Guide to start working Excel software and introduction of generalities (along with exercises)

If you have never worked with the powerful Excel software (one of the components of Microsoft Office software), in this post we are going to teach you how to get started with Excel 2010-2016 in general, and an exercise.

Let’s do it together to learn better.

Excel software is a spreadsheet program that allows you to store, organize and analyze information. While you may think that Excel is only used by certain people and experts, it is very easy to work with and very useful in different areas of life. Create invoices, financial budget items, quick calculations, even your exercise program and thousands of other applications.

Familiarity with the Excel environment

Excel 2010-2013 and 2016 have almost the same environment. When you first open Excel, a start page is displayed asking you to create a workbook (or a new document or a new workbook file) by selecting a template.

Excel start page

Working with Excel environment

If you have used Excel 2007 to 2010 before, you are familiar with the 2013 and 2016 Excel environments. Includes Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar, and ون Ribbon A new set of tools in different applications (instead of the old menus, similar ribbon icons are placed on separate tabs). The ribbon contains the most popular Excel commands.

Home feverThe Home tab contains more important applications of excel software


Insert tab to enter charts, tables, charts and graphical information

This section is mainly for better printing, adjusting the page margin, its direction, etc.

Section related to calculations and formulas in Excel

For different categories and filters the information entered in the tables


Editing and proofreading, adding comments and ...

More to change views (views)

point icon Excel software has many useful commands. Most websites and training classes teach these commands in an unprincipled way and slow down your learning. Try to use complete instructional videos that teach you zero to one hundred excels in principle.

To zoom in and out of the ribbon: Use the Ribbon display options at the top right, as shown. The Autohide Ribbon option causes the ribbon to appear automatically when you hover the mouse over the ribbon area. Some software, such as adobe acrobat reader, may add new tabs to ribbons, called plugins.


Quick access tool

Like the image, click on the arrow and select the command you want to add to the quick access menu:


Backstage view

Provides various features for quick, easy storage, file opening, printing and file sharing :

Profile of your account in Excel

Worksheet views

Different versions of Excel 2013 provide a variety of features for viewing worksheets that are useful for different tasks:

Different views in Excel software

Normal view in Excel

Page layout to see what your page looks like after printing

Ability to see information similar to after printing, but for when you have many pages

point icon  Practice!

  • Open Excel software
  • Click on all its tabs
  • Increase and decrease the ribbon
  • Add a new command to the Quick Toolbar section
  • See your account details behind the scenes
  • Change the different views of the worksheet

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