How long will Microsoft support Windows 10?

It’s been about five years since Windows 10 came out, and now that Microsoft’s support for Windows 8 has come to an end, the question is how long will Windows 10 be supported and how long can we use Windows 8 ?

Microsoft provides long-term support for many of its products, and will not end support for its existing products until it launches a new product. However, knowing the exact end date of Windows 8 support can help users decide when to update their operating system or when to buy a new device.

End of Windows 10 support

Microsoft will support Windows 8 for at least 5 years (at least five years of basic support and five years of new OS support), as Microsoft has supported every version of its operating system for up to 5 years. Finally, this 2-year support will include security and software updates.

Windows 7 was released July 6, and support will continue until year 2. Major updates to the operating system are offered twice a year and are usually available in March and September. Microsoft also recommends that users get the latest updates for their operating system.

Of course, things will probably be a bit more complicated and unpredictable for Windows 7, because when Windows 7 was first released, one Microsoft employee called it “the latest version of Windows.” This does not mean, however, that Microsoft will abandon the Windows operating system offering; rather, it may be more of a service to users and provide ongoing updates rather than a new version. Finally, depending on the hardware life , the updates may not be compatible with older devices.

The latest update to Windows 7 was the November 7 release, which added new features.

We will keep you updated on the date and schedule for the release of Microsoft Updates.

Windows version Release date Support for home versions , Pro, Educational Pro, and Pro Edition End of support for Enterprise editions and Education editions
Windows 7, Version 2 November 1 May 7 May 7
Windows 7, Version 2 May 7 December 1 December 1
Windows 7, Version 2 November 1 May 7 May 7
Windows 7, Version 2 April 1 November 1 November 1
Windows 7, Version 2 October 1 April 1 April 1
Windows 7, Version 2 April 1 October 1 October 1
Windows 7, Version 2 August 7 April 1 April 1
Windows 7, Version 2 November 1 October 1 October 1
Windows 7, Version 2 July 1 May 7 May 7

Should we upgrade our operating system to Windows 7 or wait?

Some users are reluctant to upgrade their operating system to Windows 7 or to Windows 7 because they worry about problems with the operating system. However, Microsoft has slowed down its update schedule to have more time to test features and updates; as a result, it will have more opportunity to fix bugs and see fewer bug fixes.

In general, updates to Windows 8 should be done regularly because these updates are very important for the security of your device and will protect your computer system from the dangers of malware. Therefore, we recommend upgrading your operating system to the latest Windows 8 update as soon as possible.

To get started with the update, you can buy Windows 7 for $ 5 from Microsoft’s website and then install it. There is also a free method. Although the free Windows 8 update was completed on July 1, many users found that the update was re-introduced for Windows 7 , 8, and 7.0 operating systems. If you are still using Windows 7, you should know that Microsoft has stopped supporting this version a while ago, and support for Windows 7.1 will end on January 2.

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