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The Gradient app is designed and marketed by TICKET TO THE MOON, INC.

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This is an incredibly powerful software for editing photos and adding special effects! Download Gradient Photo Editor software for free! This app provides users with the capabilities of a great photo editing software! So you can work with the simplest tool as a professional editor!

This software has two awesome features! These features have somehow made the app popular! With the new feature added to this app, the Gradient app is also known as race and ethnicity software ! Below are some of the features of this Android app ! You can download the Gradient app from powerful servers on the PC Plus website.

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Determine the similarity of celebrities from a photo with gradient software !

Gradient app gives users great functionality! You can see which historical or celebrity figure you look like! Then share the result with your friends on Instagram as a regular story or post for fun! This amazing and entertaining feature is designed and designed by an incredibly accurate and incredible technology. With it you can spend your leisure time with your friends and family and enjoy! The results of this celebrity resemblance app can surprise you, given that it doesn’t take long for the Gradient app to release, with more than 2 million downloads from Google Play being just as interesting and controversial.

New national photo recognition feature with Gradient app !

The Gradient app is also know as the Ethnicity Estimate app ! Using sophisticated and sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms, the program can detect which country your racial roots look like. Nationality results are shown in the photo in the form of four possible countries. This app scans the most possible parts of a person’s ethnicity by scanning various components of the user’s face, for example by giving a random image, for example, that tells you that 5% English, 5% American, 2% are Italian and 5% are Chinese. Although the reliability and validity of this feature is still unclear, the new Gradient Fidelity feature has swept across social networks.

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Attention! Cancel your order before it expires in three days !

The Gradient Nationality Program has also raised concerns! Information about spyware and cyber privacy has been leaked to some users. Except for the information released by the developer company, unfortunately no news is available on how the gradient nationality program works and works! Naturally, the manufacturer is reluctant to disclose such information!

Important note! To install Gradient you need to give your payment information to the app! Usability is free for 7 days! The app will automatically withdraw money from your account after 7 days of application, for a weekly or monthly subscription fee. You can, of course, cancel your purchase before the end of these 7 days! But most users forget this.

Get to know the other features of the This app !

You can create amazing collections of beautiful and colorful collages in the Gradient app! Then share with your friends through virtual world apps! This way you can find out which hair color suits you or which one is most appealing to you. Use high quality textures and texture on your photos with pre-created filter packs and pristines for the Gradient Photo Editor app! You can access commonly used options such as resizing the eyes, lips, nose, skin adjustment, changing hair color and more. Along with the fun entertainment of the Gradient app, you can access various tools for editing your photos

Note: To download and install the national photo recognition app, you can click on the download image from the Gradient national photo app!

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