How Many Hours should new or used phones be in charge? (New research)

battery , According to a battery technology expert, all smart phone batteries are long lasting; however, the usual habit of charging phones at night can shorten the life span. 

battery  Smartphone companies like Apple, Samsung and LG aren’t too worried about charging your phone overnight because they believe their new phones have systems that protect your phone from overcharging.

I do not like bad news, but you may shorten the life of your phone with particularly charging habits; especially if you often charge it during the night or do not unplug it for up to 5% for consecutive hours. . In fact, it would speed up the process of aging your smartphone’s lithium-ion batteries.


In short, almost all phones and batteries that have been built in the last 5 years have optimal battery protection and protection systems. If you just bought a new phone or just bought a battery, it makes no difference to charge it for a few hours at first, and in fact it doesn’t make any difference to the charging method and has no effect on calibration or battery life. Be sure of this!

Detailed explanation

In fact, when lithium-ion battery life expires, the chemistry inside it loses its ability to store power and transfer it to your device. Of course, all lithium-ion batteries are worn out and their lifespan is limited. No matter what you do, your phone’s battery life / capacity will be lost. But you can slow down the process of exhaustion.

The companies that make mobile phones don’t seem to have much to worry about

I asked smartphone companies what they thought about charging phones overnight and keeping them at 4% for late hours. Most of them have guided me to web pages containing information on their respective smartphone batteries.

In short, the company that made your smartphone does not seem to think overnight charging is a cause for concern.

Apple suggests charging at night on one of its notification pages, but that’s not to say it’s not good.


Google says worries over charging mobile phone is ‘out of date’

“In general, the notion that ‘charging is too bad’ or ‘charging too often’ is bad given the company’s current optimization and charging technologies,” said Ronald Ho, project manager at Google, told Business Insider. The devices used in their devices are out of reach. 

“When the phone’s battery reaches 5%, the built-in phone battery charger actually stops charging to prevent it from charging,” Hu said. Phone batteries only use the charger when they reach a certain level below.

But Schulte and most smartphone makers agree:

When you keep a smartphone you’re not going to use, you have to keep the battery charged within a certain range – and that’s a hint that the battery Smartphones don’t like to stay 2%.

Schultz stated that lithium-ion batteries had the slowest decay rate of about 2 to 5 percent. And that’s part of the range that most smartphone makers suggest charging your phone’s battery when you want to keep it unused for a while.

Samsung has stated on its battery screen that you should keep your battery charge “at least 1.5”. Apple Says iPhone If You Keep It “Partially Charged” for a Long Time This Helps Increase Battery Life 

At the end of the day, lithium-ion batteries do not like to be ۱۰۰۱۰۰ long, at least for long periods.

But no one recommends that you always keep your smartphone at between 2 and 4 percent.

This is not out of the question for the device that most of us are on all day, especially when we often need it to last a long time between charging times.

The main thing is not to keep your phone’s battery charged for extra . Instead, Schultz has said, “It’s great to charge the phone in the morning or anytime, but don’t keep the phone up at 8pm.”


All of this can lead to how many times you buy a new phone.

It’s hard to say how fast charging at night speeds up the process of lithium-ion battery depletion in our smartphones. If you buy a new phone every year, or maybe even every two years, it may not have significant effects.

But if you usually buy a new phone because your current phone goes off too soon – and it’s not old – you may want to reassess how your phone is charging. Charging at night may not take a long time, but it can keep your smartphone longer. If you charge at night and plan to keep your phone for several years, it may be time to cancel this behavior.

But remember, all lithium-ion batteries go away. You can be the most cautious phone charger in the world and your phone’s battery life will be reduced, albeit slower.

There are two other things that almost everyone agrees with on smartphone batteries. First, unplug your smartphone before fully charging it before charging it again. And always avoid extreme temperatures as much as possible.


But in the end,

smartphone batteries are going to be used, so don’t worry too much. In general, do not stress. It’s great if you can do it in the morning instead of charging your phone overnight. You can find out if changing your charging habits can have a positive effect on your phone’s battery life. And if you don’t, you’ll have no problem.

Perhaps the best thing to know is that many phone makers allow you to replace your battery for a fraction of the price of a new mode

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