How long is the battery life of a mobile phone and how do I know if the battery is broken?

You may have noticed that your iPhone’s battery life is getting shorter. The unavoidable fact is that even with proper use, the battery life will be reduced at best when it starts to consume.

No matter how long it can support your consumption needs, you will definitely face this problem someday. Note that the iPhone’s battery life is usually between 4-5 years and may vary slightly or less depending on the user.

There are various situations that you may encounter and the symptoms of battery needs are changing.

Status 1: Battery life is much shorter than before and you’re tired of charging your iPhone. You have to do this: Charge your battery to its full capacity and consider the length of time it takes for the battery to decrease. Compare this time with the specifications in your iPhone manual. If there is a big difference, your iPhone’s battery is defective and you need to replace it timely.

Status 1: Your iPhone turns off without a warning or has a problem turning on. This can also happen due to the contaminated connection chip, so you can remove the battery and clean the gold connection chip with a cotton sponge or soft cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Place yourself. Of course, if you don’t know how to do this, go to your mobile repair shop and get help. If you haven’t resolved your problem after using this method, it’s time to get a new battery.

Use battery programs

To check your iPhone’s battery health, there are limited apps in the App Store. There is a program that is completely simple, free and available, giving you everything you need to know about battery life and life.

If your battery is good enough,

tap the menu icon in the upper left corner of the app and tap “Raw Data” for more in-depth information about the battery.


This option can show the current battery capacity. mobile phone

And it can do a much closer look at your current battery charge than it does in the status bar. For further research, it can also mention your battery voltage while the voltage difference between you and us may be very low, abnormal deviations may cause concern and lead to warranty claims.

There’s an option to see how long your battery will last in a variety of situations,

whether during 4G talk or 4G browsing, Wi-Fi, LTE, video or more. The ability to check the expected length of time between charging the iPhone 2 times can help you better assess how your iPhone is used when you’re out of power. mobile phone


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