using the ad report method,

which is a permanent link back to the site

and is extremely beneficial to your site and the results are great.

Hopefully now you have backlinks for your site with a more open view and serious factors in buying links. Below is a list of the top permanent links to purchase that you can order right now.

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